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The Ever Changing British Weather

“It’s hailing and the wind is howling!”  T exclaimed emphatically a few days ago while eating her breakfast.  “Why is this happening?”  She added dramatically.  From upstairs, I shouted back “because we live in England that’s why!”  Isn’t it ironic that I titled my last post as “Winter is dead?” and yet it feels its back again with a vengeance.  Serves me right for being too optimistic.

As I was helping her get ready for school that day, she announced she didn’t want to wear her summer dress.  I took a skirt out and her school jumper which she normally only wears in “colder” weather and asked if she wanted to wear knee socks.  She shook her head and requested for tights.

This little girl of mine seldom complains about the cold.  I’ve caught her running around and doing somersaults topless on her trampoline with her friends, she must have been really cold this morning to request for tights. I don’t blame her.  We’ve been having such glorious warm(ish) weather lately, this cold snap must have been a shock to her this morning.

Also woke up to a grey and cold day yesterday, I decided to write that one-off too and spend the day catching up with Grey’s Anatomy.  Yes, I’m probably the only one who still watches that show even if most of the characters annoy me, I still want to know what’s happening to Meredith Grey.

Last Tuesday, a friend picked me up in the morning and we spent some lovely time just mooching around,having a coffee and lunch in the town nearest to us.  The sun did eventually come out in the afternoon, but the wind was still bitter cold.  I looked around and everyone seemed to be wearing their winter clothes too.  And here I was thinking I’d add “Put away thick jumpers” to my list of things to do this week.  Thank goodness I haven’t done that!

This week, I’ve been cursing the mad British weather and it wasn’t just me.  My husband was the same too.  I glared at him at one point and said “Hey!  You were born here!  You ought to be used to this.  Whereas I come from a tropical country, I have the right to complain!”  He glowered back at me and said, “Complaining about the weather IS our national sport!”

Word of the Week: Wet

I think the really crappy weather is getting to me a bit now.  Maybe because it’s summer, whereas I can handle the bad, depressing, wet and long grey days in the autumn and winter, because that’s what you’d expect right?  But it’s summer now and this endless string of wet and cold(ish) days are getting to be such a drag.  We have a list of endless things-to-do in our garden, but it just won’t stop.

Yes, it’s all been about the wet days for us this week, although of course, we didn’t spend the whole days inside.  As soon as the rain would stop, T and I would rush out.  She’d go straight to her trampoline while I pottered around in the garden.  As soon as it would start raining again, we’d head back inside.

We haven’t been out and about either, since this week has also been about finally putting up mirrors and paintings up the wall.  I’m so pleased we finally managed to hang up the mirror in the living room as well as some frames.  My husband wants to make some more extra shelves on that empty wall beside the chimney breast.

As mentioned on this post, T had a playdate last Monday which ended up with her finally losing her wobbly tooth, which her friend accidentally knocked out.

T has also been playing with her Orbeez or water beads as some may call them.

I’ve also managed to somehow sort little T’s room and get rid of some of the remaining boxes in the conservatory which we’ve known turned into a dinning/play room for T.  We still have loads to do to make it look less messy, but then again, is it ever possible to have a neat house when you have a little one?

We may have moved in way back in May, but we still have a lot of re-arranging/decluttering to do, especially in our bedroom.  But we’ll get there eventually … I hope.  Now if only this blasted rain would stop!

Has it also been bad for you, weather wise?

Do share.

Where has the sun gone?

We had such glorious sunshine over the weekend, which lasted about Tuesday.  Everyone was soaking up the warm weather, paddling pools were out, you could smell the bbq in the air and  I heard a lot of “Why go abroad when the sun is here” comments and we all nodded our heads in agreement, at the back of our minds, we knew that this wasn’t going to last, and it didn’t.  By Wednesday, we woke up to a sea of mist and fog.

It was drizzling yesterday.  As we prepared to go out to do some errands, I was debating whether to wear my sandals or shoes.  But I couldn’t find them, the shoes I had out were all sandals.  “Sod it”, I muttered and defiantly planted my feet in my Birks, so what if I get my feet wet?

