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“I’m not going to win the race mum”

Little T announced this when she woke up on Sports Day.  I replied, “It’s okay sweetie.  As long as you do your best and have fun with your friends.  That’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it?”  She nodded her little head.  Later on I wondered, should I have told her to aim to win?  I remember one of the mums last year told her kids “It’s alright to want to win you know”.  And she’s right.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to win.  But at the same time, I didn’t want to pressure little T, she’s only six for goodness sake.  And in my opinion, she has too much after school activities.  She does ballet, gymnastics and swimming.  I’m not even including her cello lessons which they do in their school.  The thing is, she loves her ballet, gymnastics, although I suspect she loves her swimming class only because most of her close friends are in the same class, so it’s really like an extended play-time for all of them.  But who am I to complain when she loves and enjoys all of them.

We never tell her to aim for the gold, or aim to win.  We always say “have fun”, because to us, that’s all that matters.  We want our little girl to enjoy and have fun.  The pressure goodness knows will come soon, no matter how hard we try to avoid it, so why start now?  Like I mentioned, she’s only six.

And that little girl who doubted herself, but did her best, and not to mention is the youngest and shortest  in their class won the race and not because we told her to win –  it was all her doing.  She didn’t aim to win.  But as her dad said, she ran as fast as her little legs could carry her and won the race.

At the end, I didn’t even know she won, I thought it was E, who is a year older than T and has really long legs, and was leading the race at the beginning.  Her dad said “No, T won!”  I said “Really?  Not T with her short legs”.  He said, “Yes T won!”.  I walked back to my husband and said “Did you see that?”  He said “Yes, I’m so proud of her”  And when I looked at my husband, he was all teary-eyed. I guess my little T did win after all.

Later that night, we looked at the photos and the video I took and my husband gasped.  He explained that he told her to not clench her fist, but to relax and open her palms up and then lunge forward when nearing the finish line.  If you peer at the photos I took (although those were taken not in the actual race that she won, but the relay race of her entire team), she actually listened to her dad and relaxed her hand instead of clenching it.

My little daughter, she’s astonishing, isn’t she?  She certainly is.  We are so proud of her.

My Cello Baby Debut

Little T and her fellow “Cello Babies” (that’s what their music teacher calls them) were supposed to have their debut concert on the duck race/talent show which is held yearly to hep fundraise for their school. Sadly, because of the bad weather, they had to cancel the talent show a few weeks ago. Thankfully, their headteacher decided to hold it instead on the school grounds after Friday’s class last week.  And the cello babies, finally had their much-awaited debut.

It took awhile though before they could begin, so T being T was clowning around with her cello.

And of course, here’s my little cello baby making her usual funny-silly pose of the day.

And this is T’s “I’m bored. Get-me-out-of-here” look.  And yes, of course, her hair was messy as always.

And then it started.  They weren’t bad at all.  I love the way she closes her eyes when playing.  I asked her once why she does it even when practicing.  She says it helps her concentrate more.  One of the parents whispered “Look at T, with her serious face.  She’s really into this, isn’t she?”  My husband and I just smiled.

I think their teacher was proud of them and their performance.  As for the parents?  We were too busy taking photos and videos, but yes, we were all definitely proud of them.  It warmed our hearts.

I wish I could share some of the videos with you guys, but I respect the privacy of the other kids as well as the school.  I’ll tell you though, they definitely rocked!

What’s your proudest moment as a parent?

Or as an adult?

Do share.


Little T's first Gymnastics Badges

As some of you may know, little T started gymnastics class last year and I’m proud to say that she’s still loving it and has actually earned her first two badges.

For awhile my husband and I were worried that she’d lose interest, especially since it is a bit of a drive form where we live.  But so far, she is still looking forward to Fridays when she gets to don her lovely sparkly gym leotards and now club hoodie.  I’ve just recently sewn her badges on, ready for her to wear tomorrow.

After sewing the second one, my fingers were really hurting!

It’s so interesting and lovely to see how confident she is now after starting school this year, joining her gym class and also star-makers another after school activity.  She’s no longer the scared, shy little girl who used to burst into tears just as the school bell would ring.  Interestingly, some kids who were so confident at the start of the year are now the ones who have been tearful in the mornings, while T after a goodbye wave, would happily cue along with her other friends.

And it was actually also her idea to join star-makers (a drama, singing and dancing class), which one of the mum’s of her friends facilitate after school.  All her friends went at the beginning, and she held back.  We didn’t push her, for us it was enough that she had her gymnastics class and didn’t want (still don’t) to pile too much activities after school.  Most days she’s too tired and grumpy to do anything anyway.

But one day, she surprised us all, by announcing that she wanted to go to star-makers too, which was fine, especially since it’s being held at our village hall, not far from her school.

Little T has definitely gone more than a mile from the kind of little girl she was before she started school.  To think that at the beginning, I was so worried that we had made the wrong decision of starting her too early.  After all, she had just turned four, in less than a couple of weeks before starting school.

What about you?

How are your little ones doing?

