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Coping with the Wet Weather the British Way

Last weekend was a wet one. Nothing new there of course, But I’m learning the British way now, which is “Stiff upper lip, plod on” and “Everything is jolly good even if it’s bloody raining!”.  Armed with waterproof rain coats, wooly hats, scarves, gloves, a flask of hot chocolate, another one with tea, some lovely biscuits and a smelly dog, we jumped in our car and drove to Penhallam Manor.

The first and last time we were here was in the autumn of 2014.  As mentioned on that post, Penhallam is an English Heritage site, with the remains of a 13th century medieval manor.  There’s hardly anything left, but the very bare bones of the house, but still worth visiting.

This time though, we went with some friends.  While waiting,  T and I decided to explore the nearby woods and left the historian to wait by the gate for our friends in case they missed the turning.  And they did!

I love this woodland, but never had the chance to explore it, this time we thought we’d manage it. But we never got that far, because T’s friends have arrived.  So we decided to head back.

There were four adults, three kids, two dogs, and a baby in a sling, stomping in the muddy walk towards the remains of a gothic manor.

And then it started raining even before we could get there, but no one seemed fazed by it.  Everyone just kept walking on, chatting and no one mentioned the rain, except me, who muttered under my breath.

When we got there, in spite of the rain, T’s friend stripped her rain coat off and started running around without it.  Thank goodness T didn’t follow suit and was sensible enough to keep her coat on, even though her hood wasn’t on.

Then it was a riot of kids and dogs running around like loonies.  By this time, I had to stop taking photos, I didn’t want my camera to get wet and was busy making sure the kids didn’t fall in the very cold water surrounding the manor.

After a snack of hot chocolate (tea for the grown-ups) and biscuits, they started having fun with muddy puddles. As the narrator of  Peppa pig would say “Everyone loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles”.

Do you have anything fun planned this weekend?

If you can trust the weather report, it’s supposed to be a sunny day, albeit a cold one tomorrow.  We are definitely heading out, most probably to another English Heritage or National Trust property.  That’s one of the reasons why we keep our membership with both of them, it’s so handy to have, especially down here in Cornwall for day trips with little ones like this one.

Have a lovely weekend folks!


Autumn Day Out

Ever since little T started school, we make it a point to go out for walks over the weekend when we can.  And last Saturday was no exception.

Being members of both the National Trust and English Heritage, is easy for us to plan a day-trip out without going too-far or spending too much.  Most of our little adventures in fact cost, almost next-to nothing.

Last weekend brought us to Penhallam Manor, an English Heritage medieval property not far from where we live.  When I say property, it really is more like a ruin, or the remains of a 13th century ruin.

As soon as we parked, I noticed this scary-looking haunted house barely visible from all the surrounding trees.

Up-sound scary music.

And here’s little T, who didn’t seem bothered at all.

In our English Heritage book, it mentioned that it was about a ten-minute walk from the parking lot to the ruins.

It didn’t feel like that at all.  Maybe because we were all too busy having fun, running after Doc, trying to grab the stick in his mouth … just to annoy/excite him 😉

As you can see from the photo, he absolutely loved the game of catch-me-if-you-can.

The game ended as we spied the gate not far away from where little T stood.

Little T reading the history of this medieval manor.

This 13th century manor was owned by the Cardinhams family who were apparently a family of minor barons who made money from being in good terms with King John (1199-1216).  Penhallam was probably just one of their many houses in England.  It wasn’t actually that big, judging from the ruin.

It’s a manor surrounded by a moat and because the Lord of the Manor didn’t have any heirs (only daughters), by the 14th century, the house had already fallen into decline.

This is what it must have looked like during the medieval times.

And there goes little T, eager to cross the moat!

There wasn’t really much left especially since grass has covered what was left of the medieval bricks of the manor.  But you could still see the outline of where the walls once stood.

Some may think that it isn’t a place worth visiting, but if you’re just looking for a place to have a short walk with your dog and little one, and you live nearby – it’s definitely worth a visit.

The only problem was that we couldn’t find a place to have our little picnic!  So we decided to look for a different place instead.  But got stuck in the Cornish traffic:

Yep, this is what a traffic jam looks like Cornwall.  You get stuck behind a herd of cows, sheep or horses.

And after a bit of a drive, we ended up at …

the beach on Widemouth bay in Bude …

which was actually filled with sea-foam!

Little T actually had fun playing with it.  She called it bubble mixture!

We ended the day-out with …


Don’t you just love day-outs, especially ones that end up with ice-cream?


Have a lovely weekend folks!