Finding the Beauty in Ordinary Days

It definitely felt like spring has sprung over the weekend which lasted till Monday.  Never mind if it’s looking grey again today.  But a few days ago, our little family had a lovely time as we worked in the sunshine, trying to reclaim our garden back from the remnants of winter.

T and I started with raking the leaves which should’ve been raked ages ago, but it was always too wet and cold to do it.  But over the weekend it was bliss.  We were all in our element, including Doc and Boots who loved basking in the sun and running on tree branches.  Hopefully she didn’t find any bird’s nests!

For some time now, the husband has been talking about wanting to put wooden borders with shingles for our pots of plants to rest on.  But like I’ve mentioned, the weather hasn’t been really conducive to do anything outside, he finally had his chance!

He started this on a Saturday, by Sunday he had all the wooden boards up, but found out that the shingles he bought wasn’t enough.  We managed to buy more yesterday and it’s all up:

I think he did a grand job!  We’re excited to buy more bedding plants, since the ones in our pots need replanting and even new ones.  There’s still obviously much to do in the garden.  I need to repaint our garden furnitures and hopefully we’ll manage to put up some swings and tick off some of our plans which we made last year when we first moved into the house.  It does take time, doesn’t it?

But over the weekend, it was one of those lovely ordinary days where I savoured each and every single second, bit by bit.  There’s beauty in ordinary days like these.

Relishing the ordinary, the way the sunshine poured through the window making beautiful patterns against our curtains.  The sound of Boots’ bell coming from the trees, hopefully loud enough to warn any birds that a predator is coming.  Little T sitting on the concrete steps eating her little picnic exclaiming “This is the best lunch ever” which consisted of a jam sandwich, apple slices and her a pear flavoured drink.

The way the husband frowned as he hammered a piece of wood into the ground missing his foot just inches away.  Even the sound of Doc’s faint barking which meant he was somewhere in the 500-acre farm land that surrounds our house.

And then later on, the sound of T practicing her cello and my husband and I both smiling, so proud of her, that what our little girl is playing is beginning to sound like good music.  These are the moment I want to freeze forever.

Reality sets in again, and it’s a Wednesday, our house at the moment is surrounded in mist.  Ah well…


  1. Fiona Cambouropoulos

    It was a lovely taste of summer last weekend, I was also dissapointed it didn’t last, but I’m sure it will be back. we have to make the most of it when the sun comes along. I love the look of your husbands work on those boarders around the house, they look beautiful with the tubs resting on top. It does look like a very peaceful day together rediscovering the garden for spring.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    • Woke up to what I thought would be another wet and cold day. But the sun is out now 😉 I know it won’t last, so we’ll try to make the best of it 🙂

    • Yes, spring seems to be put on hold at the moment. But if the weather forecast is correct, things are supposed to improve over the end of the week 🙂

  2. I definitely agree that the ordinary moments are often the ones we remember the most. I love that your little one plays the cello…my 6 year old plays the piano and I think it is just wonderful to see and hear. Thanks for sharing .. #Countrykidsfun

    • Yes, it’s nice for the little ones to play an instrument isn’t it? I wish I didn’t hate my piano lessons as a child. I regret giving it up. We’re lucky our daughter seems to really enjoy playing the cello. I have a feeling though, it’s also because most of her close friends also play 🙂

  3. RachelSwirl

    aww so lovely to see you outside having fun, can’t wait to get our garden sorted for the summer.

  4. Annette, Four Acorns

    We didn’t go outside on Sunday, which is very much unlike us, yet we had the most enjoyable, relaxing day at home, full of beautiful, ordinary moments.

  5. The Princess and The Pickle

    That border of plants looks so pretty! We’ve just had a weekend like this too, it’s so nice to spend time tidying up the garden at this time of year.

  6. Eva Katona

    Such a lovely, touching article. I hope Mine will start to play piano (or maybe else if that’s what he wants) soon.

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