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Meet Coco

This is Coco.  She is a lovely life size handmade rag doll made painstakingly by a very good friend who lives in Bristol.  “Another present!” Our postie said as he handed me the package last week.  T is such a lucky little girl to receive more presents even when Christmas is over.

Little T welcomed Coco with a tea-party.

As you can see, they are fast becoming close friends and like to do things together like watch cartoons on LoveFilm on mummy’s laptop.

Play dress-up together – Coco in little T’s Spanish dress and T in her pink tutu.

And of course, must not leave Coco behind when out for tea with the grown-ups.

She’s a lovely doll, but since she is almost as big as little T, she startles me A LOT.  The husband once left her on T’s windowsill and nearly gave me a heart attack and as F’s dad said “She’s a little bit freaky isn’t she?”  She certainly is!

Now if you see my husband carrying what at-first-glance would look like a little girl like a sack over his shoulders, you will know that it is Coco and not little T.

Btw, Coco has also inherited little T’s old clothes!

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