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What Was Your Sunday Like?

The weather forecast did not disappoint us.  It predicted sunshine and rain.  Woke up to glorious sunshine, but by the time we’ve had our breakfast (the Historian made his famous banana pancakes for T and I), it started to really pour like there was no tomorrow.  Then stopped again.  What was your Sunday like?


Ours is mainly composed of doing chores.  Since receiving her Lilypad Garden, T’s responsibility is to make sure her plant is well watered and that the grass in her fairy garden is managed well.  A little trimming here, a little trimming there …

I mostly do my chores on a Saturday, after little T’s ballet.  Sundays are reserved for doing her homework.

If the weather is good enough, the Historian mows the lawn in his farmer’s wellie boots, stained shorts and an old coat he bought on holiday in Vermont a whole lifetime ago.  Sadly, English men aren’t known for being stylish :p.  Then again, he also married someone who knows nothing about fashion, a match made in heaven! 😉


As for the pets, well, they do what they usually do …

Boots says:  “Really human, why do you like to disturb my naps with these useless photoshoots of yours?  Now do something useful and feed me again”.

As for Doc?  As always, he likes to flop on the kitchen slate floor.  Doc says:  Time for a walk?  Yes?  No?  Belly rub?  Yes? No?  Food?  Yes?  No?  Sigh.  I’ll just flop here beside you then.

Sunday Lunch 

I’m lucky that the Historian likes to cook when he has the time.  Still on a roll from that last dinner he prepared for us, this time he managed to round up Spiced Lamb and Marrow Stew which was in my opinion a perfect Autumn/winter meal.  After the stuffed marrow he cooked for us, I’m happy to share that I genuinely enjoyed this meal.  The husband was pleased and I’m so glad that giant marrow is finally gone.  Shhh.  Please don’t tell him that.

Cello Practice

After lunch, T gave us a lovely cello performance.  What better way to end the day?

And I’m leaving you lovely folks with a video of what our Sunday was like.  My iMovie has terrible mood swings, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  Luckily for me, it decided to work and I was able to make this little video just to show you guys what our Sundays are really like.

Hope everyone had a good one too.

What was your Sunday like?

Do share.

Sunday is Chore Day

… specifically “change the sheets day”, and on this day, you will also hear a lot of “Get off the bed T”.

“Look at me mummy!”  Little T squeal as she jumps on the bed.

“Get off the bed T”  I say.

Weeee!”  She replies.

“Get off the bed T”  I say again.

“I can jump so high mummy!”

“Get off the bed T”  I say again, and again.

“I fell on my bum”  She says laughing hysterically.

“Get off the bed T”  I say again, and again, and again.

“No”  She says holding on to the headboard.

“Get of the $%&8@ bed!”

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Incidentally, today is also Mother’s Day elsewhere in the world, so Happy Mother’s Day (as well as to women who have also been like mothers) to all the other mothers who are celebrating it today.