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A Country Kid’s Post: Rugby Fun

I’m not a sporty person.  I can swim but I’m not a strong swimmer.  I can ride a bike, but won’t win any race.  I know some of you may think, it’s not too late to try.  But if I’m honest, I might just give this one a miss.  I’d rather cheer the others from the sideline, or maybe wait from the comforts of a lovely nice pub.

My husband on the other hand, while he claims not to be good in sports, does gig-rowing (although admittedly doesn’t have time to do it anymore), is a good swimmer, used to fence at Uni, played football and cricket when he was younger, so I guess it’s safe to say T got her interests in sports from him.

At the moment, she goes to gymnastics and swimming class.  We were pleased though when she signed up for a rugby game in another school.  They are actually lucky to have a teacher who happened to be an ex football player, so it’s not surprising that he pushes his students to do well in sports (among other things of course).

Mr. R was very pleased with his kids, especially when a local rugby coach announced that they were the best team there.

Apparently, little T was really fast, but refused to tackle.  I laughed when this was reported back to me.  But Mr. R plans to start a football team and include the year 2s.  I don’t know what it’s like in other schools, but while the boys can join the football team young, the girls on the other hand have to be older than T.  I know, it’s so unfair isn’t it?  As parents of a younger girl, we were really happy when he said that he will start them this year.  He wants T in his team 🙂

What about you?

Are you into sports?

What is happening?

“I’m going to stay till 3” T announced to me like a grown up, as we walked towards her play-school.  I said “Okay.  Are you sure about this?”  I just wanted to make sure that she knew what she was talking about so I rattled on and explained that staying till three means, mummy won’t show up after they’ve had their lunch like I normally do.  She was adamant and repeated “I’m staying till three!”

When we got there, she quickly joined her best-friend F and off they went.  I approached her again and asked her, just to make sure she hasn’t changed her mind, she actually almost shooed me away.  Yes, I know I was probably annoying her.  So kissed her goodbye, and left.

I chatted for awhile with F’s parents outside, but at the back of my mind, I kept thinking, how did this happen?  She actually looked impatient for me to leave.  Whatever happened to that clingy little girl who would say “I want you mummy!”  Just last night she clung to me as she cried and asked for her Dad who was away for a couple of days to attend a meeting.  She was like a little baby again asking for her mummy and daddy.  This morning though, she woke up like an adult, making decisions on her own, leaving her mummy stunned.

Oh dear, this is happening too fast.  So I’m thinking now, it’s only past 10 in the morning.  So what will I do between now and 3?  I suppose I could do some chores like hoover which she hates!  Perhaps read the whole day and not just a few paragraphs which I do while T is doing her thing in the bathroom (It takes her ages!).  Maybe, I’ll finally get to finish The Years by Virginia Woolf which I’ve been reading for months now.  Wait!  I could go and watch all the reruns of Downton Abbey or my favourite property programs like Location, Location, Location or sleep!  Have a blissful uninterrupted sleep?  All these choices of things to do which doesn’t include T is actually making me feel a bit dizzy.

So I’m back to the question, whatever happened to my little baby?  How did she go from this sweet little baby:

To this:

A little girl who loves to play rugby …

And who absolutely loves her new Dr. Martens like a teenager…

This is all happening way too fast for me.


I’m lining up this post with PODcast’s What’s The Story.

T and the Rugby Nippers

As parents of  toddlers we are always on the look out for activities that would burn off all that energy only a young child would have, although at three, T and her best-friend F are not considered toddlers anymore.

At the moment, T goes to play school three times a week and only stays till after lunch-time.  We are taking little steps here, we let her make the decision.  Last week, it was her idea to stay till after-lunch and so she did.  The decision to stay till three, will also come from her.  On Thursdays though T and her best-friend F “plays” rugby with other kids with the help of coach Dave of the Nippers Rugby.

Do you notice anything different in this photo?  T is the only little girl!

Dave is very good with what he does and the kids really enjoy the rugby sessions with him.  They are taught basic sports skills, simple rugby exercises and social etiquette.

And they also learn the meaning of “team work”.

Future female rugby player?

The session runs about 45 minutes.  There is a break-time enough for the kids to have a drink and a little rest.  A niece of mine asked me, why rugby?  It actually doesn’t really matter what kind of sport, we just wanted an activity that would allow our daughter to run around like a loony and burn all that excess energy.  It’s great though of course that she’s learning a sport and experiencing what it is like to be in a “team” no matter how small the group is.  This works perfectly well and as I’ve mentioned Dave is great with the kids.  And also where we live, it’s a bit difficult to find activities that are age-appropriate for them, other than the usual sit-around-sing-dance-storytime kind of thing, which she does at play school anyway.  She has mentioned that she wants to dance ballet, I’ve yet to find somewhere close to us.  For the meantime, she’s enjoying her rugby sessions so much with coach Dave.

So if you have a little one of your own and live somewhere in North Cornwall or even Devon, do check if Dave is doing any Nippers Rugby session in your area, you won’t regret it!  For more info, please click here.