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Mini Boden Sale Finds

One of the many joys that motherhood gives me, especially one who has a little girl, is dressing them up.  I must admit I do enjoy buying clothes for little T.  It’s one of those small joys that gives me absolute pleasure. Little girls clothes are just so pretty, aren’t they?  Then again, I do see lots of cute outfits for little boys too.

Are you easily tempted?  I am.  I guess whoever thought of sending email sale alerts to mothers nailed it big-time.  Raise your hands up if you can’t resist sales!  Yep, that’s me.  Hi, my name is Dean and I’m addicted to anything with the red tag on it.

It was one of those nights, when no matter how hard you try, you just couldn’t sleep and no amount of games with Mr. Word would do the trick.  After another round of scrabble I thought of checking my emails first before pulling in the plug and calling it a night.  And that’s when I saw it –  60% off plus another extra 10% off at Boden! That certainly worked and before I knew it I was checking out two items already.

This time I was good and only stuck to the said two items, especially since I’ve just bought new clothes for her not long ago.  I do try to discipline myself every now and then.

I do love the 50s styled summer dress (pictured above).  It was sold out on T’s size (5-6), though to be fair she’s turning 6 next month, so I got her a 6-7 size.  I have a feeling it will be too big for her, but I can probably adjust the strap.  The dress was originally priced at £29.50 but got it for £13.80, now isn’t that a great bargain?

I’m a sucker for white tops, fine, anything white, even though I know it isn’t really practical for kids to wear white.  But who cares?  I’ve always bought T lots of white stuff even when she was younger.

Floaty Broderie top was £17.50 got it for £9.75.

Now this is a dreamy white top, isn’t it?  Can be worn with shorts or a skirt and sandals.  Love it!  If you love Boden whether it’s for you or your little ones, head over to their website now, while the sale is still on.

What about you?

Have you grabbed any good bargains lately

Do share.

Little T’s Retail Fix

The last few remaining days of little T’s half-term break was a hectic one.  We drove over to Beds to visit her grandparents, we don’t see them as much as we want, although they did spend Christmas with us.  That’s one of the downside of leaving away from family, you don’t see them often, worse for me, mine are oceans away, though luckily, I’ll be seeing some of them over the holidays!

T loves to sit in front with her dad, we allow it only in the small roads, but once back in the main roads, we move her behind again.  I guess it makes her feel all grown-up sitting in front!

While T was happy to visit family, her main top place to visit was the mall so she could go shopping!  On Monday, while her dad was in a meeting, little T and I went for a retail fix.  She brought all her saved-up coins from her piggy bank, all £6.75 of it.  Managed to buy a small mermaid that can swim in the bath for £5.75 which was originally on for about £12!  She has a few pennies left to put back in her piggy bank.  Since she was such a good girl, we told her she could have an additional toy she could choose, she wanted a Rapunzel doll and luckily for us, there was one on sale in the Disney shop.  Phew.

And the day before that, we also went on a book shopping fix.  As you can see from the featured image, little T chose more than a couple.  She’s a lucky girl, her grandparents gave her a ten-pound note to spend in Waterstones, which didn’t take her long to do.  She chose Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse by British Illustrator and The Observer Political Cartoonist, Christ Riddell which was a bit pricey at £10.99 but so worth it, with its hard bound cover and lovely illustrations.

While her pile of books are a little bit advanced for her to read on her own (they all have chapters), she absolutely loves them.  Her current faves are the Harper series by CBeebies presenter Cerrie Burnell.  She loves Harper and the Scarlet Umbrella and managed to get the newly released Harper and the Circus of Dreams.  She also bought another Chris Riddell book “Ottoman and the Yellow Cat” and Witch Wars by Sibeal Pounder.  She reads them all at night with the help of her dad.

Aside from books, my little girl has a shoe addiction.  I love them too, but not as much as she does.  We’ve promised her some new converse, since her last one didn’t fit her anymore.  She’s had red, pink and blue ones.  This time she chose purple.

