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Z is for Zany

Finally the letter “Z”

I chose the word Zany and felt that since it is the end of PODcast’s Photography Project,  it was only right to end with photographs of Little T’s “zaniness”.

It’s actually difficult to photograph little T, it requires a lot of patience, because as soon as she sees me focus my camera on her, she would always break into a silly face or pose like the one above and the one below.

 And if I use my stern mummy voice, I might get this …

which is still a bit zany, but at least, it’s not a funny-face, just a bit silly, but then again she is after all Little T, that’s what she does!

Z is for zany.

I can’t believe it’s the end of this series!  Really had fun posting photographs from A-Z.

Hope you guys had fun too!



Winter is approaching.  I can feel her cold-icy clutches and everywhere is grey.  She’ll be here soon and will be shoving Autumn out the door, and unpacking her bags and will be breathing cold air on our checks and down our necks.

Yesterday, the clocks moved forward and so the days are shorter.  I’m thinking – we’ve got four-months-of-this, how on earth will we manage to keep our heads above water?  Okay fine, I’m exaggerating, but you get the picture and it’s not sunny nor is it rosy.

This week, it’s been grey all over.  The sky, even the houses look grey, everywhere I look is grey.  From my kitchen table, I look out and see this:

 Yep, it’s certainly is a bleak world out there.  I wonder if the cows grazing on the headland notice how grey it is, or even care?  Most probably not.

It’s little T’s half-term break and tomorrow we go on holiday in Wales, not that the weather is any different there, but it’s our special place and I’ll tell you exactly where, in the following day or so but let us get there first 😉  And we’re hoping the place will cheer us up a bit and maybe, just maybe, we’ll drive back to Cornwall, happy bunnies.  Oooh Easter!  Wouldn’t it be great if by the time we get back it will indeed be Easter?  Oh happy days.

Now excuse me while I put my head in the oven.

Hope it is sunny and cheerful wherever you are!

How do you keep yourself cheerful during the long-bleak-winter-months?

X is for Xanthic

X is a tricky letter.

I don’t have any photos of X-rays, xylophones, X-Factor …

Can you think of any word that starts with the letter X?

Thank goodness for google!

So I’ve come up with – A xanthic field of flowers.

I never knew that there was such a word as “xanthic”, until I googled words that began with x.

Xanthic means yellowish.

A yellowish field of flowers.

X is for xanthic.


What’s your word for X?

Missing Summer already

Summer seems to have gone, even though at night, we still kick our duvets off because it still feels too warm, and they remind us too much of cold winter-nights.  But it’s obvious, that summer is indeed gone, mornings are now a bit chilly, the nights are getting shorter and the atmosphere just seems greyer.

Looking at these photos now, summer feels like a different reality.  Instead of blue skies, we are now surrounded by dull ones.

And I look at these photos and pine for those  long summer days once again.


Days when it’s warm enough to go to the beach in summer dresses…

Eat ice-cream …

especially, bucket-loads of ice-cream!

Go exploring …

or make beach-sculptures made of stones …

What about you?

Do you miss summer too?

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P is for Paris

The Eiffel tower, probably one of the most photographed structure in the world.

Our Paris adventure was a chaotic one.  If you’re thinking of visiting and value your sanity, especially when travelling with a little one, don’t visit during the peak season.  It’s just pure utter madness.

I remember talking to the teenage daughter of the lovely Irish woman we met at the camp, who also travelled with us on the same bus to Paris, she said, “I didn’t think Paris would be like that!  Somehow I imagined that it would be different”  I interrupted her and said “You mean like in the movies?”  She immediately agreed.  I said I think we’ve all seen too many romantic love stories set in Paris.  Nevertheless, it is still a beautiful city and certainly worth visiting … just not in the tourist season…  More on our Parisian adventure later.

P is for Paris.

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Photo Booth

Little T likes to play with the photo booth app in my Mac.  Every now and then I have to delete some of the photos she’s taken of  her hand, feet, and photos of her many, many toys.

Mostly though, she likes to take photos of herself, making faces.  Those I keep.  She likes to do this all the time, no matter how much I remind her that she can do it in her own tablet.  I guess it’s different when you’re using something that’s supposed to be off-limits to you.

Here are just a few of the many photos she has taken on my laptop:

Do you let your little one play with your laptop, iPad, phone, or computer?

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Have a lovely week!

15th Century Pub and A Domestic

Years ago when we first moved to Cornwall, we did lots of day-trips out and most of them were decided on a whim, the sun is out, c’mon let’s go for a drive sort-of-thing.  It was easy to do that of course because we didn’t have little T with us yet, and since we’ve just arrived from Africa, the husband wasn’t working yet and therefore we could do as we please, i.e. go down driving in search of pubs that did their own brewing.  We’ve heard of one in Helston, so that was our destination for the day.

It was a lovely spring day.  The sky was blue and all the flowers and trees were out in full-bloom of every kind and colour.

Lovely isn’t it?

The Blue Anchor is one of the oldest Inns in the UK and is said to have been brewing their own beer over 600 years!  We were told that it was originally a monks resting house where they made strong honey based mead.  Today, they make a variety of “Springo Ales” made of traditional recipes.  The pub has retained its original features, so it’s definitely well worth a visit even if you’re not much into beer.

It was an early lazy afternoon when we strolled into the pub.  The husband (who was then my boyfriend) ordered a couple of pints (probably half for him since he was driving).  Don’t ask me what it was like, because I wouldn’t be able to tell you.  To me, they all taste alike!  What I remember though is the drama that unfolded right before our eyes and that’s what I really want to write about.

