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Must-Have Boots for Spring (A Pisamonas Review)

I’ve always liked Spanish brands like Mango and Zara and I’m sure I’ve mentioned here countless times of having purchased clothes for little T on Zara’s website.  So I was really pleased when Pisamonas, a Spanish brand got in touch with us for a collaboration with them.

While some may think that little T is a bit boyish (there’s nothing wrong with that, of course). She loves playing with Ninja Turtles and “roughing” it out with the boys, she is also a typical little girl who loves clothes, bags and shoes.  So when we were asked to take a look at their website to choose some shoes for her, you can imagine her excitement.

If it were up to me, I would have chosen one of their lovely ballet flats.  Sadly, they are not for T.  She’s more of a boots kind of girl, so it wasn’t a surprise when she actually chose these boots Safari Chukka boots in Navy blue with pink laces.  Apparently, this style is their “specialty” and is known locally as “Las Pisamonas”

We were really pleased when it was delivered to us.  It looked absolutely fabulous on her.  See for yourself.  I wouldn’t mind one actually and surprisingly some of their shoes for kids also come in adult sizes, so if you’re one of those who like to dress up their kids in matching outfits as their own, you might want to take a look at their stuff.

These lovely Chuckka boots even came with a deflated blue balloon inside the box, and admittedly she was really excited with that too and couldn’t wait for her dad to blow-it up for her.

Their shoes are obviously well made and are of high quality.  It’s also good to know that they are for a change, %100 made in Europe and not in China.  And customers will be delighted to know that they offer free shipping, free return and exchange (which is always good to know especially when ordering for little ones).

The exciting news is that they are offering a welcome voucher for offers over £40 and I have a feeling it will be easy to spend more than that on their website.

What I love about the shoes:

  • It’s a perfect pair for spring and summer.
  • Not chunky like most boots.
  • They are lightweight.
  • Very stylish and we love that the pink laces combination with Navy blue.
  • They are versatile and can be worn with boots, shorts, skirt and even dresses.


  • The navy blue looked more like black.  But then again, looking at the photos posted here, they do look navy blue.  Even if it were black though, it still doesn’t change our opinion on how much we like it, even my husband agrees.

What little T loves about the shoes:

  • I love the laces mum.  They’re pink!
  • It’s Monster High black mum.  No, T.  It’s navy blue.  No mum, it’s black.  Whatever.  At least, she’s happy with it.


  • Is there anything you dislike about your new shoes T?  She looks at me with that “What-on-earth-are- you-talking- about-woman look?”  So I rephrase – Is there anything you don’t like about your new shoes?  She stares blankly at me.  And then says “Can you paint my face like a bunny-rabbit again please mum?  I sigh and give in.  She has after all been a very good and patient little girl allowing her mother to take photos of her running around like a loony in the parking lot.

What about you?

Are you like little T, who loves shoes?

Disclaimer:  This is a collaboration with Pisamonas, however, all photos and opinions are by yours truly and of course, Little T.

Z is for Zany

Finally the letter “Z”

I chose the word Zany and felt that since it is the end of PODcast’s Photography Project,  it was only right to end with photographs of Little T’s “zaniness”.

It’s actually difficult to photograph little T, it requires a lot of patience, because as soon as she sees me focus my camera on her, she would always break into a silly face or pose like the one above and the one below.

 And if I use my stern mummy voice, I might get this …

which is still a bit zany, but at least, it’s not a funny-face, just a bit silly, but then again she is after all Little T, that’s what she does!

Z is for zany.

I can’t believe it’s the end of this series!  Really had fun posting photographs from A-Z.

Hope you guys had fun too!



First she turned one.

Little one-year-old-T demolishing her birthday cake.

The she was two.

Little T in her authentic cowboy books from Texas, waiting for her guests to arrive.

Then she turned three.

Tomorrow, this little girl turns four.

Yes, as you can probably guess from her birthday banner, she’s going to have a Frozen-themed birthday party on Saturday, so help me God.

She’s growing up way too fast, isn’t she?

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Review: My 1st Years’ Personalised Hooded Fleece Robe

We’ve been meaning to buy little T a bathrobe or as they say here in England, a dressing gown, but have never gotten around to doing it (among other things).  So it was really a pleasant surprise when My 1st Years sent little T a lovely, cosy and the cutest hooded pink fleece robe I’ve seen so far.  Yes, it is pink.  But it’s not just the colour that made little T really excited when she opened her little parcel, it was the fact that it had her name on it, while she can’t really spell yet, she’s old enough to recognise all the letters in her name.  The pink bathrobe with her name on it definitely made her feel just a little bit extra special!

Little T likes to take long baths, not to relax her tired little body in the warm bath, but to play with her dinosaurs in the water.  It takes her ages to finish.  But not this time!

Who can blame her? If I had a new personalised cozy bathrobe with bunny ears to wear after my bath.  I’d be excited too.  All I have is my old white ratty one.

I’m normally not a fan of pink, but I just find this robe so adorable!  It’s super soft, fluffy, with bunny ears and like I’ve mentioned, the fact that it’s personalised even makes it extra-special.  If you’re looking for a present for a child, this might just be the one for them.  It’s perfect for wearing after baths, or lounging around before bedtime or when they wake up.