Yes, they are still a little bit big for her.  But we purposely chose a size bigger, it has to last her till  at least summer! 😉

I also bought her a few clothes, just basic ones like leggings, a few tops and a dress.  Yes, it’s all about little T.  Okay fine, I might have bought myself a new top too 😉

What about you?  Do you or your little ones like shoes too?

Handy Box to Have: My Buddy Box Review

How often do you go to the supermarket?

As for us, we do a monthly big shop and then of course, little top-up shops for milk, fruit and vegetables probably every other week.  But as much as possible, we try to buy loads of stuff to avoid having to go back to the shops.  That said, yes we use loads of plastic bags which we do re-use of course and we’ve been using the old plastic bags we got when we shopped at Intermarche, from our holiday in France last year.

Anyway, one of my pet peeves is loading up the car.  We try to load it up as neatly as we can, but of course once the car starts, you’ll hear bags falling off, bottles clinking.    No matter how much you try to wedge them together, the bags always manage to fall atop each other.

If you are like me and find that really annoying, you’ll be glad to know that there is a solution to that.

My-Buddy-Box is a handy reusable, stackable box which is my current BFF when it comes to food-shopping now.

It’s very easy to use and store because it comes folded:

All you need to do is unfold it:

Viola!  It becomes a box:

Don’t forget to put the slider in place though, to make the box sturdier and easier to carry.

When out shopping, just put it in your trolley and load as you go. ( Yes, we do eat a lot of rice in our little household).  Just make sure that the stuff you put in the box are the heavy ones, like canned goods and other stuff that won’t get crushed (especially fruit and vegetables), when something heavy is on top of it.

If you have two of these boxes, you can stack them up together.  When we ran out of space, we just stacked our shopping bags over the box.

As you can see, it’s easy to just pick-up and load into your car.

And lastly, one thing I really liked about My Buddy Box is that it leaves our boot neat and tidy(ish).  No more bags falling or and bottles rattling in the car, thank goodness for that!

Can’t wait to use this in the summer!  This will be really handy to put all your beach paraphernalia in it.  In our case, portable grill, beach tent, not to mention bucket and spades.  Usually my husband and I are like Christmas trees with stuff dangling from every free hand and arm, now all we need to do is stuff everything in this box and go! :).

The real test will be its durability:  how many multiple visits to the shop and beach will My-Buddy-Box be able to withstand?

So if you’re tired of using plastic carriers/bags, I suggest you try My-Buddy-Box out and it’s always good to support small businesses or start-up, companies, don’t you think?  What are you waiting for?  Come and try it!  And if you order now, and input the discount code which is DEAN :), you will get a free P&P off any orders.  Click here to order.  They also have a FB page and of course, you can follow them over at twitter too.

What’s your main pet peeve when out shopping?

Disclaimer:  We were sent the My-Buddy-Box for the purpose of this review, however, all photos and opinions are by yours truly, oh and my husband 😉

This Little Girl likes to Shop

My three-year-old loves shopping, she’s actually really thirteen, not three.

She likes shoes, bags, dresses, tops, coats, the list goes on and on and on.

She’s actually a bit of tomboy too and prefers to hang out with the boys at play school and instead of playing dress-up with the girls, she’ll be outside on her pink bike, or playing “baddies” with the boys.

Like any ordinary little girl though, she loves Disney’s Frozen and likes to pretend that she is Elsa, though her dad thinks she’s more like feisty Anna than the Ice Queen sister.

And here she is pretending to be a Disney princess, because… well that’s what little girls do right?

Yes, this girl indeed, loves to shop.

Lucky for her, her dad is happy to oblige.

And here she is, sporting her new light-weight summer coat.

After all, a little girl can never have enough coats right? 😉

What about you?  Does your little one love to shop too?

This post is linked-up with PODcast’s #WhatsTheStory.

Hope you guys have a lovely week ahead of you! 🙂

Which Hand Bag Are You? I’m a Rucksack!

