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Little Miss Gappy

Last Monday, little T had a friend over for a play-date.  They were out in the garden playing with little T’s water-slide and trampoline.  The husband and I thought that we’d enjoy some nice quiet time together with a lovely cup of tea and cake and have uninterrupted bliss, since the girls were busy in the garden… or so we thought.

Just when we were about to take a sip from our tea, we could hear our daughter shouting from our garden and the excited voice was coming closer and closer …. “Mum! Dad! “A” knocked my tooth off!

If this happened in another time, I’d probably jump off and rush towards the little monkeys.  But little T’s two front teeth have been wobbly for some time now and we were waiting for at least one of them to fall out.  When the girls came in, T excitedly showed us her tooth and gave us a gappy big grin.

“Well done A” exclaimed my husband.

“Yay, the tooth fairy will come tonight”  gushed little T.

A, T’s friend who is normally the chatter box was suddenly silent.  Then she announced to T “I want you to knock my tooth off too!”

My husband and I laughed and said that teeth are supposed to naturally fall out, you can’t force them unless it’s an accident or something is wrong with it and the dentist has to take it off.

“A” burst into tears.  I tried to comfort her and told them both to go back and have more fun in the garden.  I thought that was the end of that.  But after a while, T came in and said that “A” was still crying in the conservatory.

True enough.  The little girl was crying her eyes out and this time she wanted me to knock her tooth out.  All because she was feeling left out since a number of their friends have had their teeth fall off too.  In fact, they could easily form a “Gappy club”.  Trying not to laugh I said “What will your mum say/do if I knock your tooth out?  She’ll never let you come here again!”

That seemed to have work since I know she loves coming over and playing with T.  She stopped crying.

Kids eh?

Here’s little T, showing off her gappy smile.  I think she looks so cute!   When she woke up yesterday morning, she squealed in delight because the tooth fairy left her £1.  She’s just waiting for someone else to knock off her other wobbly tooth.

Have you ever had a request to knock off someone’s tooth?  Aren’t kids the funniest?

Paddling Pool Fun

Although the really lovely warm weather seems to have gone (for now at least), I look at these photos I took of T and her friend W last Monday and marvel at home warm and lovely that day was.  Did it really happen?

It took me the whole morning though to fill up T’s paddling pool.  I actually did most of my blogging out in the garden that day which was absolute bliss!  It almost felt like I was on holiday somewhere nice and warm.

All that waiting was so worth it seeing little T’s and her friend’s face break into a big smile  when they saw the paddling pool all filled-up and waiting for them after school that Monday afternoon.  After a quick change, they were ready to have some serious paddling pool fun.

Those £2 hoppers were such a great buy, especially since T and her friend had so much fun playing with them in and out the pool.


It was great to watch them from the window up in my room as I typed away and listened to their squeals and giggles.  At that moment, it dawned on me, that this is the sound of summer.  This is what summer should always sound like – the laughter and giggles of children having fun.

Today is T’s first day off school and I’m afraid the weather isn’t as good as Monday.  Hopefully the lovely sunshine and warmth will be back soon.

What about you?

Have you guys been doing anything fun during the warm days?

Do share.

Early Retirement

A few weeks ago, we received some not so good-news.  T’s gymnastics club was moving to a different place, much further away than where we live.  She’s been going to that gym since she was four-years-old (see photo above) and she loved every minute of it.  Sadly next week, will be her last day.

The past week or so, I’ve been asking around and doing online searches for other gymnastics clubs that’s within driving distance from where we live and the good news is, we’ve found a few which we plan to check out over the next few weeks.  But apparently, little T has been thinking on her own about it as a five-year-old would 😉

Last night, while chatting with her in the bath, we started talking about it.  She surprised me by announcing “I don’t want to go to gymnastics anymore mum”.  Puzzled, I asked why.  She replied …

I’m retired now.

I burst out laughing.  I asked her if she knew the meaning of the word “retired”, she shrugged her shoulders, so we talked about it more, you know in a serious tone sans the laughter and it turns out that she wants to try something different, and mentioned ballet.  You see, most of her female friends go to ballet.  She also wanted to go like her friends last year, but I we said it was too much then what with gym, swimming and cello lessons, so now she wants to try ballet.   We said it’s fine, but asked if it would be okay with her to check out the other gym clubs too, just to see what it’s like, especially when you know, she changes her mind and decides to come out from “retirement”.  After all, it has been known to happen 😉  Her grandpa did it more than twice.  He retired from teaching, then went on to work for a number of years as a Baptist Minister.  Then retired the second time around, but did supply teaching.  Then went back into preaching.  At 87, is semi-retired but still preaches every now and then.  Little T said she’ll think about it.

