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A Walk through Wilsey Woods

It’s easy to miss Wilsey Woods.  If you’re on your way to spend a holiday in Cornwall and you’re racing down the A395 from Launceston after a long gruelling travel on the M5 or A30, and you can’t wait to get into your holiday home or rental cottage in Polzeath, chances are, you’ll never even notice driving past this little patch of Forest.

We’ve lived in our little village by the sea for the past eight years and I’m embarrassed to say that we’ve never visited, in spite it being a mere ten-minute drive from where we live.  Not that we don’t notice it, I see it all the time. But our tendency is to go to Minster Woods located within our vicinity, or head off somewhere further away for a day-trip out.

However last Saturday, our little family, did just that.  We finally headed to Wilsey Woods.

We were surprised to see the gate obviously rammed in by a vehicle.  Debris of the gate was left on the ground, with nails exposed which can damage wheels or heaven-forbid injure a person.  The historian cleared the mess as much as he can, getting rid especially of the wood with exposed nails.

There isn’t any parking around, I’m afraid, you’ll have to park along the entrance and make sure that you don’t block the drive-way.

We didn’t know what to expect, or more like, we weren’t really expecting anything.  We just wanted to go out and walk Doc in a different place and this little woodland was always in our radar, but just one of those places, you always plan to go to, but never really get around to doing it till now.

 At first, little T wasn’t impressed at all and was turning into her annoying version of a teen-ager.  You know that, “I-hate-everything-or-everything-is-boring” attitude.  Yep, that one.

And then the husband and I spotted a make-shift-forest-den.  To me it looked like a scene from my childhood where my cousins and I would try to make a house in our grandmother’s garden with any material we could get our hands on.  This looked magical to me.  This is what childhood is all about.  This of course, quickly piqued little T’s interest too.

And of course, Doc was busy doing his own thing.

The sulking teenager was gone and I had my inquisitive, excitable little T back happy to go exploring with me.

As for Doc, he was happy surrounded by sticks.

We looked at trees that were lying on the forest ground.

We checked out the moss covering the ground like carpet.

While Doc watched us and wondered what we were doing …

…. which of course only lasted a few seconds as something more interesting caught his attention.

Then little T decided to make a forest den for Anna.

She also used sticks and twigs she found lying on the ground.

And of course, even her Dad had to help in the making of Anna’s forest den.

I think Ana looks rather pleased with her den.

By this time, the sky turned greyer and we decided that it was time to do more exploring before the rain came back.

We kept moving, and little T kept exploring …

Up the muddy walk …

with Doc.

We never got around to exploring more because the sky turned greyer, it was best to head back to the car before the downpour began.

What about you?  Is there a place nearby where you’ve been meaning to visit, but never get around to doing it no matter how close the place is to where you live?

What Happened Next: A Story About a Cat (Part 2)

If you haven’t read part 1, click here to read it first.

The next day, after dropping Little T off at play-school, my husband and I decided to go back to the woods to see if we could find Boots, our cat who sometimes thinks she’s a dog.  We also decided to bring our cat carrier in case we, by some small miracle manage to find her.

As we drove to the church, my husband told me not to put my hopes up that chances are, she wouldn’t be there, that she probably found a house nearby and found refuge there, or decided to roam the woods and have an adventure.  He reiterated, she is a cat after all.

I wasn’t so sure about that actually.  She wasn’t just a cat, she was Boots – little T’s cat, she is no ordinary cat at all.

So off we drove to Minster.  It looked strangely empty and the place emitted an ominous feeling.  I was ready to be disappointed.

Minster church, if it could speak, what would it have said?  “Silly woman, do you really think you would find your cat again?”

I would reply, “She’s not mine.   She’s Little T’s and you don’t understand, she’s not just a cat – she’s Boots!”

Down we went into the woods, re-tracing our steps yesterday.

Past the bench where we met the first family of dog-walkers…

through the bridge where little T and her dad played Pooh sticks…

Walked along the Valency river where Doc had his impromptu bath to try to take away the cow dung matted on his coat.

“Good morning ducks, have you seen Bootsy our cat?”

Quack, quack, quack!

“A cat in the woods?”

They quacked.

We’ve only seen dogs and their humans”

Quack, quack, quack.

“No cats!”

This is the place where we last heard her meowing.

What are the chances, we’ll find her here?”

I asked my husband as I clicked the photo above.

He replied, “Fifty-fifty”

In spite of his answer I called aloud, “Bootsy!  Bootsy!”

And then it happened, we didn’t even have to wait long.