If I were to check-out Next’s Which Hand Bag Are You?  I’m probably a cross between the Hobo and the Rucksack.  Was a bit disappointed though that they didn’t include a “Carry-it-All” bag which is probably a must-have for any mother’s wardrobe.  Even before I became a mother, I’ve always preferred a big bag to small ones.  I needed a big one to fit my notebooks, books, pens, and other stuff.  Now I need a huge one to carry extra change of clothing for T, wet wipes, emergency snacks, T’s drinks, camera, wallet, cellphone and notebook.  No, sadly, I don’t bother to take a book with me anymore.  When T was born, I still used to carry a book with me in my bag.  But stopped because I never opened it, unless we were travelling and on a long flight and she miraculously falls asleep.

In case you’re wondering which handbag are you, take a look at this:

So if I were to choose a bag it would be the following hands-free bags:

As mentioned, a rucksack to carry all my mommy stuff.

or an across the body bag, handy for those city-strolls and keeping your important-mommy-hands-free to hold your little ones hand and the other hand for emergencies like picking up whatever toy your child has left lying on the street.

My Moodboard

The perfect white shirt!  One can never have enough white shirts in your closet.  They will never go out of style, although I was never one to follow the latest fashion trends.  In fact, I have absolutely have no idea what the latest-trends are right now and don’t really care.  I go for comfort over fashion, always have been.  I doubt if that will ever change, especially since becoming a mother.  You won’t find the word “fashion” much in my vocabulary.  I don’t even wear make-up!  The truth is, I don’t even know how to put make up on.

And jeans of course, who doesn’t love them?  I’ve always worn them, even at work, among people who wore suits or slacks.  I wore jeans to work.  My female boss chided me once, Dean, do you always have to wear those shoes?  She meant boots of course.  She wanted me to wear girly shoe.   I was never really the girly type.  I’m a walking disaster in heels.  I do sometimes wish I could wear them.

Just like bags, one can never have too much boots!

And because it’s nearly Autumn, must have a scarf!

And a simple cardigan, because I love them.

Yes, I know.  It’s not the most exciting outfit.  But hey, I never claimed to be exciting!

NOTE:  All photos was taken from the Next Website.

I wrote this post for the #nextbagitup, hoping to grab one of the lovely-lovely Next bags.  My husband is exasperated with my bags How many bags does a woman have to have?!  Is a question he likes to ask me, I say “There’s always more room for another!”

Do you love bags too?

Source: blog.next.co.uk

My Top Five Must-Have-Summer Sandals

In spite of the ever-changing English weather, as of last week, summer seems to have arrived already and for us moms, this means getting rid of chunky boots and showing off our lovely little toes in pretty summer sandals.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been window-shopping online a lot, looking for the perfect summer sandals.

Here are my Top Five Finds:

1.  Ancient Greek Sandals:

No, it’s not just the style it’s also the name of the brand.  If I weren’t married and not a mom and just earning money for myself, these would be my ideal must-have summer sandals.

Aren’t they the prettiest?  They’re Ancient Greek Sandals and cost about £150+.  Click here if you want to see more of their collection. Not so affordable for a mommy like me, although of course I’m sure there are loads of mothers out there who can probably afford more than one pair.  I’m just not one of them and I’m fine with that.  Maybe, because I’ve always been sort of a cheap sake and also because there are lots of other shops/brands out there who sell really lovely sandals without having to break your budget for the month. Like the ones below:

2. Topshop:  HORSHAM Geeky Sandals £20

If you prefer your sandals to be more glittery, Topshop have other designs as well.  As for me, I like my sandals simple and nice.  Yes, I’m boring that way (actually, in many other ways as well).

It also comes in gold and white.  Click here if interested.

3.  Zara: Strappy Thong Sandals £22.99

Even back home, I’ve always loved the Spanish brand Zara.  I also shop here a lot for the little one.  They’ve got lovely dresses and cute t-shirts.  Also affordable and not pricey like the other brands.

