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“I’m not going to win the race mum”

Little T announced this when she woke up on Sports Day.  I replied, “It’s okay sweetie.  As long as you do your best and have fun with your friends.  That’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it?”  She nodded her little head.  Later on I wondered, should I have told her to aim to win?  I remember one of the mums last year told her kids “It’s alright to want to win you know”.  And she’s right.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to win.  But at the same time, I didn’t want to pressure little T, she’s only six for goodness sake.  And in my opinion, she has too much after school activities.  She does ballet, gymnastics and swimming.  I’m not even including her cello lessons which they do in their school.  The thing is, she loves her ballet, gymnastics, although I suspect she loves her swimming class only because most of her close friends are in the same class, so it’s really like an extended play-time for all of them.  But who am I to complain when she loves and enjoys all of them.

We never tell her to aim for the gold, or aim to win.  We always say “have fun”, because to us, that’s all that matters.  We want our little girl to enjoy and have fun.  The pressure goodness knows will come soon, no matter how hard we try to avoid it, so why start now?  Like I mentioned, she’s only six.

And that little girl who doubted herself, but did her best, and not to mention is the youngest and shortest  in their class won the race and not because we told her to win –  it was all her doing.  She didn’t aim to win.  But as her dad said, she ran as fast as her little legs could carry her and won the race.

At the end, I didn’t even know she won, I thought it was E, who is a year older than T and has really long legs, and was leading the race at the beginning.  Her dad said “No, T won!”  I said “Really?  Not T with her short legs”.  He said, “Yes T won!”.  I walked back to my husband and said “Did you see that?”  He said “Yes, I’m so proud of her”  And when I looked at my husband, he was all teary-eyed. I guess my little T did win after all.

Later that night, we looked at the photos and the video I took and my husband gasped.  He explained that he told her to not clench her fist, but to relax and open her palms up and then lunge forward when nearing the finish line.  If you peer at the photos I took (although those were taken not in the actual race that she won, but the relay race of her entire team), she actually listened to her dad and relaxed her hand instead of clenching it.

My little daughter, she’s astonishing, isn’t she?  She certainly is.  We are so proud of her.

A Country Kid’s Post: Sports Day 2016

Sports day in little T’s class happened sometime in mid May in between unpacking all our stuff.  It was a busy time for us, I don’t even remember the exact date unless I check our calendar hanging in our kitchen downstairs.

I remember feeling a bit self-conscious because I was wearing jeans too tight for me because I couldn’t find where I packed my other clothes, what box or luggage it was in. Yes, I know you’re probably thinking Why on earth is she keeping jeans that are way too tight for her?  No, I don’t keep it as an incentive to lose weight.  If I’m honest, I just can’t be bothered to chuck it!

Anyway, going back to T’s Sports Day, I’m just glad that this time she definitely ran the race and actually only skipped once and not the whole of it unlike last year.  I also noticed, she was eating her hair in a lot of the photos I took of her like this one:

Here she is waiting for the spring race to begin.  I’m proud to report that she didn’t come in last! Yay, go T! 🙂

And of course there was the usual Egg and Spoon Race.  I think that’s her I’m really, really concentrating look on her face.

More running …

And jumping …

Then there’s the relay, as you can see, she was way ahead of her friend… Yay, go T!  Apologies, had to blur the photos where there are other kids.  T’s school is very strict with posting photos online and we are constantly reminded not to … As if I ever would anyway.

And I’m pleased to announce that little T’s team won over-all in the 2016 Sports Day of their school.  The school is divided in two teams for the sports day and apparently, T’s team hadn’t won it in six years.  I overheard someone say sixteen years!  So well done to T’s team!

Has your little one had Sports Day at their school?

Were you ever good at sports?

Do share.

I was really crap at any sport.

Thank goodness, T isn’t 🙂

Sports Day

Last Thursday the primary school in our little village held their sports day at the football field not far from our house.  Little T and her other friends who will join the said school come September showed their support by showing up at the event.

The only problem though, they decided that it was more fun to play at the playground which was right beside the football field.

Here’s little T being pushed on the swing by her best friend F …

… while their other friends were busy on the merry-go-round.

Next year though will be different.  They won’t be allowed to play at the playground on sports day.  These little ones will actually be included in the event!  How time flies.  It’s bittersweet actually.  Part of me feels she’s growing up way too fast, but the other is excited for her to join “big school” because I know she will certainly enjoy it.

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And the sunshine continuous!

Have a lovely weekend folks! 🙂