She meowed!

And then I saw her emerging from the woods.

She actually waited on the very place where we last saw her, as if she knew that we would come back for her.

She kept meowing as if to say “What took you guys so long?!”

“Bootsy!  You waited for us!”


It took awhile though before we managed to get her in the cat carrier, as you can tell from her photo, she wasn’t pleased about it AT ALL and kept meowing all the way back home.

Meow, meow, meow!

“Did you really have to put me in that thing?!  She complained.

Then stormed off to eat her food…

groom herself …

Then fell into a deep, deep, deep long sleep.

Yes folks, we got our happy ending!

Little T was over the moon to get her Bootsy back.

As for the cat, she’s grounded.

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An Adventure Gone Bad: A Story about a Cat

This is a story about Bootsy, little T’s two-year-old cat who sometimes thinks she’s a dog.

Last bank holiday Monday, we went on a little hiking adventure down in Valency valley, near where we live.  Bootsy was lounging lazily by the parking-lot near our house, when she saw us walk out the door.  It didn’t really come as a surprise when she decided to follow us.  She probably thought, “There goes my little human, she goes – therefore, I follow”.

 At first, we all thought she was just going to follow for a while and then get bored, and head for a different direction.

 So off we trotted from our house, then she crossed the main road and I thought she was going somewhere else.

 But then she crossed it and decided to  re-join us once again.

Cotton Bottom (T’s doll), decided to ask for a lift from Little T’s Dad.  He put her safely in his backpack.

Following the leader, the leader, the leader ….

“You don’t need to follow us Bootsy”  I said to her as I passed her perched on the wooden gate.

“But I do want to follow”  She said.  At this point though, as we were crossing the fields, I was worried that if she follows us any further, she might not find her way home and tried to shoo her away.

Did she listen?  Of course not.  She is after all little T’s cat, as stubborn as her human.

So she kept following, even if Doc was up on her trail.  She just kept moving.

Baa!  Baa! Baa! Baa!

 “Look at that cat following the people.  Does she think she’s a dog?”  Says the sheep.

Our strange procession of two adults, one little girl, a numpty dog and a stubborn cat were headed for Minster, a church which was built during the Norman times and is located in St. Peter’s Woods.

Are we there yet?

“Almost there” Little T said to Bootsy the cat.

Once we reached the gate, little Bootsy wasn’t so sure if she wanted to go in.

But she did.

There wasn’t any turning back now.  She had to come with us, otherwise, she’d get lost and won’t be able to find her way home.

A few steps inside St. Peter’s woods.  We met the first family of dog walkers.  The cat scampered away.  But thankfully, restored her place in our little procession.

Down, down, down till we reached the Valency river.

Little T and her dad played Pooh sticks on the bridge.

The cat wasn’t impressed and got bored with the game.

And there she is watching T’s dad give Doc a bath in the river.

Which he hated, but little T’s dad had to try to get off the cow dung that clung to his fur when he rolled into it on the fields.  As you can see from the photo, Doc isn’t a big fan of water.

When that was done, we continued with our walk, with little T on her dad’s shoulders.

And then we met the second family of dog walkers.  There’s Bootsy seeking refuge on the tree and little T and her dad coaxing her to come done.

She did, after a while, but kept a safe distance away from us, in case there were more dog-walkers.

And of course there were more, so up the second tree she went.  And then got stuck and didn’t know how to get down.

After about twenty minutes of cajoling, she finally found a way to get down.

“I’m not liking this anymore”  Says the cat.

“We didn’t ask you to come along”

Then all hell broke loose again.  This time we met one dog family after the other and Boots refused to budge.  She stayed on that tree and no amount of persuasion would convince her to come off it.  “I’m done”  She said.  “I’ve had it” and disappeared into the woods.

For awhile, she would still answer when we called her.  So we waited, hoping she’d get over sulking and follow us back home.  Our original plan was to go down in the valley, pass through the village and up the coast once again.  But then we knew that it would probably be too much for the cat.  So we decided to retrace our steps up the valley, through the woods, up the hills back to our home, hoping Bootsy would follow us once again.

But she stopped answering our calls.  After waiting and calling for some time, we decided to call it a day.  And we thought – she is after all, a cat right?  Surely she’ll be able to find her way home.  Going back up, we kept calling her, hoping she’d follow our voices.

She didn’t.

We saw the same sheep again on our way back home.

Baa!  Baa!  Baah!

“Stupid cat got lost in the woods!  Will she ever find her way back home?”

To be continued…

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