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Three Types of House Viewers

Are you interested in buying?

God no!  I just want to have a look. I go to all the open-houses …

Dialogue from the movie “Ruth and Alex” starring Diane Keaton and Morgan Freeman”

As mentioned in my previous post, we’ve finally sold our house and in the two years that we’ve put our house up on sale, we had more viewings than I could even remember.  My husband and I have come across three types of people who have viewed our house.

1.  The Curious Ones

As most of you know, we live in a beautiful part of England.  Just like any other tourist spot here in Cornwall, a lot of the houses are bought as second homes for those who can afford it (Yes, I know.  It’s a big issue here, those second-home owners).  The house we’ve sold was also in fact my parents-in-law’s second home.  They then passed it on to my husband and his sister, until my husband bought his sister out many years ago.

You’ll see the curious ones walk up the hill in our little village, with their necks craning in to look at any window or door left open.  You can almost hear their thoughts in their heads as they walk up the hill “I wonder who lives there?  I wonder what it’s like to live in this pretty Cornish village?”

Some of them will do more than just wonder, they’ll phone up the local estate agent, choose a house and request for a viewing.  But you’ll know as soon as they walk in, that they are really just looking and not seriously buying.  They’ll say “We live in ____ (fill in the blanks, it could be London, somewhere in the Home Counties or say the Midlands “And we’ve always wanted to move down here.  Maybe when we retire … “

I must admit when on holiday, I also turn into the curious one.  Those were exactly my thoughts as we meandered around a quaint village in the French countryside.  “I wonder what its like to live here?”  But I’ve never phoned up the local estate agent to ask for an appointment.  Instead I go online and have a little look of what’s out there and if we could afford it.  Perhaps if my French was better…

2. The Dreamers

To be fair, most of the dreamers we’ve come across with were really serious about wanting to buy our house.  In fact they’ve made all the right noises and asked all the right questions and you just know that they really want to move down here.

But when the reality sets in, and they realise that they can’t have a second mortgage, or can’t even apply for a mortgage big enough to buy our home, or the water bill is way more expensive down here in Cornwall compared to wherever they are from.  Reality slaps them on the face.  Goodness know we’ve all experienced this ourselves, haven’t we, our bubbles bursting?  Life isn’t fair, a lesson, I keep repeating my daughter at her young age, again and again.

I feel for the dreamers, at one point in our lives, we were also dreamers too and probably are still dreamers, dreaming of owning that dream property, second home somewhere isolated, or moving to another country.

3. The Serious Buyers

And lastly, we all want the serious buyers, don’t we?  Within this category though, we’ve found that there are also three types of people:

  • The “Big Person”:  “Your house has been up for sale so long and you must be desperate to sell, so be thankful I’m making an offer more than 50 grand off your asking price.  Take it or leave it!”  And of course, they are surprised when you say “No thank you”.
  • The Impossible Ones:  Like the “Big Person”, they think that since they are making a “serious offer” you should be thankful!  And then they have a list of demands as long as your arm, oh and top top it off, you have to move out ASAP.  Finding a house to live isn’t obviously their problem.
  • The Just About Right Kind of Buyer:  Who are realistic, accommodating and polite, and will wait till you’ve got everything sorted out, they are the dream buyers.  In the end we got one.

Have you met or know any of the people mentioned above?

Do share.

Does the heart ever forget?

Has someone ever broken your heart?

I’ve had my share of disappointments in the past, but I’ve never really experienced a gut-wrenching heartache that has left me forever scarred.  Nothing like that at all.

Perhaps, it’s also because of what I have now with the man I married – which is so good, and who ever person I was involved with in the past would pale in comparison to my husband and the love we have for each other, and because of that, we now have a beautiful little girl.

But what if because of circumstances you had to say goodbye to someone whom you’ve loved so much in the past and never really gotten over the separation?  What would you do if after ten or twenty years, you come face-to-face with that person once again?

That’s exactly what happened to performance artist Marina Abramovic, born in Serbia now based in New York.  For over a decade she collaborated with fellow artist Uwe Laysiepen from Germany, they then began a passionate love affair, which ended in a final collaboration walking the Great Wall of China in the opposite direction and meeting in the middle.  They agreed that after this, they would say goodbye and never see each other again.

Until this moment:

Click here if you want to know more about the story here.

What would you do if this happened to you?

Share-a-Docu: Dreams of a Life

My daughter doesn’t really do naps anymore, unless she has an early start.  Yesterday she woke up really early, by twelve mid-day she was asleep, I joined her.  Dear readers, it was a blissful long nap.  The only downside was, she was as lively as the energizer bunny.  By nine pm she was still going, going, going – I gave up and brought her down and ended up watching this really sad and moving documentary on TV.  T fell asleep on the couch.

Picture credit here.

Dreams of a Life is about Joyce Carol Vincent, a 38 year old Londoner whose body was found decomposing after three years in her flat with the TV still on.  Beside her body were wrapped Christmas presents.  It was said that she died of natural causes.  How this woman died, alone and not found for three years is mind-boggling.  The only reason why she was found was because of unpaid rent bills amounting to about two thousand pounds (why the landlord allowed it to pile up is in itself astonishing).  What about her electricity bills and other bills?  These are just a few of the questions the film was hoping to answer.

It’s sad really and what makes it even more heartbreaking is that it happened to a real woman, not just a fictitious character in a book or movie.  She was real.  If you have the chance to watch it, do so.  And then, if you know of a friend or family who is alone, far from family and friends, call them up, get in touch, and make sure that they know you’re there for them.

downside wa

Sleep well, sweet Alice

I’ve been following a teenager’s blog for some time now.  Her name was Alice.  She had cancer.  But that wasn’t the reason why I followed her blog.  She had the most amazing courage for someone who knew that she had so little time left in her hands.

She died last night.

It was weird.  I woke up this morning thinking about her.  I was imagining her lying in her bed – awake.  Little did I know that she was gone, until I went online to check my mail and her blog.

Alice had a bucket list and which she was able to tick off her last year.  Yes, people helped her achieve her dreams, but what was really inspiring and admirable was that – she gave them all back a hundredfold.

Sleep well, sweet Alice and rest in peace.

You will never be forgotten.

To know more about her and her charity.  Click here.

A very suitable incident at the National Portrait Gallery

It was a busy time at the National Portrait gallery in London, there were groups of primary students seated on the floor listening to a woman talk about some of the important portraits in the gallery. There were also a lot of tourists around and some maybe bystanders who just took a minutes respite from the misty gloomy weather outside.

In one of the rooms, stood a two-year old little girl in a blue dress, blue tights with little white polka dots and brown boots. She was standing in front of the huge portrait of King George II and had a serious expression on her face. It was quiet, save for footsteps heard in all the rooms and a few murmurs. And then a tiny sound disturbs the peace, obviously a sound of someone breaking wind – someone very small and this is followed by a little voice who says “pardon”.

If you were in the room, perhaps, you would’ve been taken aback with the sound and the sweet little voice. Perhaps, you’d look around and be surprised to see that it came from a two-year old little girl who is now looking really embarrassed and close to tears.

Yes, that little girl was Tamsin. My husband later told me later that what Tamsin actually did in front of King George II’s portrait was very suitable indeed. Apparently, he died in the toilet. One can only surmise of course as to what he was doing there. It’s good to know that my daughter hasn’t offended any King and that at least she remembered to say “pardon”.