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The Hunt for the Merry Maidens & other news

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but one of the good things about having visitors, especially visitors from abroad is that you have an excuse to turn into a tourist too.  After visiting St. Michael’s Mount (will save that for another post), we went on the hunt for the Merry Maidens.

The Merry Maidens is like a smaller version of Stonehenge.  I’m not sure if they are older, but these ancient stones go back to the Neolithic period (starts at 10,200 BC and ends at somewhere between 4,500 and 2,000 BC).  These mysterious stones can be found near St. Buryan in Cornwall.  Thanks to our American friend, we finally had the chance to hunt for it.  So if you find yourself in this neck of the woods, it’s certainly worth visiting!

Legend has it that nineteen maidens were turned into stone all because they decided to have a little fun and dance on a Sunday.  And there’s my little girl, doing a little dance … thank goodness we didn’t go on a Sunday … or did we?

This post, by the way has been sitting on my draft box for weeks now.  I’m so late with my posts but things are slowly settling down a bit in our little cottage by the sea.  Thankfully T’s cough is better and for those who were asking about how it went yesterday…. Things went very well, thank you!  When we arrived to pick her up, she was playing and didn’t even notice that we were there.  E, the lovely woman in charge of her, said she was fine.  We’re trying her out two mornings a week and then when she’s really settled, maybe stay for the two whole days.  She also has her rugby sessions every Thursday with her best friend F.  It’s really mostly running around, with a bit of rugby lessons (how to hold a ball etc…) all fun!  Let’s see how that goes tomorrow.

For those who are reading, hope all is well on your side of the world!