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Swimming in a Warm Sea

“The water is warm Mum!”  Squeals little T as she first dipped her little toes on the beach.  We were visiting my sister-in-law’s lovely family whose house is located by the beach.  Yes, I know.  Lucky people.  This was little T’s first experience of visiting a beach in a tropical country.  Here in Cornwall, the water is always cold even in the summer, so the experience was really a joy for little T.

And here she is swimming with my brother.

As you would have guessed, after those first few dips, she was hooked and would nag us every morning to go to the beach.  She wasn’t the only one who loved it, their black labrador named, Ali would happily bounce along with T for a little jaunt on the beach and water.

T also loved beach-combing and would spend hours hunting for special shells and shiny stones to take with her back to Cornwall.

And then she found this:

I want to take this back with us to England!  She exclaimed.

Adamant that she was taking this driftwood back with her, she didn’t stop until her dad agreed to take it back with us to the house where we were staying.  Thankfully, she forgot all about it after a few days.

We also had a chance to visit, Boracay.  A famous beach where tourists would flock to every month of the year.  Since the Philippines is a tropical country, there is no such thing as tourist season.  People visit from all over to bask in the warm weather, white sands and turquoise sea.

 Since we were already nearby, we decided to visit it too.

Little T loved the powdery white sands and warm water.

She also enjoyed having her hair plaited by the many women who for a fee, offered to braid tourists hair with different styles.  I didn’t know there were many to choose from!

Last time I was here was sometime in 2005.  It was better then of course, sadly today, Boracay is amassed with tourist and “touristy stuff” which frankly isn’t appealing to me at all.  Thank goodness the white powdery beach and lovely sea is still breathtaking … just keep your eyes focused on that and try to forget everything else that is in the island.

What about you?

Did you go anywhere warm over the summer holiday?

Help the Victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan

While our country, the Philippines is used to experiencing many typhoons in a year, it experienced its first what they called super-typhoon, said to be the strongest typhoon in recorded history which ravaged the country yesterday.

Thankfully, my family and friends who live mostly in the capital were spared.  I feel guilty about saying that, because I know there are thousands affected by this super typhoon.  According to the BBC news website, hundreds are feared dead, and many have lost their homes and livelihood.  While my prayers go out to those who were affected, I also know in my heart that we will survive this.  Life will go on in the Philippines.  We will pick ourselves up, see what can be salvaged and move on with our lives.  We are resilient people and I’m proud of that.

Picture credit here.

For those of you who might be interested in helping, please click on the following links:

Philippine Red Cross

ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya

Ateneo de Manila University Disaster Response Assistance

GMA Kapuso Foundation

For more information on how to donate or volunteer clink here and here.

Thank you.