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The Night before Christmas …

we got invited to have a Swedish Christmas dinner with little F and his lovely family.  C, F’s mum is from Sweden. Dinner was absolutely yum.  We enjoyed the smorgasbord of meat balls, sausages, home-cooked ham, bread, pickled cabbage, and cheese to name only a few and must not forget the drinks like glog (mulled wine), and of course the sips of shnapps as we sang some traditional Swedish songs and toasting.  When I say “sang” it was more like us nodding our heads and trying to join in the chorus.  Oh and must not forget to mention the old tradition of dipping a piece of bread in the ham broth, I definitely gave it a go.  It was absolutely delicious!

And after that, we all went to our local pub, the Napoleon which is a 16th century Inn that serves delicious food, local ale and is a lovely family pub.  That night though since we’ve just had dinner, we gathered around a fire-pit instead or what they call a brazier and sang Christmas carols. This time, we actually knew the lyrics!

It was really fun actually.  Singing without any care whether one was in pitch or not.  My in-laws gamely went and even sang along (let’s just say they aren’t “pub people”).  I think my father-in-law was the only one in the group who could carry a tune.  Yet no one cared and every one sang with gusto.  The kids enjoyed it as well, mostly because they were each given a present.  Little T opened hers right away and squealed in delight to find a bubble bottle and some sweets.  She and her best-friend ran around blowing bubbles at each other.

Toasted marshmallows and roasted chestnuts were also passed around …

It was the first time the pub did anything like that.  It’s nice to be able to support your local pub, especially when it comes to fun-filled activities geared for families.  What about you?  What were you doing the night before Christmas?

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