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Don’t Kill the Spiders …

says my daughter to me as I go around the house with the duster in my hand with silly Doc walking excitedly behind me.  For some reason the sight of the duster makes him happy as if I’m brandishing some doggie treats in front of him instead of a dirty duster.

T thinks I should leave the cobwebs alone.  She tells me to dust around them, that I shouldn’t kill spiders and mess with their homes.  I tell her I don’t kill spiders at all, but I do have to dust off their cobwebs away, otherwise our home will be filled with them.

She’s adamant that I leave the spiders and their cobwebs alone.

I give in when she’s around,

but when she’s at school, I dust away.

Actually, there’s a little side-story here.  Little T actually has a “pet” spider whom she named Bob (see photo above).

Bob is from our old house. One day, we noticed a big spider in the corner of our kitchen.  At that time, T hated spiders and used to squeal every time she would see one.  I would explain that there is no reason to fear them, I guess I just got tired of repeating myself and suggested that she named the spider, after all, one doesn’t fear a friend right?  She then named him Bob.

And as we packed our stuff to move to our current house, she used to worry about him “What about Bob?”  We assured her that Bob would find its way to one of the boxes and will also move house with us.

And we were right, T’s first sighting of him was in the up stairs bathroom.  He also likes to hang out by the windows, especially in the conservatory.

If you come and visit, please don’t judge me and think that I’m too lazy to dust around, bear in mind that I have a daughter who has a friend named Bob and this spider also happens to have a big family 😉

Are you afraid of spiders?

Do share.