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T and the Gothic Cathedral of Salisbury

Here are some important facts one should know about Salisbury Cathedral:

1.  It is was once known as the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

2.  This lovely cathedral is considered one of the best examples of early English architecture.

3.  Unlike other ancient cathedrals in the UK which were built over hundreds of years, Salisbury Cathedral’s main building on the other hand, was made only within 38 years (1220-1258).

4.  It has the tallest spire in England.

5.  Inside the cathedral you’ll find one of the world’s oldest working clock ( AD 1386)

6.  Lastly, the Cathedral of Salisbury has the best surviving of the four original copies of the Magna Carte.

Inside the magnificent Cathedral.

Old regiment flags on display inside the Cathedral.

In every old cathedral or church I visit, I always take time to look at the people buried on the church’s floor.  It doesn’t matter whether they are famous or not, like this grave of a doctor buried in 1696.

And of course this being a well-known cathedral, you’ll also find effigies of famous people like Lord John Cheney who was the brother of the Dean of Salisbury and was also the bodyguard and chief henchman of King Edward IV, Richard III and Henry VII.  He was knighted by all three.

Can you see the medieval vandals on the effigy?  I wonder though what they meant?  You can make out some letters but not really any words.

T trying to peer at the model of the Cathedral with other kids.  She was actually tip-toeing.  Poor kid.

I love the arches of this gothic cathedral.

T actually wanted to play on the grass, we had to explain that it was off limits to visitors.

Fine she says, planting her little bum on one of the nearby benches.

Salisbury Cathedral is definitely worth a visit.  When we were there, since it was a sunday, a mass was about to begin, but I was too hungry to wait and when I’m hungry, I get really grumpy.  So for everyone’s sake I thought it was best to leave and hunt down a place to eat.

This is the part two of A Visit to Salisbury post and even though technically, Salisbury is a city, it is also known as the city in the countryside,  hence the reason for linking this up with Coombe Mill’s Country kids.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

A Visit to Salisbury

Salisbury City is known as the city in the countryside.  Perhaps because it is surrounded by the beautiful English countryside, I bet if you live here, it won’t feel like you’re living in an urban area at all.  This medieval cathedral city with its old timbered buildings, world-famous Gothic cathedral and home to the magna carte is an absolute-must-visit when in  the UK.  So it isn’t surprising that after our trip to Stonehenge, a visit to Salisbury was on our next agenda.

Pub Lunch

We were ravenous after our busy morning spent in the ancient stones of Stonehenge.  So as soon as we drove into Salisbury, we were on a hunt for a place to eat.  Lucky for us, the Cloisters, a mid-14th century pub was close to where we parked.  Not knowing anything about this pub, we didn’t know what to expect at all.

What can I say about The Cloisters?  Four words:  good food and great service.  In fact, we would rate this restaurant with a five star rating.  It was way past lunch-time on a Sunday when we visited.  It was busy, but we still managed to find a nice cosy corner to plant our weary selves in.

You’ll see a lot of the lovely exposed beams and other 14th century features inside this lovely pub.  Since it was a sunday, the husband and J were able to sample their sunday roast which they absolutely loved. As for me, I had a mouthwatering chicken dish and T had fish fingers which were obviously made and not store-bought, so was really pleased and impressed by that.

But what really struck us was not the delicious food, there are loads of pubs and restaurants out there that serve really good food too.  What really impressed us was the outstanding service!  The lovely man who served us whom I think was the manager (though the husband had this feeling that he was also the owner of the pub) made us absolutely feel like important people.  After the meal, while on our way to the loo he asked T if she enjoyed the meal.  T said: Yes I did.  But I need a wee now.

It’s just a lovely feeling to go to a restaurant or a pub and there you are made to feel really, really welcome, as if they themselves personally invited you in.  That is priceless!  Wouldn’t it be great if all pubs and restaurants were like that?

So if you’re anywhere in Salisbury and want a lovely meal with superb service, do drop by The Cloisters for a visit.  You won’t regret it.  If you’re lucky enough, this nice man might be there to serve you. If you have an FB account, please like their page here and you’ll also find directions on how to find them on their page.  If not their address is: 83 Catherine Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 2DH or phone them at 01722 338102.  If you do get to visit, please tell the lovely man that T sends her regards.  It won’t be difficult to find him, he has white hair and will greet you with a lovely warm smile.  Yes, that’s him.

Around Salisbury

There are loads of things to do and see around this ancient city.  If you’re a National Trust member like us, you can drop by and see the elegant 18th century Mompesson House which was used in the movie Sense and Sensibility.

Mompesson House seen from afar.

And for those Military history enthusiasts, you will enjoy the Rifles Museum which highlights the actions of the regiments over the last 270 years.

If you’re not much into history like I am, walking around this city in the countryside will be enough to give you pleasure.  You will find an interesting building almost in every corner, like this one:

Don’t you just love old buildings with their quirky walls and designs?

And here’s a very old drain pipe.  I wonder what year it was installed?

Ancient door and walls … If they could speak, what would it tell us?

Novelist and Nobel Prize Winner William Golding used to be a schoolmaster in this former school-building.

And I took a photo of this one because I liked what it said “Life is but a walking shadow” and also liked that it was set against a grey sky.

Salisbury Cathedral

And of course, a visit to Salisbury wouldn’t be complete without stepping inside it’s ancient Norman Cathedral.

There it is!  

To be continued…