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We survived First day of Big School

Today was little T’s first day at “big school”.  She woke up excited and eager to go.  In fact, she hurried us down the street saying, “We better hurry, or else I’ll be late for big school!” So at around 8:30, we were already heading down towards her school which wasn’t a long walk from where we live.

On our way we passed another excited little friend of hers, sitting by their doorstep with his mum.  It was little N, a friend of hers from play-school.  They sat down together for awhile and chatted, before heading down again.

Then everyone started arriving.  Excited little ones with their emotional  parents, some I noticed were teary-eyed, surprisingly I was fine (I’m a very emotional person and would normally tear-up). But I didn’t.  Maybe because little T started to cry.  Yes, she was the only one who cried this morning.  I had to take her in and only left when she calmed down.   Thankfully it didn’t take her long.  But as I left, I heard her start to cry again.

We were worried that she’d be upset.  When our phone rang and it was “big-school” calling, I almost thought that we’d have to go and collect her.  Thankfully, they were just phoning to say that she was fine.  Phew.

And later on, when we picked her up, she actually said she enjoyed it!  Her teacher told me that little T even stood up in front of her class and introduced herself and talked about her “likes”.  I bet it was all about Frozen.

So yes, folks, we survived first day of school.

Was it also your little ones first day?

How did it go?

Hope all goes well tomorrow!

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T Talk

Like all kids her age, T says a lot of funny stuff, unlike some mothers who are so good at recording them, I fail big-time.  And the moment is gone and old age sets in and I forget the funny, hilarious, did-she-just-really-say-that moments.  Here are a few that I actually remember:

Look Mummy, I’m wearing a bra too!  

Holds up my bra on her little chest.

That’s mine.

I’m just borrowing it.

You’re just a little girl, little girls don’t wear bras .

When I grow up, I’m going to wear a bra just like you!


If you don’t do my lunch now mummy, I’m going to be like this

She poses, what I think is her “I’m going to faint pose”


I’m not a grown-up yet

I can’t reach my DVDS!


It’s okay Doc, mummy is here, she says approaching Doc and doing baby-talk, I’m wondering Oh lordy, do I sound like that?


Don’t say that to my dog mummy, that’s rude!

She reprimands me as I call Doc a ‘bad dog’ for trying to run away with my slipper in his mouth.