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Little Village Style Halloween Madness

As my tagline goes this blog is all about motherhood and life in a small village, we’ve lived here since 2008 and have never experienced Halloween madness till this year.  Who would think that our small village is even capable of such mania?  Then again, Halloween + children + sugar rush = madness.  We certainly know that now.

This was also little T’s first time to go trick or treating around our village.  Since Halloween falls on their half-term break, we usually are away on holiday.  This time we decided to stay put.

And here’s our little bat looking “serious” after all, bats are not known to smile!

It started out as a quiet evening of the three of us going out of our front-door, ready to meet-up with a few friends, little did we know that our small company would turn into a mob!

There were lots of houses ready for Halloween, loved the look of this door and their happy-looking pumpkins.

T and her best-friend F ready to conquer the night!  T as a bat and F as a vampire – the perfect pair!

The best friends then decided to try out the blue door first on their own.

We stopped by little T’s best friend’s house and walked up our local pub with his parents to meet-up with a couple of other parents too … or so we thought.

Trick or treating “our little village style” at least, the kids were queuing!

As we left the pub, our little group was no longer a small one.  And as we crossed the street, our little group was slowly growing.  As we knocked on the first door, our group was no longer a little group.

Little T paired up with her school-friend S who was dressed up as a Mummy and there they are knocking on someone’s door.

I’m not sure when it turned out or felt like a mob, but when the kids knocked on someone’s door and a poor unsuspecting person opened theirs, gave a few sweets to the kids, but then saw the other kids coming up their door-step and quickly shut the door on their faces! (Don’t blame him really.  He probably had the fright of his life seeing all those kids rushing up his doorstep).  I heard some parents boo.  I wanted to hide and pretend I wasn’t included in the group!

We passed another house, the lights were on.  The kids knocked again, no one answered.  I heard a mum say “Slash the tires!”  It was a joke of course.  But at this point though, I just felt that it was too much.  And by the time we reached the top of our village, the three of us decided to call it a night, said goodbye to our friends and quietly slipped out of the group.  Was half expecting T to protest, but even our little bat seemed to think that it was too much and gladly went home with us nary a whimper or whinge.

T’s loot for the night.

No wonder she didn’t complain, her little pumpkin bag was filed to the brim with sweets! Before we could even look any further, our doorbell rang and thankfully it wasn’t the mob, but a sweet little boy with his parents.

Next year, we are hoping to stay away from the group and do it quietly with perhaps just little T and her best friend.  The problem is though, we live in a small village and will most probably bump into the mob again.

What was your Halloween like?

Did you go out “trick or treating?”