Kids say the darnest things, don’t they?

What’s the funniest thing your child has said lately?

Do share.

What we did on a Saturday

Don’t you just love lazy weekends?  I do.  Last Saturday, I had a lovely long(ish) lie-in while the husband took little T out for a father-daughter brunch date at our friends cafe nearby.  They don’t do this often, so when a chance for a lie-in comes up I grab it as if my very life depended on it.  If you’re a mum with a small child, I’m sure you’ll know how precious and how rare these moments are.

T was in a good mood after lunch, so I grabbed this chance by asking her to wear some of the new clothes I got for her this week.  Of course, for any mum who blogs, this also means a chance for a photo shoot.  If your daughter is like mine, who doesn’t really being photographed and likes to annoy me by making the silliest and most ridiculous poses just as she sees me aiming my camera at her, I did what any other mum would do, I bribed her with ice-cream.  Yes, indeed, shame on me.

I also shamelessly, used Bob bear (the school mascot), as an excuse, since he is staying with us for a week and we do need to post some photos on his diary of how he spent the week with T.


Does your kids like being photographed?

What’s your best tip when taking photos of children?

Do share.

What Gymnastics has taught my daughter

Little T started gymnastics last year when she was four.  She didn’t cry the first time she went, but her sleeve was so wet, you see, she likes to chew on her sleeve when she’s nervous.

It’s been over a year now since she started.  Some of her friends from her school joined her last year, but even though they seemed to enjoy it, they found it a little bit too much for them.  Which I found a bit baffling.  I don’t want to sound as if I’m undermining my child, but I know my own daughter.  She is a lot like me – shy and not very forwarding.  At first glance, you’d think she doesn’t have much confidence, unlike her friends.  But it turned out her friends who seemingly are more confident than T, didn’t last at her gymnastics class.  They just couldn’t handle it.  When they quit, I was worried that T would too.  But she persevered.

Before we went on our summer holiday last year, one of the senior coaches approached us and she said that they wanted to start training T for competitions when she turns six, but she’d have to do two hours of training.  We said we’d ask T and see what she thought of it.  To our surprise, T seemed keen to start training.  But we decided that she’d start the two hours after the summer break.

I’ll be honest, six months on after starting with two hours of gymnastics every Friday, I don’t see much change in T.  She still doesn’t have the strength in her legs and arms unlike the other girls who can do multiple, cartwheels, backflips and somersaults.  T still looks a bit clumsy and frail compared to them.  To be fair though, she is the youngest in her group.

I spoke to her coach about this last week and I told her that I think the group is much too advanced for her age and capabilities as a beginner.  Her coach agreed with me, but she said the thing with T is that she is hanging on, doing what she’s told, as much as she can.  I asked her if it would be better for T to go back to just doing one hour.  She said it was up to us.

Again, we talked to T about it and to my surprise she was adamant that she wanted to stay in her group.  I was immensely proud of my little girl but at the same time I wanted to cuddle and protect her and try to convince her to just do the one hour.  But we never go against what our little girl wants, especially when it comes to her own choices of activities to do.

At this point though, I don’t really care if she’s going to be a top gymnast and win medals and do cross-country competitions.  At the moment, what’s important to me is that she’s having fun and most especially she’s learning major life skills at such an early age – discipline and sticking to something in spite whatever fears she has in her little heart.  You don’t just quit and give up because you’re afraid of something, you persevere.  And that to me is more important than winning competitions or doing multiple cartwheels.

What about you?

Did you ever excel at any sport?

I was never good at any sport.  My husband though played football, cricket and fencing at university.


Back to the Daily Grind of things

Now that Easter break is over and done with, we are back in the daily grind of things.  The husband takes T to school, he then goes back to his work, I walk Doc and then do the afternoon school run.

On Mondays after school, T used to go to Starmakers, an after school activity held at the village hall.  She seems to have lost interest in it and we all decided that she stopped going.

Before the break, she’s been saying she didn’t want to go anymore. We never push T to do things and she seems adamant that she doesn’t want to go back to it.  We’re not that bothered, since this particular activity is really more like play, a bit of drama, song and dance.  She used to really enjoy it especially since most of her friends were going, somehow she has outgrown it. And it’s only fair to stop going, especially if it means opening up a slot for another child who really wants to join the class.

