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Halloween Costumes

I’m sure by now some of you have either purchased, chosen or for the super-crafty-mums, made their little ones Halloween costumes by now.  I haven’t.

When little T was one, we bought her a witch costume.  Sorry folks, I don’t have a photo saved on this laptop.  Was using a different one around that time.

And when she was two, she was also a witch and wore the same costume mentioned above.  She didn’t mind and probably had even no recollection that she wore the same costume the previous Halloween.

Please don’t tell her.  I’m sure when she’s older she’ll say “I can’t believe you let me wear the same Halloween costume twice!”  Then she’ll blame this particular incident in her childhood as the bane of all her insecurities/failures in life.  Yep, it’s all because she wore the same costume twice.  My fault.

But of course at three, you wouldn’t be able to get away with convincing her to wear the dreaded witch outfit again. “This isn’t the same costume you wore last year, or the year before that.  This is a different one!”  Nope, that didn’t happen.  And so last year, she was a Little Vampire.  Yep, another store-bought Halloween costume for Little T.

For this year though, she first decided that she wants to dress up as a Skeleton.  At first, I thought I’d try to make it myself since she already has a black long-sleeved-top and black leggings.  How hard is it to use white paint to outline a skeleton?  After doing some research on-line, I found a pattern you could actually use on white felt-cloth and then you can either stitch it or glue it on your little one’s black top and leggings.  Perfect!  Thank you Martha Stewart!

But then realised that the white-felt cloth I was planning to order on Amazon was about the same price of a Skeleton costume and thought, you know what, it’s actually cheaper to buy a costume!  So no mother of the year award for me, I’ll stick to the easy way, buy ’em!

And then, being Little T, she changed her mind!  Now she wants to be a ghost!  Thank goodness, I haven’t ordered that skeleton costume yet.  How hard is it to make a ghost costume?  I’m sure that’s super-easy, all you’ll need is a flat-old white sheet right?  I rummaged through our linen-cupboard and found none.  I’m thinking of going to a charity-shop to purchase one, and if I don’t find any or, if it costs more than a couple of pounds, I will resort to the easy-way out again.

The thing is, we won’t even be home on Halloween.  That means she won’t be able to answer the door to trick or treaters, go trick or treating herself, or even attend her school’s Halloween disco, because since it’s their half-term break, we decided to go to some place special for that particular week.  But of course, that won’t stop her from wearing her Halloween costume.  I’m sure she won’t be the only one traipsing around in a ghost costume 😉

Anyway, so yes, folks, it’s not surprising then that my …

Have you, or your little one(s) chosen a Halloween costume yet?