Not only that, the robe came in the cutest packaging I’ve ever seen.  It just makes everything even more exceptional and unique.  Don’t you think so?

And of course, they also do a whole range of different personalised baby clothes from My 1st years as well as lovely presents for babies.

Do you think little T looks lovely in her pink-hooded robe?  I do! 🙂

The weather has been really great the past few days in our side of the world.

Hope you’re all enjoying it outdoors!

Many thanks to My 1st Years for Little T’s lovely personalised hooded fleece robe!

This is a sponsored post. All photos and opinions are by yours truly.

Little T's Day Out (of hair cuts, ice creams & blowing bubbles)

I normally trim little T’s fringe and hair, but occasionally  take her to the hair salon to get her hair done.  Since I recently had mine done, little T decided that she wanted to have the same hair style as her mum.  So off we went to the village hairdresser.

We are lucky to have one in our small village.  S, our hairdresser is great with children and little T and F (T’s best-friend) both like her.  They even have their “special” chair as shown on the photo above.

Little T patiently waiting to get her hair done just like mum (sans the layers and the fringe stays).  She looks so much younger with her hair short, not like the “proper” little girl with long hair on this post.  I like it though, it almost feels like I have my baby back!

And since it was a lovely sunshiny day, I took her down in the village and bought her a lovely strawberry ice-cream.

After doing some errands in another village, we sat in the pub garden with her dad and a close friend who was down for a visit and there she enjoyed blowing bubbles…

Running and around …

and crawling too!

And Bootsy was also there.  Have I mentioned that she likes to follow us like a dog?  I think sometimes she thinks she’s a dog.  She likes to follow us when we’re out for walks, sometimes I worry that she won’t find her way home.  But she always does.

Have you guys been enjoying the lovely weather too?  I bet you are!

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Have a lovely Easter weekend guys! 🙂

There's a dinosaur on the bed!

Little T is a typical girl who loves anything pink.  She loves shoes, new clothes, accessories, and pink hand bags.  One would automatically think that she would also love princesses and play dress-up with the other little girls at play-school.  No, not little T.  Instead you’ll find her outside with the little boys, racing around in their bikes, the only difference is her bike and helmet is pink, with tassels and a Hello Kitty horn.  She also likes running around like a little monster with the boys and shooting the baddies and playing dead on the concrete floor.  Yes, she’s definitely one of the boys.

Her new discovered love are dinosaurs.  She absolutely adores them.  In fact, she adores them so much that she loves to bathe with them.  So we’ve said our goodbyes to her collection of rubber duckies and Octonaut toys and hello to every dinosaur of its kind, big and small.

Others like to swim with dolphins, little T prefers swimming with dinosaurs.

Here’s little T with her favourite dinosaur – a Brachiosaurus, which she sometimes calls her sweetheart or Brachy, as she lovingly calls him.  She used to take Brachy with her to play-school.  But lately she’s been tucking him in on her bed before she leaves for play school.

Yes, she actually likes to sleep with Brachy beside her too.  When she’s fast asleep, I take him off her bed and put it on the floor.  One time she woke up asked Why is Brachy on the floor?  I shrugged my shoulders and told her, maybe she moved too much at night and so he decided that he’d rather sleep on the floor than be kicked around.   She seemed to have accepted that explanation.

Does your little one sleeps/bathes with dinosaurs too?

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All About The Flowers

As I’ve mentioned, my husband and I aren’t big on Valentine’s Day.  Last year I baked a cake and we ordered a Chinese take-away.  This year we talked about having our own fruit de mer, but when my husband said he’d have to go out first thing in the morning to get the seafood fresh, I tried to convince him that it wasn’t worth it.  But he was adamant, not knowing that fresh seafood was not the only reason why he wanted to go to the shop first thing in the morning.

He wanted to get us fresh flowers and apparently, during Valentine’s Day, the lovely fresh flowers are known to disappear real fast and if you buy them mid-morning all you’ll ever get are left-overs.  Come to think of it, this may be the reason why I never got any roses on Valentine’s Day, not that I ever complained or that it mattered.

So there he was along with other husbands/boyfriends rushing to get the first blooms and all they found were crap ones.  When they asked a member of staff, it turns out that the delivery van was late! I found that funny, of all days, he was late to deliver the flowers on Valentine’s Day!  He probably just made a side-trip to deliver his flowers to his wife/girlfriend.  Anyway, seeing the disappointed/panicked faces of the bewildered husbands/boyfriends – the same staff took pity on them and told them that there were actually about five fresh bouquets at the garage.  Before she even finished her sentence, my husband was out in a flash.

To make the story short, he got the best two bouquets from the bunch.  Of course I was really touched, I finally got my lovely red roses, but what really, really, made my Valentine’s Day is that he didn’t forget his daughter.  You see, little T loves flowers too.  I guess she sees her dad buy me flowers every now and then.  She once told me “I want Dada to buy me flowers too” I told her I’m sure he would oblige if we asked him.  I’ve been meaning to, but keep forgetting.

