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Word of the Week: Wet

I think the really crappy weather is getting to me a bit now.  Maybe because it’s summer, whereas I can handle the bad, depressing, wet and long grey days in the autumn and winter, because that’s what you’d expect right?  But it’s summer now and this endless string of wet and cold(ish) days are getting to be such a drag.  We have a list of endless things-to-do in our garden, but it just won’t stop.

Yes, it’s all been about the wet days for us this week, although of course, we didn’t spend the whole days inside.  As soon as the rain would stop, T and I would rush out.  She’d go straight to her trampoline while I pottered around in the garden.  As soon as it would start raining again, we’d head back inside.

We haven’t been out and about either, since this week has also been about finally putting up mirrors and paintings up the wall.  I’m so pleased we finally managed to hang up the mirror in the living room as well as some frames.  My husband wants to make some more extra shelves on that empty wall beside the chimney breast.

As mentioned on this post, T had a playdate last Monday which ended up with her finally losing her wobbly tooth, which her friend accidentally knocked out.

T has also been playing with her Orbeez or water beads as some may call them.

I’ve also managed to somehow sort little T’s room and get rid of some of the remaining boxes in the conservatory which we’ve known turned into a dinning/play room for T.  We still have loads to do to make it look less messy, but then again, is it ever possible to have a neat house when you have a little one?

We may have moved in way back in May, but we still have a lot of re-arranging/decluttering to do, especially in our bedroom.  But we’ll get there eventually … I hope.  Now if only this blasted rain would stop!

Has it also been bad for you, weather wise?

Do share.