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Off to Bucks! Plus, a Christmas Greeting and song

We’re off to Buckinghamshire tomorrow to spend the holidays with my lovely in laws.  That’s about a five-six hour drive from where we live in North Cornwall, and this depends on the traffic and our stops – with a four-year-old, that will mean loads of them.  I’m sure most of you will know what it’s like.

1.  Clothes all packed.  Tick.  2.  Toys and books all ready to go.  Tick.  3.  Presents all packed and hopefully hidden away from prying little hands and eyes.  Tick.

I think we’ve got all things covered and here I am watching “The Holiday”. Yep, that romantic-comedy with Kate Winslet (I heart her) and Cameron Diaz.  I’ve seen it loads of times.  But I still like watching this crap once-in-awhile.  What can I say?  I’m girlie that way 😉  Why is Jude Law so blimming cute?  Oh well.

Anyway, we’re going up to London on the twenty-third to watch the show “The Snowman”, we’re all excited to see it, especially Little T.  Hopefully we’ll have time to drop by Somerset House to do some ice-skating – that will mean my daughter and husband, I can’t skate for the life of me, even if my very life depended on it.

Then it will be the twenty-fourth, then Christmas day!

Are you like my daughter, brimming with excitement too?

Just in case, I’m not able to greet you all lovely folks out there, I’m doing it now …

And here’s a little Christmas song from T.  Enjoy!

Are you all set for Christmas?

I bet you guys are too!

We're going on a Road Trip!

Here’s one-year-old T, keeping herself busy with a Cbeebies magazine.  We also brought loads of her favourite picture books, toys which we would give to her every time she became impatient during the very-long-road trip. At that age, she also loved “In the Night Garden” and would listen to the soundtrack again and again, which drove us mad, but seemed to calm her down.

The last time we went on a road trip was after little T turned one.  We travelled all the way from Cornwall-Bristol-Birmingham-Chester-The Lake District and finally to a small cabin near the woods in Loch Awe, Scotland.  And on our way back to England, we dropped by Heptonstall in Yorkshire to visit my favourite American poet’s grave, Sylvia Plath.

And here’s our little cabin by the woods in a tiny little village called Dalavich.  This was our home for ten days.  Yes, it rained A LOT, but we also had sunshiny days, enough for us to be able to explore that area of Scotland.  We even managed a ferry trip from Oban!

Our next trip will be from Cornwall to Dover and take a ferry to Calais.  From there we drive to Picardy, where we’re booked to stay in a villa at Eurocamp for ten days.  Since little T is starting school this September, we also decided to take her to Disneyland in Paris.  It will be her first time (mine too!) so we’re really looking forward to that!

I love the countryside (anywhere in the world) so the plan is to explore as much French countryside as we can and also do a day-trip to Belgium and Germany.  But we’ll see what happens when we get there. One thing we learned from our last road-trip is to be prepared for plans to unravel (especially when travelling with a little one).  Like that time Scotland, when we were on our way to catch a train to see the Scottish Highlands and little T vomited all over her fleecy.  While we did bring change of clothing for her, we didn’t have an extra fleecy or cardigan she could wear under her coat.  This is Scotland folks, while it was early Autumn when we were there, it was still too cold to travel around with a just a coat on. So we changed our plans and decided to go to Oban and buy her a new fleecy.  But it turned out to be a nice day-out for us after all in spite the change of plans – that’s when we decided to hop on a ferry to see Balamory, but we didn’t have the time to get off.  It was really just a ferry-ride and see What’s-the-strory-in-Balamory-wouldn’t-you-like-to-know from afar.

My word of the week is therefore – excited! And what makes this road-trip even more special and exciting is that I have two family members whom I’m really close to, coming all the way from home, to join us in this road-trip –  double-triple-quadruple-yay!

So the first week of July will probably be spent showing my lovely family around Cornwall.  By then they would’ve had a few days in London and in Bath (they love Jane Austen).  Then we drive off to France for ten days!

Are you going somewhere nice over the holidays too?

Do you also enjoy road-trips like I do?

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Have a lovely weekend folks!