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Exploring the Chateau de Compiegne, Picardy, France

We woke up to grey clouds and the sound of rain.  For awhile, I thought we were back in England, then remembered that we left the UK actually in very good sunshiny weather!  I stumbled out of our bedroom, the sight of authentic French croissants on the table didn’t even lift the disappointment I felt.  “Everyone said it was warmer and sunnier in France!”  I whinged to the husband, who raised an eyebrow and said. “Missing England already dear?”  I growled at him and grumpily ate a very delicious and the softest croissant I’ve ever tasted in my life.  Admittedly, that definitely made me feel better!

Not to be defeated by the weather, we decided to explore the very historical town of Compiegne.  I was just so glad that even though I packed mostly summer outfits, I did manage to bring rain coats and even little T’s wellies which I chucked in the car at the last-minute.

I love this town, especially the very remarkable-gothic looking town hall which was built during the reign of Louise XII.    We all loved the Bancloque or the ancient clock which dates back to 1303, where three Picantins sound the clock.  Little T and her dad actually stood in front of the town hall, just to wait for the three little men to come out. Too bad I wasn’t able to catch a photo of them!

Then we headed to probably one of the most famous Chateau’s in France, the Chateau de Compiegne, which was built for Louise the XV and restored by Napoleon.  How to describe this very grand palace?  The words that come into my mind are garish and ostentatious.  But of course, it is still a lovely place to explore, especially since it holds so much history behind every single nook and cranny of that magnificent palace.

One of the few hallways inside the palace.

Little T monkeying around the staircase, I’m not sure Napoleon would be pleased!

Little T listening to the audio in Napoleon’s bedroom.  How on earth did he fit on that bed?  Is that why he developed a complex?

Shh mum, I can’t hear!  

Little T and her dad, doing a little dance in the very grand and long ballroom of the Chateau.

Would you want this very gaud looking gold-plated (?) furniture in your home?  I know it was probably stylish during their time, but uhm… no thank you.

Apparently it is said that “Chateau de Compiegne speaks of Napoleon as Versailles does of Louise the XIV” , oh dear.

And of course, the grounds and gardens were equally grand.  One can almost imagine someone like Marie Antoinette parading in her jewels and gowns, along with her many ladies-in-waiting.

T with her disheveled hair wanted to explore more, but it was getting late and our feet were getting  weary from touring one splendid room after another.  It was time to call it a day.

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