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A Creative Child

I don’t like labels or any sort of stereotyping.  But we tend to do it, don’t we, whether it is intentional or not.  In class, there’s always the naughty one, the smart one, the funny one, the graceful one, or the quiet one.  Apparently my daughter is the creative one.

Reading is exemplary, but just not interested in numbers.

A few weeks ago, we had our parent-teacher meeting in T’s school.  Her teacher is very pleased with little T, her reading is excellent, however, like her mum and dad, she’s not as good in maths compared to her reading, although to be fair, her teacher reiterated that she isn’t struggling.  It’s more like there is no interest in numbers at all.  She says that during maths, she actually asks little T, to sit in front because she knows perfectly well that my daughter’s mind is off to lala land when discussing numbers.  Sounds familiar?  I was like that as a child too, and apparently, so was my husband.

The One with the Creative Mind.

Her teacher also praised her for being creative.  The whole class had to write a story based on “The Hungry Caterpillar”, but theirs was called ” A Hungry Panda”.  All the kids wrote it the way Eric Carle, the author penned his famous children’s story.  As for little T?  She decided that she wanted to re-write the whole storyline and wrote an original “The Hungry Panda” by Little T which had nothing to do with the original story.  Her teacher promised to give us a copy.  I might even ask her aunt to illustrate her book 😉

And so of course, my husband and I left the room with big smiles on our faces.  We also giggled at the thought of our little girl not good with numbers.  But reminded the other to try to practice maths more with her.

And then we received her Cello Progress report.

Her scores were good, but guess which category did little T get the highest score in?  Creativity of course!  We laughed again when we read the report.  Does this mean though that T plays her assigned music a different way from the way it’s supposed to be?  I ought to ask her cello teacher 😉

Mind you, not that I believe in being labelled anyway as I’ve mentioned earlier, especially when the term used is hurtful and demeaning.

My husband’s primary school teacher called him “the absentminded professor”.

Like T, I was also the “creative one”.

What about you?

What were you like as a child?


An Idyllic Life: Village School Activities

Ever time we have friends over for a visit and they see little T’s school, they always comment on what an idyllic life she has, growing up in our little village by the sea, where everywhere you look is beautiful.

Little T goes to a small village school with a population of probably about sixty children.  Yes, it is that small.  Their school activities include days spent on the beach, exploring around our little village and their latest, doing a nature-inspired dance routine in a meadow, down in the village.

T’s class getting ready for their performance.

We were so proud when we learned that little T actually volunteered to read in front of everyone during the activity.  And she did it brilliantly!  In fact, when her friend stalled and couldn’t read a word, T helped her out by whispering it to her friend.  This little gesture warmed my heart.

Moments like these make me really proud as a parent, more than a perfect score in spelling or maths.  Being kind and helpful is more valuable than perfect scores.

And there’s my little munchkin eating her picnic lunch with her friends.  This was actually only part one of their activity.

The second part was held at the beach in Port Isaac, another lovely seaside village, now made famous by Doc Martin (a television program featuring a grumpy doctor played by Martin Clune).  I love that show, though don’t be fooled.  In the episodes, it is always sunny.  In reality, you’ll be lucky if you get a sunny day, especially if you visit after the summer holidays.   But we were lucky that day, the weather was just perfect!

And at the end of their activity, they were given little bottles to fill up with sand, a little memento  from their day’s activity.

The parents went home proud of their little ones performance, the teachers were also beaming.  They knew they did a great job and we certainly agreed with them.

What about you?

What’s your children’s school like?


Would you like to live in a place like this?

The School Countdown begins!

We’re back in Blightey folks!  As I type this I see grey clouds looming outside.  I’m wearing a cardi, leggings and wooly socks.  Not a pretty picture at all!

But anyway, back to reality!  And that is, the school countdown is about to begin.  Sigh.  The one good thing I was looking forward to was the parcel Debenhams had very kindly sent over to us for hosting the #backtoschool competition.   Little T had fun modelling her outfits, while I had fun taking photos of her.

She looked so cute in the Debenham’s school set.  FYI, I didn’t tell her to pose that way, she did it on her own and didn’t have the heart to tell her not to!  Was worried about the size of the blouses, some reviews I read mentioned that they were too small for their daughters.  But it fit little T really well, leaving enough room to grow into.

Little T also has a lovely skater pinafore dress, a pair of boot-leg school trousers, a couple of new school skirts, school blouses, black tights, and for a change black socks instead of white.  While I’m not a big fan of the shoe brand, Sketchers – I chose their “Velocity Pouty” strap shoes because of its sporty look.  If your daughter is like mine who loves to run amok in the school-grounds, then best to choose something like this.

And lastly, a school outfit isn’t complete (especially if you live in a “cold” country like England) without a winter-coat.  We chose this lovely J by Conran Designer girl’s navy quilted fleece coat.  Isn’t it the cutest?

If you like what you see, there’s still time to join our Debenhams Back-to-School Competition.  The deadline is on Saturday, midnight, 6th of September.  C’mon folks, what are you waiting for?

For parents with school-age children, are you all set for school too?  As for the rest, did you have a good summer vacation like we did?  Do tell!

