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Cat like a Dog

Just like I mentioned on this post, Boots, our cat is like a dog.  When we go for walks, she likes to follow us and only disappears or more like runs for her life once we meet other “real” dogs also out for their walks with their humans.

And as mentioned already, when T is out with her Dad, Boots pines after her like a little love-sick-puppy.  But when T is home and is suddenly consumed with emotion and love for her cat which she likes to demonstrate by giving her cat a cuddle (to onlookers it would look like my daughter is strangling the poor cat), only then would poor Boots ran away from her, most times she likes staying in the same room with T.

What our poor cat doesn’t know is that her beloved human has actually asked for a dog as a birthday present.  Yes, a real dog!  Not a cat who thinks she’s a dog. But a real furry, barking dog.  And what she doesn’t also know is that we, her beloved human’s parents have finally decided that it is indeed time for our little family to have a dog once again.

I hope our cat who thinks she’s a dog, won’t see this as a betrayal.

Let’s see.

T enjoying a swing with the “big” kids.