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The Polar Bear Plunge

On the first day of 2014, my husband whom I thought I knew surprised me by announcing something that was a bit out-of-character from the man I married.  You see, my husband is a historian.  He has a PhD in History and has some history books published under his name.  I am only mentioning this to stress a point, the kind of man that he is – yes, he is boring but I say that endearingly and I married him because he is just that, and because I too am boring. We are a perfect match. We don’t jump off cliffs, run marathons and go on exciting adventures.  We prefer to buy books, read at home and have home-cooked meals.  Yes, that kind.

So imagine my surprise when I wake up on the first day of the new year, wanting to snuggle back in bed since it was a dreary, cold-wet-winter’s day, to find my husband in his swimming shorts announcing “Today is the day”

I knew of course what he was talking about, but I really thought that it was just going to be all talk.  He’s mentioned before that he’s always wanted to do a polar bear plunge like the ones who do at the Serpentine Lake in Hyde park in London, so when he learned that the Tintagel Surf Life Saving club was doing something like that in Trebarwith, he said he wanted to sign up.  And I did what other wives would do of course, ignored him.

But apparently he was serious, so there I was feeling a bit like Meryl Streep in the 80s movie version of the John Fowles’ French Lieutenant’s Woman book, only instead of standing on the famous Cobb, Lyme Regis’ dramatic and historic harbour where the film was shot, I was standing on a rock in Trebarwith Strand and instead of a dramatic cape, I was wearing my duffel coat and clutching little T’s hand while trying to take photos of my silly husband brave the cold waters.  Thank goodness we had the support of our friends who ever-so-kindly took a hold of Doc, so I could document my husband’s rare adeventurous feat.

And thank goodness he wasn’t alone!  There was probably more than a hundred people on the beach on the first day of the new year.  Perhaps around fifty took a dip in the freezing waters.

It was a very cold and blustery winter’s day.  And after that, we all went to the pub for a full English breakfast.

The husband?  He was very proud of himself.

I was proud of him too, although I didn’t voice it out.

Would you do the polar bear dip plunge?

I wouldn’t, not even for a million pounds.

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