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15th Century Pub and A Domestic

Years ago when we first moved to Cornwall, we did lots of day-trips out and most of them were decided on a whim, the sun is out, c’mon let’s go for a drive sort-of-thing.  It was easy to do that of course because we didn’t have little T with us yet, and since we’ve just arrived from Africa, the husband wasn’t working yet and therefore we could do as we please, i.e. go down driving in search of pubs that did their own brewing.  We’ve heard of one in Helston, so that was our destination for the day.

It was a lovely spring day.  The sky was blue and all the flowers and trees were out in full-bloom of every kind and colour.

Lovely isn’t it?

The Blue Anchor is one of the oldest Inns in the UK and is said to have been brewing their own beer over 600 years!  We were told that it was originally a monks resting house where they made strong honey based mead.  Today, they make a variety of “Springo Ales” made of traditional recipes.  The pub has retained its original features, so it’s definitely well worth a visit even if you’re not much into beer.

It was an early lazy afternoon when we strolled into the pub.  The husband (who was then my boyfriend) ordered a couple of pints (probably half for him since he was driving).  Don’t ask me what it was like, because I wouldn’t be able to tell you.  To me, they all taste alike!  What I remember though is the drama that unfolded right before our eyes and that’s what I really want to write about.

A couple, probably in their late 50s came in.  The man actually looked like an ageing rock star, a bit like  Bill Nighy’s character in the movie “Love Actually” so it didn’t come as a surprise when he strolled in and headed straight for the piano and started playing and singing! His voice was good, aged, and infused with probably too much alcohol, late nights, cigarettes and maybe even drugs.  His lady-friend/wife or girlfriend was probably of the same age, though she looked even more wasted and more of a sorry-sight than him.

It was all good, for a while they were both laughing/singing and joking with the barman (which made us guess that they were probably locals).  Then all of a sudden the woman started hurling expletives at him.  It was one of those domestic rows that were uncomfortable to witness.  It takes me ages to finish a pint and as I was trying to gulp my glass down, hoping to do a hurried exit, they thankfully stormed out of the pub. And as they left, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.  The barman said that yes, it was a familiar scene.  Before he could even say another word, the faded “rock-star” came in and hid under a table not far from us!  Then the woman came back and shouted “Where is he?”  She looked around and didn’t wait for anyone to reply and went out again.

What’s even more depressing was that we saw her slumped on the pavement with her head in her hands and muttering to herself.  Sad sight really.

Have you ever been in an uncomfortable situation like the scene mentioned above?

Then before driving away, I spied this lovely red cab and just had to take a photo of it.

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Have a great week!

The Night before Christmas …

we got invited to have a Swedish Christmas dinner with little F and his lovely family.  C, F’s mum is from Sweden. Dinner was absolutely yum.  We enjoyed the smorgasbord of meat balls, sausages, home-cooked ham, bread, pickled cabbage, and cheese to name only a few and must not forget the drinks like glog (mulled wine), and of course the sips of shnapps as we sang some traditional Swedish songs and toasting.  When I say “sang” it was more like us nodding our heads and trying to join in the chorus.  Oh and must not forget to mention the old tradition of dipping a piece of bread in the ham broth, I definitely gave it a go.  It was absolutely delicious!

And after that, we all went to our local pub, the Napoleon which is a 16th century Inn that serves delicious food, local ale and is a lovely family pub.  That night though since we’ve just had dinner, we gathered around a fire-pit instead or what they call a brazier and sang Christmas carols. This time, we actually knew the lyrics!

It was really fun actually.  Singing without any care whether one was in pitch or not.  My in-laws gamely went and even sang along (let’s just say they aren’t “pub people”).  I think my father-in-law was the only one in the group who could carry a tune.  Yet no one cared and every one sang with gusto.  The kids enjoyed it as well, mostly because they were each given a present.  Little T opened hers right away and squealed in delight to find a bubble bottle and some sweets.  She and her best-friend ran around blowing bubbles at each other.

Toasted marshmallows and roasted chestnuts were also passed around …

It was the first time the pub did anything like that.  It’s nice to be able to support your local pub, especially when it comes to fun-filled activities geared for families.  What about you?  What were you doing the night before Christmas?

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