It also comes in different colors.  Click here if interested.

4.  Next: Toe Thong Sandal £18

The high-street British brand Next is also very affordable and I love their next day delivery without having to pay premium delivery rates.  They also have a very good customer service, not to mention really cute children’s clothing.  So it’s not surprising to find really nice and stylish summer sandals – loads of them.  All you need to do is pick your style.

This lovely affordable sandals also comes in Tan, white and metallic colors.

Click here if you’re interested.

5. And lastly, for the cool moms who haven’t gotten over their punk-rock days yet, perhaps this River Island  White Skull Studded T Bar Sandals will do it for them.  Plus, it only costs £25.

Click here if you’re interested.

As for me, I think I’ll go for the Topshop Geeky Sandals.  As much as I would love to wear the thong sandals, sadly, my toes aren’t as cute as my daughter’s, so best not to show them off too much.  What are your favourites?

A Brighter Day in Brighton

The second day proved promising indeed.  The sun was up and shining and we were able to explore the many interesting shops in Brighton.  Went in a lot of toy shops because T wanted to look for a Wallace and Gromit toy (she absolutely loves them).  But sadly, we just couldn’t find any.  There were lots of interesting book shops both second hand and new ones, lots of thrift shops and lovely restaurants.  I certainly had my fill of shops that day!  Went back home still in love with Brighton.  Sorry didn’t take much photos, was too busy enjoying the place.

Window shopping from afar

Back when I was working and single, whenever I was down or feeling burned out from work, my number one stress-reliever would go to the mall and do recreational window-shopping. The danger there of course is that I would sometimes come home with purchases I absolutely regretted.

Now that I live in a little village by the ocean, window-shopping in malls is just not possible, unless I choose to travel for at least an hour to get to the nearest shopping center. Oh don’t get me wrong, we do have shops down in our little village. However, they are mostly gift shops that cater to tourists. You know those little shops that sell decorative beach huts, wooden seagulls and postcards, yes, you get the picture.

I would love to say that’s the view from my window, it isn’t.  However, it is just a few minutes walk from our little house.  And this photo was NOT taken today.  Obviously not.  It was taken about a couple of years ago, around May time if I’m not mistaken.  

Anyway, so when the need arises, I result to the next-best-thing, window-shopping online.  Since I’m feeling a bit down-in-the-dumps lately, as soon as T fell asleep, I went online.  Two hours later, I’m still browsing.

Allow me to share my indulgence with you, although if you are a male reader, you might just have to pass this one over, unless of course, looking at pretty summer tops to buy for your little girl also makes you happy.  Then I’ll be happy to take you shopping with me too as long as you don’t complain about how long it takes me to decide on whether I like the top or not.  Deal?

Anyway, here are a few lovely tops from Zara I absolutely love:

Now if only the freakin temperature would climb up more than just a notch and for the sun to stay in the sky where it freakin belongs instead of hiding behind the clouds, or behind a blanket of mist and fog like a freakin wimp.  There’s no point in dressing up your little girl in cute outfits if they’ll just be covered in cardigans and a coat!  Honestly, the calendar in my kitchen even says the British Summer time officially began last month! It is after all almost the end of blimming April and there isn’t any sign of it ever-coming!

Now excuse me while I allow myself to be even more miserable.

If you’re lucky to live in a place where it’s okay for your daughter to wear these lovely summer outfits without hiding them under a cardigan or a coat and want to make a purchase.

Winter Chill, Sticks & Stones & Red Cons

Winter was desperately clinging on last week.  Everywhere in England was cold, even in Cornwall.  A chilly wind was blowing from the Atlantic as we packed our car and headed up to Bedforsdshire where my in-laws live.  We left mid-afternoon and by the time we reached Wiltshire where the world famous pre-historic monument Stonehenge is located, we were stuck in a slow-moving traffic.  It wasn’t just because of the mysterious stones (there is always a never-ending flow of tourists in the area which results to slow-moving traffic), but also because it was a sunday and people who have spent the break in Cornwall were also heading back to London.

