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Snapshot: It's a Hunker Down Day

It’s a wet, windy, dreary January day, perfect for hiding under the duvet and staying there, preferably in your pyjamas.

Or if you’re little T, watch Kipper short-movies on LoveFilm on mummy’s laptop with dada’s headphones.  What else can you do?  I think this is also perfect weather for some cinnamon rolls and lovely coffee.  Now if only I could muster the energy to make them!

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Hope everyone is having a lovely sunday!

My Top 20 Things to do when it’s Raining Outside

1.  Do some “work” on my laptop.

2.  Adorn my legs with stickers.

3.   Have a tea party with my toys.

4.  Bake cupcakes or cookies.

5.  Have a “real” tea-party with the cupcakes I’ve baked.

6.  Play with my train-set.

7.  Play with my doll’s house and castle.

8.  Jump on my bed!

9.  Be a super-hero.

10.  Make shapes with my play-doh.

11.  Rummage in my toy-box.

12.  Wear mommy’s shoes & dance!

13.  Colour outside the lines.

14.  Watch my favourite dvd.

15.  Pretend the sun is out and wear mommy’s shades.

16.  Have a picnic in the living room with my toys.

17.  Ride dobbin in my witch’s outfit.  Yes, I know it’s not Halloween yet.

 18.  Make a card-board mask and try not to bump into furniture.

19.  Play cars with my best-friend.

20. Lastly, when all else fails watch the rain fall by our window with my bestest friend in the world!

What do you like doing when it’s raining outside?

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