Disclaimer:  Debenhams very kindly sent us the items shown in the photos and mentioned in the above post for hosting the Back-to-school competition.

Homework for four-year-olds?

That’s my four-year-old’s homework.  She drew the Three Little Pigs inside their house, only it really looks like a drawing of the Little Men instead of the famous pigs.

They were supposed to draw their own characters of their own version of the story.  There was also direction that we (the parents) could also write down what our child says about their picture, or help them write it down and they would be happy to read it (or so they say).

I love my daughter’s school.  It’s a small-school village with a population of probably only about 50 students.  All the little children look after each other and since little T is the smallest and youngest, everyone looks out for her.

When we take her to school and pick her up, there is always a chorus of “Hi T!” or “Bye T!” depends on her mood, she’d either shyly wave back or hide her face in her dad’s leg.

And her teacher Miss O, is absolutely lovely!  And so are the teachers-assistants who have been really patient with her as it took some time for her to feel really settled in school.

But homework?  I’m wondering, aren’t they a little bit too young for that?

My little T loves drawing.  She’ll do it spontaneously and really well.

But when “forced”, she’ll draw something haphazardly as seen above.

I’m wondering though, isn’t it a bit too early for them to have homework?

What do you think?

School Uniform

When I was a little girl, I went to a private all-girls school and we only had one type of school uniform –   a boring dress and of course, a P.E. uniform.  So little T’s choice of uniforms is such an exciting novelty for me.

I love that she can choose to wear a polo-shirt, blouse, pinafore, a skirt, shorts or trousers.

So much choices!  Little T though likes to wear the pinafore and skirts over the shorts and trousers, which is a bit surprising, because she used to like shorts.  My little girl is certainly growing up 🙁

I’m also happy to share that she has finally settled in school.  If you’ve read the past blog posts, you will know that she’s been bursting into tears as soon as the bell would ring.  But slowly, she’s been really good and by Friday, she was lining up like the rest of the other kids sans the tears.  We thought that she’d be teary-eyed again this morning, because of the break over the weekend, but she was absolutely fine.  Phew.

Now the next step is for her to stay till lunch time.  Being the youngest in her class, we’ve decided that it would be best if she only attended half-days.  We are leaving it to her to decide when she wants to go full-time.  I have a feeling it won’t be long now.

What about you?

If you have a little one, are they settled now at school?

For those who don’t have kids, as a child, did you wear school uniforms?

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Have a lovely week folks!

We survived First day of Big School

Today was little T’s first day at “big school”.  She woke up excited and eager to go.  In fact, she hurried us down the street saying, “We better hurry, or else I’ll be late for big school!” So at around 8:30, we were already heading down towards her school which wasn’t a long walk from where we live.

On our way we passed another excited little friend of hers, sitting by their doorstep with his mum.  It was little N, a friend of hers from play-school.  They sat down together for awhile and chatted, before heading down again.

Then everyone started arriving.  Excited little ones with their emotional  parents, some I noticed were teary-eyed, surprisingly I was fine (I’m a very emotional person and would normally tear-up). But I didn’t.  Maybe because little T started to cry.  Yes, she was the only one who cried this morning.  I had to take her in and only left when she calmed down.   Thankfully it didn’t take her long.  But as I left, I heard her start to cry again.

We were worried that she’d be upset.  When our phone rang and it was “big-school” calling, I almost thought that we’d have to go and collect her.  Thankfully, they were just phoning to say that she was fine.  Phew.

And later on, when we picked her up, she actually said she enjoyed it!  Her teacher told me that little T even stood up in front of her class and introduced herself and talked about her “likes”.  I bet it was all about Frozen.

So yes, folks, we survived first day of school.

Was it also your little ones first day?

How did it go?

Hope all goes well tomorrow!

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I don’t want to go to playgroup!

says my two-year-old daughter.  She hasn’t been since December and I’m wondering now, should I be worried?


That’s T with in a pink-sweater with her cowboy boots on & F (her best-friend) in the number 17 shirt on.  She used to love play-group.

Here in the UK, children as young as 8 months (maybe even younger, I think it depends on the parents) to about two years old attend play-group or toddler group at least once a week.  Parents go with their kids and watch while they play and make sure they don’t get into mischief.  It’s also like a social thing for the parents where you can meet other, that’s how we became friends with F’s parents (T’s best friend).

Once they’ve turned 2, parents have a choice whether they want their child to also go to play-school, it’s a lot like play-group, the only difference is, you can leave your child with them.  Last year, T used to go to play-group on Wednesdays and play-school on Fridays.  For an extra fee (a very small one at that), your child can have lunch with the other children (or you can prepare a packed lunch for them) and then stay till 3.  T didn’t last till 3.  When we called to check on her, the child-carers said that she wanted to go home.  She hasn’t been to play-group or play-school since then.

We don’t really mind though and don’t want to force her to go if she’s not up for it.  Although I do worry that she needs to socialize more and play with other kids, but I also have to remind myself that she’s only 2.  I know it’s just a phase, I just hope she gets over it soon.  She used to be so excited about play-group  before.  I want her to have more friends too, and not be like me who really is a bit of an anti-social.  Haha.

Does your child go to play-school or the equivalent of play-school?