A Country Kids Post: Down By the Harbour

While we live by the sea, we’re not lucky enough to have a beach in our little village, except when it is low-tide, and a very small patch of sand appears suddenly like magic.  While of course you can hardly call it a beach, but it’s big enough for little T, the dogs and her friends to have a play on.  And this is exactly what we did last Saturday …

Little T with one of her best-friends W and of course, her over-excitable bundle of fur – Doc.

Even though it was a gloomy and cold day and the sun was nowhere to be found, the kids and the dogs managed to have a lovely time.

Doc chasing his best-friend, Wilbur.

Wilbur in action. 

And here he is, waiting for T to throw a stick at him.

We decided to walk along the coast on our way back home.  As for the kids, they decided that it was way more fun climbing up the hill.  We let them be.  After all, this is what childhood memories are made of.

What lovely plans do you have this weekend?

Do share.


  1. Hannah Budding Smiles

    Oh my gosh these photos are stunning! What a beautiful place to live xx

  2. Cheryl | TimeToCraft

    I’ve visited there so often over the years, but I’ve never thought of it having a beach. Seeing the photos of the dogs running through the water, it could be any season. Lots of childhood memories in the making. #CountryKids

    • We only have that little patch of sand when it’s low-tide 😉 You are so right, lots of childhood memories in the making – that’s exactly what we’re trying to do. x

  3. Gemma Nuttall

    Absolutely green with envy! How utterly lovely – looks idyllic and if be happy with just that patch of sand to play on. You all look like you had a wonderful time.

    Nothing quite so exciting planned here sadly, birthday present shopping for our 1 year old who turns 2 on Monday (at a loss what to get as he has 2 older brothers and the house is already like a toy shop! I’ve seen a lovely outdoor water play toy which I think I’m set on…)
    Have a lovely weekend in your lovely little place you call home!x

    • Thanks Gemma! Shopping is actually one of the few things I miss, as you can see, there’s not much shopping to do here in our little village, although we do have a few gift shops that cater to tourists 😉 That outdoor water play toy sounds fab, especially for a two year old. Have a lovely weekend too with your lovely family 🙂 x

  4. Kim Carberry

    What wonderful photos….It looks like such a lovely place to live x

  5. Stephanie

    Ah beautiful photos, I love having the beach near enough to go and explore with them. They love it don’t they!

  6. Aww this looks like such a lovely day out! It must be so, so nice to live so close to the coast!

  7. Blogging Mummy

    This is our best family kind of day. Love being in the fresh outdoors rather than being stuck in. The dogs look like they are enjoying themselves. x

  8. Silly Mummy

    This looks like a lot of fun – for kids & dog! We live by the sea & do have a beach – all pebble though, no sand. The kids still love it though. For some reason pebbles don’t hurt little kids’ feet!

    • Oh how lucky! I’m sure the kids have so much fun too, even if the beach is pebbly 😉 x

  9. This is my idea of the perfect Sunday. The kids and the dogs look like they had a blast

  10. Emma White

    wow what a beautiful place if we had that near us we would be there every weekend for sure

    • For beaches and long walks, we usually go further away. But yes, it’s lovely to have this little patch of sand nearby too. X

  11. Brilliant pics. Reminds me of the good times I had as a kid walking and climbing in the Highlands with our dog!

    • Highlands? Wow. Never been to the highlands, the closest I ever got to is Loch Awe!

  12. Such beautiful photos. I live in West Cornwall. We’ve not been to Boscastle since I was small. I really want to come up that way soon though. It looks like such a beautiful day. Wilbur is really adorable. It’s so cute that they all play together. x

  13. Ickle Pickle

    Lovely post – I saw your stunning photos on Instagram, they are beautiful. We are lucky enough to live by the sea too 🙂 Kaz x

  14. John Milnes

    NOW this looks fun. Not many can say they have fun like this down at the harbour.

    I love to watch dogs chase each other too, it adds to the fun and excitement.

    Thanks for Sharing

    John M.

    • Hi John, Yes, it’s fun to watch the kids and the dogs playing. Doc is faster than Wilbur and he likes to show off too 😉

  15. What a beautiful place to live. I wish we lived closer to the sea, only getting there once a year is no way near enough.

  16. Fi Ni neachtain

    What a pretty little spot and great photos too. We love being by the seaside, living on an island it’s hard to not love it! 🙂

    • There’s something calming about living by the sea, isn’t it? Thank you!

  17. Anna Fraser

    Oh lucky you! what a beautiful place to live. It may not be a ‘proper’ beach but it looks just perfect to me.
    It looks like you all had a fabulous time, Are your doggies working cockers? I have a chocolate boy, and he looks just like yours.
    Anna x

    • Wilbur, the chocolate springer spaniel isn’t ours I’m afraid. He belongs to a friend. Doc, the black springer x beddlington terrier is ours, well my daughter’s actually 🙂 x

  18. Merlinda Little (Glimmer of Hope)

    Weve been staying indoors the whole week because of fever and I am so jealous of this trips of yours! You really do livge in a lovely place. Where did you move? Still in there or really far from this area?


    • Hope you or is it Sebastian? Hope you’re both okay okay now. Not moving far, just in the area 🙂 x

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