Word of the week: Sun.  But where has it gone?  What happened to the British summer?  Or was that it?  To be fair though, as I’m typing this, the sun is sort of out, it’s peering behind grey clouds.  I’m hoping it will manage to push it’s way through.

Is the sun shinning where ever you are?

Do share.

Autumn in Summer

“Have we fast-forwarded to Autumn?” I asked my husband one morning, upon looking out the window and it was grey, wet and cold.  I actually put on one of my thick cardigans which I’ve kept away thinking I won’t be needing it this summer.  Yes, it definitely feels like Autumn is back this week.   Grey and wet have been the recurring theme the past few days.

That’s what happens when you’ve had too much sun and good weather, it slaps you back on the face, as if to say, “You can’t have too much of the good stuff.  It’s bad for you”.

Thankfully the weather seems to be improving again.  Ever since I’ve moved here, it’s been part of my routine to check the daily forecast, although yes, I know you can never really rely on it, especially down here in Cornwall, where the weather is known to be volatile. Hopefully, the promise of good days will deliver.

I actually blame the bad weather for catching a cold and temperature.  I felt it coming.  My bones were beginning to ache.  Managed to take T to her swimming lessons yesterday.  But when we came back, I was shivering and by bed-time I had a full-blown temperature, which actually knocked me down.  After helping T get ready for school, I went back to bed and didn’t get up till way past 1pm.  By then, I felt better.  Even managed a bath and I’m glad by the time T came home from school, I felt actually better.

Word of the Week: Rain


In other news, our trusty old Nissan X-trail’s days are numbered and we are badly in need of a new car.  Talk about bad timing and all that.  I guess new furniture for the conservatory will have to wait.  Ho-hum.

What about you?

Did you have a good week?

Do share.

The 4 Ws: The Wonderfully Weird Weather this Week

It’s been a week of weird weather and there’s really nothing wonderful about it, I just thought the four Ws had a nice ring to it.

One minute it’s all springlike, the next it almost feels like winter decided to make a u-turn and give spring a cheeky little nudge back.

One mum said to me that she took her time to do the morning school run because they had a hail shower as big as pebbles!  Another one said that they woke up to a dusting of snow in their garden.

I’d step out of our house to do our daily walk with Doc all bundled up because of the winter-like cold harsh breeze from the ocean, only to strip off my layers up in the headland, because it suddenly feels like spring again.

The weather here in England has always been a bit like a menopausal woman, one minute cold, the next minute feeling hot.  Or could also be akin to an angst ridden and moody teenager, happy and bubbly, then suddenly turning all sulky and mad for no reason at all.  And this week, that’s exactly what it felt like.  One can never really predict the English weather.

In other news, T is excited because two of her close friends are joining her at her gymnastics class, though of course they’ll be in a different group.  I’m hoping they’ll last like T because it’s nice to be surrounded by good friends isn’t it?  Although to be fair, T has managed to make friends with the girls at her group.

It’s a bank holiday on Monday, that means the kids will have another extra day at home.  Didn’t spring break just happen?  It certainly feels that way to us.  We don’t have anything planned over the three days, all I want to do really is just laze around especially since T has such a bad cough.  Yes, that sounds like a good plan, a grand plan –  laze around from Saturday to Monday, preferably in our pjs.

What about you?

Would you like to laze around in your pjs too?

Three Birds

The photo above was taken on the 12th of January this year.  I posted it on my Instagram and wrote a caption:

Bird 1 to his friends: “I told you we should’ve turned right for Spain!”

About a week ago, just as I was making little T’s bed in her room, I glanced out the window and saw three birds again and thought of the photograph I took at the beginning of the year and thought “What are the chances that these are the same birds from that picture?”  Impossible of course.  But I couldn’t help but make a caption again.

Bird 1 to his friends: “I told you we should’ve flown the other way!  Now look, we’re back here again!  The sun never shines in England!  This is all your bloody fault!”