A Very Wet and Windy Week

It’s been all about rain this week, although as I type this, we are actually experiencing a lovely sunshiny day. At night, it’s all about the wind. You’d hear it howling like ghosts, or worse, poltergeist creating havoc outside your window. It is that loud, sometimes even frightening.

In the mornings, when I take Doc out for a walk, Peppa Pig and her friends would think of the headland as paradise since it has been awashed with muddy puddles all over, not to mention wet grass.  Perfect for squelching around in your wellies.  Doc loves it.  Then again, he loves the headland no matter what the season/weather/condition is.

That sums up our week pretty much.  Wet outside, warm inside our little cottage.  With my husband, busy marking essays, replying to emails/complains/demands from his students.  I sometimes hear him grumble, grumble from where he sits.  You will find me too, with my computer on my lap, sometimes on the couch, on our bed, with the duvet warming my legs, or in the kitchen sipping coffee with Doc under the table, warming my feet.  He makes an excellent foot-rest 😉

This week my ModPo course ends, and by Monday, there will be a last live farewell Webcast.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the course and looking forward to doing it again next year.  The course has taught me a lot, opened my mind a lot, especially when it comes to Conceptual Poetry, which I still struggle with, but can now appreciate it more now.  Anyway, so the weather actually has been a nice backdrop to the course.  Therefore, my chosen word of the week is: RAIN!


In other news, last night was our first ever parent-teacher meeting at little T’s school.  We knew she was doing well, but was really pleased to actually hear it from her teacher.  For awhile, it even felt like she was talking about a different girl!  Sometimes T can still be shy around people, especially strangers.  When I mentioned this to Miss O (T’s teacher), she said, shy?  Not at all.  But then again, I guess it also goes to show how much comfortable she is with her teachers and classmates.  So that’s definitely another #loudnproud moment.


In the UK, the charity “Children in Need” with the help of the schools hold a yearly fundraising event and this year’s theme is “Super-heroes”.  Although it is optional, the children have a choice whether to go to school in a costume and of course, little T chose to go dressed as Elsa.  For those who think Elsa isn’t a super-hero, I suggest you keep your thoughts to yourself, or else I’ll call you a rotten egg 😉  And let me remind you that Elsa has super-powers, she can freeze people, change summer into winter, make a cute snowman who loves cuddles, and she can make castles made out of ice for goodness sake!

So you better, shut-up or else my Little T will FREEZE YOU!

What was your week like?

My Little Gymnast

Starting school:

Little T just turned 4 when she started school.  I knew it was going to be a bit of a struggle with her, although she was definitely ready for it, we knew that the first couple of weeks would be a bit difficult. But she survived, or more like, we all survived!  In less than two weeks, she was totally fine.  We still do get our odd days of course, but hey, even as grown-ups we have those days too right?  But she’s doing really great now and absolutely loves school and her teacher and friends.  What a relief!

After-school activities: 

And then there’s the after-school activities, which I wasn’t so keen at first, because at this age, isn’t school enough?  And she’s always had her swimming lessons every Wednesday even before she started school.  I thought that was enough.  When she’s a bit older, then she can have whatever after school activities she wants like music lessons or sports.

The thing with T is that she’s always been interested in gymnastics.  I guess in a way all little children are, you know they all like bouncy castles, jumping and hanging upside down like little monkeys at the playground.  So when most of her school mates started going to after school activities, I thought why not look for a gymnastics class for her, because she’s really into it?  I didn’t want to send T to an after-school activity she wasn’t interested in, just because everyone else was doing it.  It had to be something she really liked.

Thankfully, we did find one for her age-group, although it is about a 30-45 minute drive from where we live.  It’s so much worth it!

She loved the first class.  I was half expecting her to hesitate when she first tried out, but she didn’t.  She just went along with the other girls, all older and taller than her.  As usual, she’s the youngest and smallest in the whole gymnastics club!  And it’s also a proper one, you know the kind that’s a member of the British gymnastics association, that sort.  A “proper job” as the Cornish would say 🙂

After the first lesson, we wanted to buy her the club’s leopard right away.  But they told us to wait for at least two weeks before buying it, just to make sure that she won’t change her mind.  When we found out how much it cost, we agreed.  Let’s just say it wasn’t cheap.

Now it’s been more than two weeks since her first try and here she is, still loving it:

She loves what she calls her gymnastics-outfit!  When we first bought it, she refused to take it off and actually wanted to sleep in it.  Later on, she agreed to just sleep WITH it, tucked in her bed with her.  Not only that, she brought it on holiday with us.  It was a bit of a struggle to convince her not to wear it during our holiday.

And as you know, with little T, she always has to have a funny-face whenever the camera is pointed at her.

This is definitely one of our proudest moments.  Since starting school and gym class, our little girl has been more confident as ever.  Still a little bit shy at first, but once she’s comfortable enough, she’ll even go up to you and introduce herself.  What’s not there to be proud of?  I’m sure all parents are the same 😉

Does your child go to an after-school activity?
Do they love it too?