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Polzeath in the Summer

We don’t go much to Polzeath, even though it is a lovely beach.  Perhaps, because we live by so many other beaches equally as lovely as the said beach.  Yes, admittedly, we are a bit spoiled when it comes to beaches all because we live in North Cornwall.

A few weeks ago, we had family visit, even though we knew it was going to be a bit crowded, we thought it would be nice to take them there since they’ve never been.

And I’m glad we did, even though it was busy, it was still a beautiful day to be out on the beach along with the holiday makers.

Before T and her cousin hit the waves with their bodyboards, they had fun burying each other in the sand, as you do when you’re on the beach.

And when that was done, they hit the waves, along with many, many, people.

After enjoying the waves of course, we all had some Kelly Whip ice-cream – summer wouldn’t be complete with that.

And then it was time to go, even then, the beach was still busy and there were lots of surfers enjoying the waves in Polzeath.  Perhaps, that’s one of the reason why this beach is so popular?  If you wonder what it looks like when it’s not busy, you can have a little peek here.

It’s lovely to see Cornwall busy with tourists.  Once the summer is done, a lot of the small villages here become like a ghost town.  It’s the first of September while a lot think that summer is over, I don’t think it is gone yet.  Yes, T will be back in school on Monday, but if we’re lucky, we might have an Indian summer only then will I feel that it is indeed over.

Have you been to Polzeath?

What’s your favourite beach in your area?

A Country Kid’s Post: Beachcombing on an Autumn Day

It was a beautiful late autumn day, not wanting to waste it, our little family decided to head for the beach in Polzeath after little T’s ballet a few Saturdays ago.

When we arrived, there were people getting ready to go in the water in their wet suits, there were dog-walkers around, and people, who were like us, not wanting to waste the lovely day indoors. Here, let me share some photos with you:

It was a lovely day of walking on the beach and just breathing in the cold autumn air.  T and the Historian had fun doing a bit of beach combing and exploring the few caves dotted around the cliffs of Polzeath.  We ended the visit with ice-cream – as it should always be.

A breath of fresh air on the beach, with lovely weather, ending it with ice-cream, what more can we ask?  Bring it on winter, we’re ready for you!

Have you visited the beach lately?

Here’s a little shortie of what the day was like…

Five Fun Activities to do on a beach when you're Four

Summer certainly feels like it has finally come.  Although of course we still do have days when it rains and it actually feels more like autumn than summer, but then again, this is England.  It rains in every season, that’s just the way it is.

We had a close friend stay with us during the break in May and we took her to New Polzeath beach.  When you’re four years-old, the sea is still a bit off-limits to you, unless you’re wearing a wet suit, then you can probably do belly-boarding with your parents.  But since little T has outgrown her suit and we haven’t bought a new one for her, she had to content herself with playing in the sand or:

1.  Play or splash-about in the little pools.

When the tide has ebbed, it leaves lovely little pools perfect for little ones to have a play-on.  Some of them are deep enough for a little swim, and some are perfect for splashing around as seen on the picture below.

2.  Meet and make new friends.

And of course, just like swimming pools, these little body of water are perfect for meeting and making new friends.

Little T and her new-found friend played together for a few hours.  Chasing each other around and just lolling around the little pools chatting.  It was lovely to watch them, isn’t this what summer memories should be all about?

3.  Eat ice-cream

If you’ve visited any beach in Cornwall, seeing a Kelly Whip Cornish ice-cream van on the beach is a typical scene around here.  And of course, when it’s there, you must not miss the chance to eat your favourite flavoured ice-cream, it’s all part of being on the beach, you see, especially on a Cornish beach.

4.  Make a sandcastle or a sand sculpture.

But if you’re as creative and as artistic as our close friend S, instead of a sandcastle, why not make a seahorse instead?

And here’s little T with her creative/craft/arty Auntie S, making a sea-horse sculpture which she aptly named Curl.

They used sea-weed to decorate Curl and an ice-cream cap and some shells for her eyes.

5.  Watch the tide come in.

And lastly, wait and watch the tide come in to take your sea-horse back home again.

Little T and her Auntie S watching the tide come in.

And from the top of the hill, we watched Curl slowly disappear.  In little T’s head, she was waving goodbye to her and saying “Thank you little T for releasing me back into the sea”.

What about you?

What are you favourite things to do on the beach?