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The Boscastle 2013 Duck Race

We are lucky that the village where we live has a lovely primary school that has a very good reputation and every year they hold a Duck Race – a fundraising event for the school.  I’ve actually been blogging about the event for years in my old blog, even before T was born and always participated by purchasing plastic ducks.  We never won of course.  Little did we know that in the years to come, we would have a little girl who would someday go to that lovely school.

So two sundays ago, down we plodded to the village with T and her best friend F (his parents volunteered to handle the playschool booth).  The weather was great and we all had such a lovely time.

The event started off with a funny magic show and a talent show that showcased the lovely students of the Boscastle Primary School.

There were kids who sang individually and as a group. There were also kids who played the strings and of course, what’s a talent show without any dance numbers?

My husband and I were really impressed with the event.  Everyone was present to give support, from the kids who participated, to the parents and classmates who were present in the crowd to give applause to their fellow students.  Of course, there were also locals (like us) and tourists too.

Our favourite human-fruit machine was also present, face-painting, a bouncy castle, a skittles alley and numerous booths that sold cakes and other food, drinks, as well as other stuff.

T and F thoroughly enjoyed the event and they both had their faces painted for the first time.  When asked what she wanted, T quickly chose a pig face (because it was pink) and F had a tiger face.

After all that, we chose a spot by the river to await the major event – the duck race!

There was no sign of T’s ducks, nor of F’s ducks in the finish line, someday we hope to be able to purchase a duck that will win the race for us.

I’m happy to report that no ducks were harmed during the race.

And this little piggy ran happily all the way home.