If you could make your own caption of the photo above, what would it be?

Level Three Heatwave (and more photos)

The MET office issued a level three heatwave warning in England last week. The hottest temperature was recorded at 32 Celsius in Heaththrow, when I told my mom about the warning and how “hot” it was, she laughed. Then again, the last time I was back home in the Philippines – December 2010 (yes, that long ago =( My husband and I chuckled when we heard them mention in the news how “cold” it was in Baguio, a lovely city up in the mountains – it was about 8 degrees Celsius. No, the PAGASA didn’t issue a warning in the area.

Anyway, that heatwave is gone this week. It’s still a bit warm(ish), but we’re lucky down here in the coast, we always have a cool breeze blowing even during the so-called heatwave.  Not entirely sure if that sums up our whole summer here in England.  If it does, we were lucky we had such glorious weather for two consecutive weeks.  My daughter is browner, (though being half-British, she will never be as brown as me).  We’ve had as much fun in the sun as we could, like I mentioned, going down into harbour at low-tide to play at a little patch of beach on the sea-bed, in just her knickers.  What more can a little girl and little boy want?  Here are more photos –

T with her best-friend.

Keeping their little found-treasures from the beach “safe” from the water and yes, that’s my shadow.

Can you see how happy they are?

That look on her face is priceless!

Yes, it is beautiful here.


and this time,

it is a happy sigh.

All about Summer in England: Days of Fun in the Sun

T enjoying the sun in our garden

We’ve been having so much good weather lately, it almost seems too good to be true!  The weather won’t be as good this week,  but since we’ve had so much of it the past few days, it almost feels alright.


We – along with other parents went to the beach for an impromptu BBQ, even though the tide has risen and we only had a few patch of sand and ended up sitting on the rocks, it was still so much fun!  Arrived past 4pm and stayed till around 7pm, the good thing about British summer is that, it’s still bright outside even at 10pm – and of course the days are longer!

Waiting for the BBQ to cook.

Having fun with her friends.

Err… Sunbathing?


My husband had a seminar to teach in Taunton, a lovely town in Somerset, between Exeter and Bristol.  Since the weather was still good, T and I decided to go with him and have a girl’s-day-out, while he worked.  Had so much fun shopping and mooching around the shops, just like I used to do when I was single, only this time I had my little girl with me, which turned out even more fun! She’s a little girl now, not my baby anymore =( … as I was trying on some sandals, she said to me I want to try on sandals too mommy!  So I let her try on some too.  After our shopping, we sat in the park, had ice-cream and enjoyed the sun even more. Then met up with my husband and had a picnic and watched a cricket match!  Now that’s a very British thing to do, have a picnic amidst a cricket game.

My husband has been trying to explain this game to me.  But as soon as he mentions the word cricket, my mind goes off to lalaland – that word along with football and history. (He teaches history and has a few books published too).

T oblivious to the game, no matter how much my husband tried to engage her in it.


Just when I thought that we were going to spend a quiet-relaxing day doing some chores, we received text from one of our friends inviting us for another BBQ on the beach.  Who can say no to a BBQ on the beach, with lovely weather and great company?  Not us!

Pimms on the beach, can it get any better than that?

Except this: best-friends enjoying the beach and sun.

Best-friends forever: T & F.

Now if only the weather here is like this year-round, then life would be perfect!

Even the horses enjoyed a dip in the Cornish sea.

Must always end summer days with eating ice-cream by the beach.

And now it’s Monday and the sun is still shining, although we do have some rain to come all through-out-the-week.  Temperature is also scheduled to go down just a little bit.  Rain and a bit cold in the summer, this is England I know more.  Now excuse me while I tackle the endless chores that seemed to have accumulated over the few days while we lazed around on the beach.  Oh well, it was worth it!

