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G is for Graveyard

This was taken in the graveyard of Minster Church, Cornwall, autumn 2012.

The gravestone reads:

Mr. John Bond (not James :p) was a loving husband, devoted father and grandfather.

He was also her friend and soul mate.

How touching is that?  I love graveyards.  I’ve always had, even more so since moving to England.  We have one nearby, just by the headland and Little T and I love passing through it.  She likes to smell the flowers left on the graves by their loved-ones.  I on the other hand have always loved the tranquility, the ambiance in cemeteries, especially the one pictured above.  Minster church (and graveyard) has the loveliest setting – it is beside St. Peter’s wood in the Valency valley.

In autumn, as you can see from the photo above, the leaves turn into the most golden of colours.  In spring time on the other hand, you’ll find a lovely spray of daffodils and bluebells all around.  If you come to North Cornwall and love old chutes and graveyards, you should come and visit and see for yourself.

What about you?  Do you love graveyards?

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Twilight Fun

Two Wednesday’s ago, a friend of ours helped organise a successful event to raise funds for Minster Church here in North Cornwall.

The weather wasn’t good at all, during the day.  But thank goodness, it cleared towards the beginning of the evening.  The event was held inside, but after a while the kids sauntered outside for a play and the grown-ups followed.

Little T and her play-mates with the grown-ups watching over them.

It was a perfect lovely evening for the kids to have a run-around.

If this photo looks a bit familiar, it was taken in the same night as seen on my previous post.

And then sunset, happened.  People went out to have a look at the sun slowly setting over the horizon.  Isn’t that lovely?

For more information about donating/volunteering or helping in the keep of Minster Church, please click here. And if you find yourself looking for a place to have a lovely meal, do drop by at the Farm shop, you won’t regret it.  The place as you can see, has lovely sea-views and rolling hills.  They also serve delicious full English breakfasts, lunch and don’t forget to have a taste of their home-baked cakes.

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Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend out in the sun! 🙂