We heard him park up in front of the house, still in our pyjamas, Little T and I watched him from the window.  When I saw the flowers I said to her “Dada has bought us flowers!  It’s for you and me”  Her face broke into the sweetest smile and when he came in, I quickly said “Dada, thank you for buying me and Little T flowers“.  And winked at him, just so he’d know that I was going to share my flowers with her, not knowing that she had her own!   So here she is, smiling for the camera with her tousled hair and first ever bouquet.

My husband said “I just wanted to be the first one to ever give her flowers”  Wasn’t that sweet?  She was ever so pleased and even asked me if she could arrange the flowers herself.  I let her.  Now her beautiful flowers are in a vase in her bedroom.  She likes to look at it and say “I love my flowers!”

As for the fruit de mer – it was absolutely delicious!  Never mind if we didn’t talk about anything romantic and instead ended up talking about history.  Actually we were talking about Hilary Mantel’s multi-award winning book “Wolf Hall” which I haven’t read and he liked.  He mentioned about how Cromwell lost his wife and two daughters in the sweating plague at that time.  What was sad about this is that he never really knew his youngest daughter and his only memory of her, is a little girl in wings (which he made for her) and refused to take off.  He never even had the chance to have her portrait taken, so there was nothing for him to remember her by, except that one memory of a little girl in wings.  It broke my heart.

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And the Oliver’s Madhouse

How was your Valentine’s Day?

Little T attends a Tea Party

Little T loves tea parties, whether it’s pretend or real.  Last Thursday she had her first ever real tea-party when her lovely grandparents celebrated their Diamond Wedding anniversary at the 18th century old Inn at Woburn.

There’s my three-year-old looking like a little lady out for a grown-ups tea-party.  Never mind if her toys were also on the table, after all the invitation didn’t exactly say “No toys allowed“.

Little T waiting to be served.

And thank goodness, the little Madam was served before a full-blown whinge commenced.  She especially loved the strawberry slices, which she ever-so-politely asked the other guests if she could have their share too.  Good thing they were all lovely and were game enough to share.

After she finished all her little sandwiches, cakes and strawberry slices.  I actually had to take her out of the room before she started acting like a little sod, err… I meant, like a three-year-old.

So we went to the next room which was thankfully empty and there we played hide-and-seek and as you can see from the photos, she wasn’t so good at it.

“You can’t see me mummy!”  She said.

And when she got tired of hiding, she twirled around and around and around.

Little T then exclaimed, “I love tea-parties!”


As for me, I’m just so relieved that we didn’t suffer any major melt-down in front of my in-laws and their friends.  They all commented on how beautiful and well-behaved she was, not knowing that there were a lot of threats and hissing on my part.

The again, as I was choosing photos for this post, I suddenly realised now that there’s hardly any trace of my baby there.  Where has she gone?  What I have instead is a three-year-old who loves anything pink, twirling in pink dresses and attending tea-parties.  How did that happen?

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And The Oliver’s Madhouse

Hope the weather is better for all of us here in England.

As for the rest of you guys, do have a lovely week ahead!

What the Little T said …

Little T loves plasters, especially pink ones or plasters shaped like animals or plasters with her favourite characters on them like Peppa Pig or Sponge Bob.  She’ll pretend that she has a wound and then demand for a plaster.

Every time this happens, I would stop what I’m doing and check her “wound” even if I know that she hasn’t really hurt herself.  And if we don’t give in and give her a plaster, she’ll say …

Yes, she is a bit of a drama-queen.


Last night she asked me if I wanted to bath with her.  I explained that I couldn’t, because of my monthly period.  We usually don’t have any problems with bath time, tonight however she announced, “I want to be disgusting mummy!  I don’t want to bath!”  And then she changed her tune and said that “actually” (she likes to use that word) she can’t have a bath.  I asked her why, she said “Because I have my period mummy”   When I explained to her what a monthly period was, she looked at me and said “I’m just pretending!”

The Pink Tutu

For the longest time, Little T has been wanting a “ballerina dress” as she calls it.  On Christmas Eve thanks to my lovely sister, she got what she wanted.

We allowed her to open one present on the night before Christmas and she chose this one.   As seen on the photo above, she was a happy little ballerina and even wanted to wear it to bed.  I said no.  But told her she could wear it as soon as she wakes up the next day.

And here she is opening some presents.  She loves Spongebob, can you guess from the look on her face?

And here she is eating her breakfast, was just so relieved she didn’t spill any chocolate sauce on it!

She also asked for a hoover.  We got this little cleaning trolley instead, it has a small hoover, a little broom, a mop and all the other stuff one needs for cleaning.  Who says you can’t wear a pink tutu to clean?  Not even Cinderella, only little T 🙂

And who says Doctors can’t be ballerinas too?  They definitely can in little T’s world!

And be an artist too!

And here she is resting her weary ballerina feet from all that twirling.

When she opened this one, she actually said “He remembered!”  This was the present she wrote to him about on this post.

I have a feeling she’ll be wearing this again and again and again in the days to come.  Thank goodness she hasn’t asked to wear it yet to walk her dog!

Are you ready for the New Year?

We are!

Bring it on.

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