For Keeps

The dreary winter days seems to be all but a memory now.  The weather has finally decided to give us a break and has been showering us with lovely sunshiny days.  Oh do let the good times last!  And if the BBC 5 day weather forecast is correct, the glorious sunny days are here to stay, for this week at least.  Yes lovely readers, we do get delightful weather too here in the UK and when it happens England becomes even more beautiful than it already is.  No more whinging, no more moping around and wanting to put my head in the-oven moods.  The sunshine does wonders to ones well-being, doesn’t it?

Anyway, I’d like to share some lovely anecdotes/memories, ones for filing in my mind, to be used later, when maybe, winter comes and my mood turns bleak again.  Let me share them with you …

A couple of days ago, I was doing some ironing when I heard an excited voice cry out:  Bye, bye hair plane!  Bye, bye!  Bye, bye hair plane!  Bye, bye!  I looked up from my ironing and spied this from the doorway of our kitchen:

She looked so lovely, innocent and happy as she waved and shouted Bye-bye hair plane!  (Yes, she pronounces airplane with an H no matter how much we correct her).  The day was lovely, we had some linen hanging in the lawn to dry, there was a gentle breeze blowing and life seemed so perfect.  I quickly took a photo of my daughter in my mind, I wanted to freeze the moment, so I quickly grabbed my camera.

And this:

Yesterday, as we were getting ready to go out and do our shopping, T said to me.  Take my picture Mommy!  I was surprised because she doesn’t like to have her photo taken.  As soon as she sees you point the camera at her, she runs away or hides her face.  So I grabbed my camera, eager to take a photo of her.  But she didn’t want her picture taken inside the house and led me outside and into her Dada’s shed.  There – among her Dad’s gardening tools, she actually posed … thrice!  The thing is, I have no idea where she got those poses from.  I never even use the word on her, nor do I do pose when I have my picture taken.  Hang on, I very seldom have my photo taken.  I’m always the one behind the camera and I also doubt if she’s seen it on TV.  Good lord.  I have filed this memory under my “funny ones” and “What-the-H-was-she-doing/thinking” ones.

Btw, I’m not done with my Brighton posts yet.  There’s certainly more to come!

Summer is here …. I think.

I’ve actually felt some warmth the past few days, especially while sitting under the sun.  Yes, the sun.  You read it right.  The sun does come out once in a while here in England and when it does – the landscape becomes alive and even more beautiful.  This actually makes me really think summer may indeed have come.  Let me list down the following:

Evidence number 1:  Temperature in Double Digits

For the last few days, the temperature has risen and is in fact, in the double figures.  Not exactly the kind of double figures a person from a tropical country is used to, but it has risen indeed to the highest…. (drum roll please) – tadadadantadan! = 11, 12, 13, 14 and even 15 degrees Celsius!  A few days ago, or perhaps a week ago, it was even reported that it actually went as high as 20 degrees in London!  Imagine that, 20 degrees!  Woah.

Evidence number 2: Open Windows and Doors

We can actually leave our kitchen door and windows open without having to worry about wearing layers of clothing.  And yes, it’s even warm enough to just wear a t-shirt on (maybe with a light cardigan) and have some fun in the garden.

Evidence number 3: Summer Toys

Items we only use during the summer have now been taken out of the shed:

  • Bouncy thingie (whatever-it’s called).
  • Bubble machine
  • Pop-out-tent

Evidence number 4:  A Tea-party in the garden.

It doesn’t take much to make a little girl happy.  Just blow-up her bouncy-thing, put some bubble mixture in her bubble machine and have a tea-party with her toys.  Boots, the cat at one time, even joined in little T’s tea-party.  She also enjoyed a cup of tea and a piece of plastic chocolate cake.  When she was done, she stretched out and enjoyed the sun.  She looked so content and happy and I didn’t have the heart to remind her that it’s rude to stretch out like that in a tea-party.  So I let her be.

I love days like these: sun-shiny days, which make you feel as if nothing in the world can get you down … except of course the rain, mist and fog.  But then again, it wouldn’t be England without the rain, mist and fog –  so I like that too.