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Little Steps on Facebook

Many moons ago, I used to have a Facebook profile but deleted it sometime back.  Simply because I felt it wasn’t for me.  I still feel the same, only I’ve caved in and made a Facebook page for Little Steps.  Feel free to add me up and please like my page too (there’s a link on the widget side of my blog).  I won’t be posting personal photos though or posting anything about me or my life.  I may have a personal blog, but I’m always careful what to write about or what photos to post.  Yes, I am a paranoid person and I value my privacy, especially that of my family’s.  I’m sure a lot of you are the same.

Facebook has changed a lot though and it will take some time to familiarise my way around it once again.  So please bear with me, my page is still empty.  Any tips/warnings will be much appreciated.  Thank you!