On Tuesdays, she has her cello lessons.  But luckily for her (and for the other kids as well), the lessons are done during school hours.  I just don’t know what the other kids (who don’t do cello or violin) do while the small group who are doing music lessons are away from the class.

T goes to her swimming lessons with her other friends on Wednesdays.  The lessons are held at a holiday park here in Cornwall, so we always end up having dinner there with the other kids and their parents too.  The children enjoy this as they get to have a play while waiting for dinner to be served.

Thursdays are free days.  I love Thursdays.

And today, T goes to her gymnastics lessons after school.  She’s excited because one of her friends from school is coming along to see whether she too would like to join T’s gymnastics club.  Hopefully her friend decides to join her.

The weekends are our laze-about-days, which consists of wearing our PJs till midmorning, doing some homework and for me, it’s also doing chores in between.  I’m afraid for some of us (parents), it’s never entirely a bugger all day isn’t it?  There’s always endless chores to be done.

We don’t have anything planned over the weekend.  The historian has a lecture to do in Plymouth, so that will leave T and I alone at home with Boots and Doc.  Luckily for us, the good weather we’ve been experiencing (lots of lovely blue and white clouds) will continue over the weekend.  That is, if the weather forecast doesn’t decide to do a dramatic change and suddenly announce rainstorms, hale and thunderclouds. Hopefully not!  We might meet over with some friends on Saturday, but we’re all just playing it by ear.  There won’t be any rushing, just relaxing about.  That’s what I love about weekends.

My word of the week is: routine

What about you?
What do you love about weekends?
Do share.

The End of Easter Break

While I’ve really enjoyed having little T around for two whole weeks, I have to admit I’m actually relieved that she goes back to school on Monday.  Phew.

We really didn’t do much actually and couldn’t really get away either because of our much delayed house move.  Instead we did a lot of day trips out to National Trust properties, a day out on Crealy (an adventure park), had playdates, walked on the beach and had meals in lovely restaurants, which we normally wouldn’t really do.  Having said all that, my word of the week would be:

Although to be fair, we’ve also had a few relaxed stay-ins, watching dvds and T doing lots of drawings as mentioned on my previous post.  She absolutely loves to draw and wants to be an artist one day.

We don’t have any plans over the weekend, apart from practice her cello which she hasn’t touched in ages.  The weather doesn’t look so promising so we’ll probably just stay in and do loads of relaxing and resting in time for school on Monday.  Hopefully, we’ll be back in the daily grind of things.

What about you?

Do you have anything lovely planned this weekend?

Do share.

“The Artist” and “The Reader”

I’ve mentioned in a post before how little T likes watching YouTube videos on the iPad of children (mostly American kids) play with their dolls (Elsia and Anya).  She has also recently discovered “How to draw” tutorials on YouTube and now she’s hooked.

You’ll see her hunched over with her coloured pens, pencils and drawing-pad with her headphones on and in sheer concentration as she glances at the video and back on her work as seen below:

And if you dare disturb her she’ll say “I’m busy mum!”.

She mostly likes to draw Coraline, her favourite character from the movie/book written by Neil Gaiman.  Her dad recently bought her the special hard-cover edition complete with slipcase, illustrated by Chris Riddell (cartoonist for the Observer) who also happens to be one of her favourite authors who wrote the Goth Girl books, and Ottoline and the Yellow cat among others. Going back to little T’s new book, imagine our surprise when we opened it and found Neil Gaiman’s signature and also that of Chris Riddell.  Definitely one to keep, although I doubt if it will be of good value in the future, since T likes to read it in bed again and again.  In a few years time, it will be dogeared.  I’m surprised this story doesn’t give her nightmares.

Her reading has also improved so much and she now prefers books way ahead of her age (she’s five). They are mostly books with chapters and with little illustrations.  Of course there are words she can’t read and would often ask our help, but she’s getting on really well.  I’m just hoping this love for books isn’t just a phase and that she won’t outgrow it.

We can now leave her reading in bed, although if it’s a school night we have to constantly give her the ten minute warning before we give her the stern “Go to sleep.  No more reading please”.

Do you have little ones?

What kind of books do they like to read?

Or what’s your favourite children’s book?

Do share.