Arrived in Woburn Sands at 8pm to a lovely light dinner of sandwiches and little cakes.

To cut the story short, I’ve decided that it was just too cold for me to do London Calling.  Lovely readers, You must understand I’m from a country where the normal temperature is usually around 30C and in the summer it can even go as high as 35C.  So yes, the cold and I, we don’t mix well and yes, I’m still asking the same question as you are – Why the H are you living in England then?

Anyway, instead we spent a lovely relaxed time with family, friends and enjoying the convenient amenities city living has to offer – shopping in MALLS!

I come from a country of malls.  We seem to love them so much you can find a mall almost in every corner in the city and according to wikipedia, we have about seven of the largest malls in the world.  Yes, it’s crazy.

We went to the mall in Milton Keynes to look for red converse shoes for T.  The first shop had them in pink and I wanted them in red (I used to have red converse too when I was a little girl and wore converse till I was probably in my early twenties).  The shop assistant said that we could order them and come back for it.  We explained that we’re just visiting from Cornwall and he said, that we could pick it up in a branch where we live.  My husband laughed and explained that the only shops we have in our little village by the sea are tourists shops and he said “So it’s just sticks and stones then?  My husband proudly answered, yes!

After going from one shop to another, we finally found the much coveted red cons in a Shuch shop,  by that time I was completely exhausted!  To think that we have bigger malls back home, I’m just not used to them anymore.

There she goes, my little shopper, proud of her purchase.

I love my daughter’s red converse.

Her cousin Mush back home has the same red cons, makes it even more special.

Let me take you shopping with me in IKEA

But first, let’s watch this video and see if we can do it too:

Don’t you just love it?  I do.  Now if only my hands would just really agree with me, all will be well.

I love IKEA.  Who doesn’t?  Their products are affordable and offer you a whole range of different items for every single room in your house.  Not only that, they have absolutely amazing storage solutions.  Yes, I’m a big fan and I’m not embarrassed to say that most of our stuff comes from IKEA.  In fact, I could spend a whole day just browsing and I’d be a happy bunny.  Wait, maybe not just browsing, a little bit of shopping would be really nice.

Now for the fun part, let’s do some shopping!  Here are a few items I fell in love with while browsing through their online shop last night and yes, they are ALL for the little one.

We got Tamsin her own little kitchen from ELC last Christmas.  It has an oven, a little sink, an island and on the other side, a dishwasher.  But she hardly uses the dishwasher, because we’ve pushed it up against the wall in our small kitchen.  So when I’m cooking or doing the dishes, she goes to her little kitchen, does her own thing and instead of saying – just like you Mommy, she excitedly says – just like me Mommy!  It came with a few little pans and other stuff and this breakfast set will be make a lovely addition to her kitchen.  And of course, since it’s IKEA, it only costs £7.  I love you IKEA.  I also plan to get her this:

She got a free little screwdriver from one of her Cbeebies magazine which she loves. Every time she sees her Dada with his screwdriver about to fix something,  she quickly gets her own and yes, exclaims “Just like me Dada, I have my own!”  There is also one that comes with its very own toolbox, but it doesn’t come with a hammer etc.  I have a box she can use as her tool-box.  My daughter will absolutely love the idea of owning her own hammer and other stuff.  And guess what, it’s the same price as the breakfast set!

Now if only Tamsin’s room was big enough for this:

I would absolutely love it if she could have it too.  But I’ve seen it up close the last time we visited the store and sadly, it is too big for her room.  She has a fold-up tent and tunnel which we put up when she wants to use it, but it’s getting a bit too small for her.  This would be perfect for her size now, especially since it’s affordable at £17.  There just isn’t enough space left what with the doll’s house she got from her grandparents, a castle from my sister and of course, the biggest furniture in her room is Dobbin – her old Victorian rocking horse.

To see what IKEA has in store for you, click here.  Do share if you see anything you would love to buy for your own little one too.