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Turning into a Tourist

The tourist season has begun.  Our sleepy little seaside village awakens and teems with life.  You’ll see them everywhere – ramblers, weekenders, second-home owners, tourists from all over.  And the good thing about this, is that we too have visitors and that means, we too turn into tourists, and no matter how much you’ve seen and been around the place where you live, you look at your surroundings through a different eye – as if you’re seeing it for the very first time again.

Now let me take you around with us, especially if you’ve been following my blog, you might just recognise some of the scenes I’ve photographed more than a dozen of times over the changing of the seasons.

The Coast Guard’s Hut

This is a short walk from our house and where we take Doc for most of his walks.  On a clear and sunshiny day, it looks like this.  In the winter, it’s all grey, but still beautiful nonetheless.  If you go all the way up, you’ll have a fantastic view of the sea and other cliff tops.  But not today folks.  This time, we ramble on!


Some days you’ll find horses grazing on the foot of the coast-guard’s hut.  Every time I see horses in open air like this, I am reminded of that video from the song “Foolish Games” by Jewel.  (Upsound music).

The Blowhole

Luckily it was low-tide and you could see the blowhole in all its glory.  The only problem with this though is that you won’t see the dramatic swishing of the waves against the rocks and hear the tremendous sound of the water going in the hole and being dramatically expelled or more like belched out of the hole in a thunderous roar.  When it is raining, the scene is often times sinister, like you expect something bad or mysterious to happen.

The Harbour

Like all harbours, tourists like to conglomerate here whether they are having a picnic, sunbathing or just enjoying the views and lovely sunshine.  And when the tourist season is over, this becomes an empty place.

The View from the other-side

In the low-tide as seen above, the place becomes like a mini-beach for little T and her best-friend F.  In the summer, we take them down here for a little play.  See this post for some photos.

On top of the hill

Since we were with a friend who was visiting, we took him all the way up on the hill.  A couple clearly had the best seat, although since I’m a bit scared of heights, I don’t think I’d be able to sit there.

Seal Sighting

If you’re lucky, you might just be able to see a seal bobbing up and down.  Yes, that tiny little dot is indeed a seal.  And if you’re really, really lucky, you might even spy a dolphin!

The Waterfall

At the moment, it is just a mere trickle.  The amazing thing about where we live is that you don’t only get lovely views and walks along the coastline, it’s not just all about the sea.  But you’ll also find waterfalls big and small along the way.

And of course, the cows.

And if you meet an over-excitable dog running around like a loony, stop and call him “Doc”.  But be warned, if you do this, be prepared to be slobbered all over with licks and excitable little jumps.

And here he is slumped over a sea of daisies, exhausted from all that running around. Actually, at this point, I was also so tempted to lie next to him as I am the most un-excercised woman on the planet.  I was huffing and puffing all the way down the valley and up the hills.  I am ashamed of myself.

And then lo and behold, the end was near.  Our destination was actually just a few steps away and not a dot on the horizon – The Farm Shop.

You know you’re absolutely in the vicinity of the Farm Shop when you see this miniature horse.

Heaven is eating a slice of cake and a cup of tea after a long and meandering walk by the coastline, before being jolted back to reality …  of having to walk back into the village and do it all over again.

But then if it means walking through this post-card looking cottage – then it isn’t so bad at all.

By this time, it was way past 3pm – time to pick up the little one from play-school.  “What took you so long mummy, daddy and Uncle T?  We didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth.  That we went on an adventure without her, stopped in the Farm shop and the pub, before heading back to pick her up.

To make up for that, we took her to the pub and sat in the garden.  After all, that’s what tourists do 😉

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