Little T’s Retail Fix

The last few remaining days of little T’s half-term break was a hectic one.  We drove over to Beds to visit her grandparents, we don’t see them as much as we want, although they did spend Christmas with us.  That’s one of the downside of leaving away from family, you don’t see them often, worse for me, mine are oceans away, though luckily, I’ll be seeing some of them over the holidays!

T loves to sit in front with her dad, we allow it only in the small roads, but once back in the main roads, we move her behind again.  I guess it makes her feel all grown-up sitting in front!

While T was happy to visit family, her main top place to visit was the mall so she could go shopping!  On Monday, while her dad was in a meeting, little T and I went for a retail fix.  She brought all her saved-up coins from her piggy bank, all £6.75 of it.  Managed to buy a small mermaid that can swim in the bath for £5.75 which was originally on for about £12!  She has a few pennies left to put back in her piggy bank.  Since she was such a good girl, we told her she could have an additional toy she could choose, she wanted a Rapunzel doll and luckily for us, there was one on sale in the Disney shop.  Phew.

And the day before that, we also went on a book shopping fix.  As you can see from the featured image, little T chose more than a couple.  She’s a lucky girl, her grandparents gave her a ten-pound note to spend in Waterstones, which didn’t take her long to do.  She chose Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse by British Illustrator and The Observer Political Cartoonist, Christ Riddell which was a bit pricey at £10.99 but so worth it, with its hard bound cover and lovely illustrations.

While her pile of books are a little bit advanced for her to read on her own (they all have chapters), she absolutely loves them.  Her current faves are the Harper series by CBeebies presenter Cerrie Burnell.  She loves Harper and the Scarlet Umbrella and managed to get the newly released Harper and the Circus of Dreams.  She also bought another Chris Riddell book “Ottoman and the Yellow Cat” and Witch Wars by Sibeal Pounder.  She reads them all at night with the help of her dad.

Aside from books, my little girl has a shoe addiction.  I love them too, but not as much as she does.  We’ve promised her some new converse, since her last one didn’t fit her anymore.  She’s had red, pink and blue ones.  This time she chose purple.

Yes, they are still a little bit big for her.  But we purposely chose a size bigger, it has to last her till  at least summer! 😉

I also bought her a few clothes, just basic ones like leggings, a few tops and a dress.  Yes, it’s all about little T.  Okay fine, I might have bought myself a new top too 😉

What about you?  Do you or your little ones like shoes too?

The Chickenpox Chronicles

Little T came home Monday complaining that her back was “painful”. We ignored her. Not because we’re crap parents, but you see, my little darling is a bit of a drama queen.  She comes home from school complaining about a number of things, from a headache to “My thumb hurts mum”.  So last Monday, we thought, it was just one of those days.

We were wrong.  Yes, we are bad parents.

Imagine my surprise when I stripped little T off her clothes for her bath before bed time and discovered that her back was covered in little red spots.  Although it shouldn’t really come as a surprise since the chickenpox has been doing its the rounds at her school since last Christmas.  A couple of weeks ago, it was her best friend F’s turn.  He was one of the lucky few who had it only mild.  In fact, we decided that it was okay not to cancel his sleep-over with T, especially since they were both excited about it.

Besides, we wanted T to have it.  She’s one of the few remaining ones in her class who hasn’t had it yet.  We figured, it would be a good time for her to have it.  And boy did she have it!

The First Day

We had hoped that she was going to be as lucky as her best friend who got away with just a few spots.  At first, she didn’t seem bothered at all and was even happy to be off school until she realised that she wouldn’t be able to keep her playdate scheduled for the next day.  Then she wasn’t a happy bunny anymore.

The Second Day

But it was a different story the next day.  More spots started appearing on her face and we had such a bad night too.  She woke up more than a couple of times crying and complaining about how itchy it was and no amount of calomine or even Piritin helped.

The Third Day

A friend advised PoxClin and giving T an oaty bath seemed to make such a big difference.  For one, we had a good night’s sleep and she only woke up once to complain about an itch.

This by the way, is also her, I’m fed-up face.

The Fourth Day

The spots on her face aren’t drying up yet.  But some on her back seem to be healing.  She’s a bored little girl.  We’re running out of drawing paper.  Hopefully, tomorrow there’ll be more signs of it drying up.  In spite all the spots though, I guess T is still lucky that the chickenpox didn’t come with a fever, just the spots.

Has your little ones had chicken pox?

How long did it last?

#wotw:  chickepox!