A couple, probably in their late 50s came in.  The man actually looked like an ageing rock star, a bit like  Bill Nighy’s character in the movie “Love Actually” so it didn’t come as a surprise when he strolled in and headed straight for the piano and started playing and singing! His voice was good, aged, and infused with probably too much alcohol, late nights, cigarettes and maybe even drugs.  His lady-friend/wife or girlfriend was probably of the same age, though she looked even more wasted and more of a sorry-sight than him.

It was all good, for a while they were both laughing/singing and joking with the barman (which made us guess that they were probably locals).  Then all of a sudden the woman started hurling expletives at him.  It was one of those domestic rows that were uncomfortable to witness.  It takes me ages to finish a pint and as I was trying to gulp my glass down, hoping to do a hurried exit, they thankfully stormed out of the pub. And as they left, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.  The barman said that yes, it was a familiar scene.  Before he could even say another word, the faded “rock-star” came in and hid under a table not far from us!  Then the woman came back and shouted “Where is he?”  She looked around and didn’t wait for anyone to reply and went out again.

What’s even more depressing was that we saw her slumped on the pavement with her head in her hands and muttering to herself.  Sad sight really.

Have you ever been in an uncomfortable situation like the scene mentioned above?

Then before driving away, I spied this lovely red cab and just had to take a photo of it.

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Have a great week!

Off with the layers!

Spring has definitely sprung down here in Cornwall.  Temperatures are up and the sunshiny days are more frequent now.  Hopefully, it will stay this way.

Last week, little T, Doc and I went out for a little adventure.  Our aim was to search for rabbit holes.  As always little T and I started the walk all layered-up with a jumper underneath our rain coats and our first-stop was searching for a puddle.

A whole lot of mud welcomed us through the gate.  Peppa Pig and her family would love this!

Oooh look at that blue sky and white fluffy clouds, aren’t they lovely?

And look at our little dog, no longer a pup at six-months old.  Still over-excitable though and a bit loony, but that’s our Doc! 🙂

And then the little T says I’m feeling warm mummy!  Off with the first layer …

After checking that there were no cows or she sheeps around, Doc was off his leash too.

All through out our walk, Little T was busy looking for sticks her dog could play with or chew on.

And then he fell in a rabbit hole!  Too bad, I wasn’t able to take a photo of it, was too busy laughing.  When he recovered himself, he started sniffing the rabbit hole which led little T to panic  “Don’t eat the rabbits Doc!”  

See that pink house down in our village?  That’s little T’s dream house.  When we were looking for one, she kept insisting that we buy it.  We actually had to explain that a house had to be up for sale before you can actually buy it.  Thank goodness it wasn’t.  Would you like to live in a pink house?

Look at that, even the sea was calm.

Then Little T announced she was feeling warm again, so off with another layer!  There she goes a-striding-away.

And singing, but I couldn’t make out the song she was singing.

Look at me mummy, I’m a dragon!

And then I noticed the grey-clouds hovering and decided it was time to go home.

The good news is that, we are scheduled to have good weather again this week.  Whoopie-bloody-doo-dah.  Have a lovely weekend everyone and Happy International Women’s Day! 🙂  Also, happy birthday to N, my cousin who reads my blog 🙂

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Our 2013 Year in Photos

Tonight is New Year’s Eve – 2014. Sounds a bit creepy, isn’t it?   Like a Sci-Fi movie or a Ray Bradbury short-story.

Did you have a good 2013?  Ours was a waiting-game, a bit frustrating, but I won’t bore you with the details and it’s not something I really like talking about, especially not when the New Year is about to come.  I only want to think of positive thoughts and have good vibes, so I’m sharing with you some of my favourite photos of the old year – 2013, before bidding it goodbye.

Our January began with trying to pick/hoover pine needles off our carpet.  It took ages before we managed to hoover them all off.  Some were really stubborn and stuck beneath our carpet.  At one time, I even started picking them up one by one!

Early February little T and F went to Darmoor Zoo (with their parents of course).

Good weather in March took us to the beach in Trebarwith Strand.

The good thing about living near the ocean is that the beach is never far away.  So here we are again in April, looking for rock pools to explore at Crackington Haven.

End of May took us to visit a close friend in Brighton.  I love Brighton, hope to be back there soon!

Every chance we could get, when the sun was out, we hopped in our cars and met friends at the beach.  Here’s little T with her best-friend F, aren’t they the cutest?

This is probably my most favourite photo of 2013.  I love the look of pure bliss on little T’s face as she played with F down in the harbour when the tide was so low, the little ones actually had a little beach to play on!

On the 26th of August, our little girl turned 3.  This was taken at her birthday picnic in a park in Launceston after a steam-train ride.

In September, we had a visit from a close American friend and had a brief tour around Cornwall, bits of Wales, Bristol, Wiltshire and London.

October of course, our little family of two adults, a little girl, and cat, was joined by a small little pup which little T named Doc.

Which brought us to lots of walks in November.

And lastly, this photo of little T with Father Tudor Christmas at Trerice, National Trust rounds up our photos of 2013.  If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll recognise most of the photos I used on the list.  Anyway …

Have a lovely New Year everyone!

Hope 2014 brings all of us more love, luck, wealth and most especially good health 🙂

You guys have been the best!

Let’s all be friends again next year and all the years to come 🙂