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Little T's Headland

Haven’t posted photos of Little T’s headland in a while, maybe because during the summer holidays, my husband isn’t busy with work so much and so he gets to walk Doc most of the time.   But now that he’s back on the grind and today in fact, was his first lecture/tutorial in Plymouth and so, little T and I took Doc out for a walk up the headland.

Entrance to the Headland, or depends where you’re coming from, you could also go in through the graveyard or the side of the church.

And off they go!  Before letting Doc off the leash though, I usually check if there are other dog-walkers.  He still gets over-excited and goes all silly when there are other dogs around.

In spite the greyish clouds hovering in the distance, it was still a lovely day.  As you can see, we came out all bundled-up, but at the end of the walk, layers had to go.

There’s little T marching through the headland.

And Doc, doing what he does best – springs across the grass.  He absolutely loves it here.  Then again, all dogs do.

Took this photo of the empty harbour, minus the tourists and then noticed the rainbow… Can you see it?

Little T with our little now quiet village in the background.

Then I heard voices and spied them – tourists!  They are still here after-all.  We expect things to die down just a bit, and then, perhaps they’ll be a small wave of visitors over the half-term break at the end of the month, before it all goes hush again.

And there’s my country-girl who loves climbing gates.

What’s your weekend like?

The Charm of Arundel Castle

We were lucky our good friend who hosted our stay in Brighton also happened to live near an 11th century castle named Arundel in West Sussex.  Don’t you think it sounds very Arthurnian or like a place in a Tolkien book?  It certainly is grand.  And inside, you would imagine a medieval castle to look dark with small rooms and look dingy.  Arundel isn’t like that at all.  It is as impressive inside as it is outside.  Large stately rooms, the only dark room was the library with centuries old books.

The castle has also been owned by the family of the Duke of Norfolk for over 400 years now.  In fact, some of the rooms are closed-off to visitors because they are being used by the family members. You’ll also see some personal photos of the family scattered in the many rooms in the castle.  Going through the rooms, left me wondering what it’s like to live in a medieval castle in the modern age?   A bit eerie I guess.

It’s also interesting to note that the castle had (still has) a Catholic chapel.  Imagine being a Catholic during the time when it was actually illegal to be one in England?  This was during the reign of Henry the VIII during the English Reformation.

 Arundel castle is a lovely place to visit, not just for adults but for children as well.  As you enter, you will see a few tents up with a story-teller, a pirate’s tent and an archery tent for children who wants to try out archery.

Storyteller’s tent

Duel with a pirate.

And of course, exploring the castle’s rooms one-by-one is a wonderful experience.  For safety and privacy reasons, visitors weren’t allowed to take photos inside, so all the photos I took were taken outside.

Just a small bit of the castle’s wing.

Visitors enjoying the medieval castle’s view.

The keep of the tower, one of the oldest parts in the castle.

I sneaked my camera out of my pocket to take this photo of T looking out the many windows of Arundel Castle.  Notice how small the windows are?

And that’s T playing in Arundel’s garden with her wooden sword, purchased from the Castle’s souvenir shop.

If you’ve just visited Brighton and you’re still in the area, visiting Arundel Castle is a definite must, especially if you are into history and also have children in tow.  For more information about the castle, click here.