Help! I’m Turning into a Couch Potato

Before the start of the new year, my husband and I decided to treat ourselves and we bought a new smart TV.  We buy all of our appliances from Woolacotts in Bude.  This isn’t a sponsored post, by the way, we’re just really pleased with their customer service, so if you live in Cornwall or Devon and need to purchase any appliances, do head over, I’m sure they’ll be as good as our local one.

Ben, our ever-helpful salesman from Woolacotts helped us choose a Sony Bravia smart TV.  When I mentioned that we wanted to subscribe to Netflix, he shook his head and said “Oh you don’t need Netflix” and introduced us to an app called KODI.  Apparently this app will allow you to streamline all kinds of TV shows and movies, even new movies or ones that hasn’t even been shown in movie theatres yet.  Is it legal?  Yes, it is.  To quote

Kodi is a piece of streaming software designed to display on a range of devices, and that means it’s perfectly legal.

I know that it sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t.  There are times when the movie you want to watch won’t be available for streaming.  But we don’t have any problems with that, especially when it means not having to pay for subscription!

So yep, my #wotw is TV.  And yes, I’ve also officially been turned into a couch potato.  To be fair though, I do watch while doing chores, especially ironing and yes, gasp, I know, I’m probably the only one who still irons.  Posted this photo on my Instagram account a few days ago:

And all the comments I received was that apparently, ironing is an extinct chore.   I can’t do without ironing, one of my small-joys is having freshly laundered and ironed sheets.  Love it too much to want to give it up.

And meet my TV partner:  Doc.

Now excuse since I have to catch up with my Grey’s Anatomy viewing.  I want to watch that episode where Derek Shepherd – McDreamy dies.


  1. I’m a couch potato too. We just have freeview though, but the OH always watches other dull things so everything I like I have to record on the HD recorder and watch late, once he’s gone to bed. Ultimately though I blame blogging for my lardiness – I sit and blog in front of the tv, and more blogging means more sitting down and more tv. Hence why I need more sleep and more exercise. Hopefully getting back to dancing a couple of nights a week will help

    • I’m glad I’m not alone. Thanks Emma 🙂 We have freeview too! I know what you mean… I also blog and as mentioned do chores in front of the tv. I need more exercise too, at least you go dancing 😉 x

  2. The Reading Residence

    Ha ha, love this! You have been sucked in! We have Netflix, NOW TV, Virgin TiVo, Amazon Prime and we get latest released blu-rays posted to us. You’d think I’d be there all the time, but I don’t get a look in until after the kids are in bed anyway! Oh, and I still iron. We are a dying breed! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x
    The Reading Residence recently posted…Word of the Week 20/1/2017My Profile

    • Now that we have KODI not thinking of getting Netfilx anymore. All the movies and tv shows are in there! If you have a smart tv I’d suggest you try KODI too. No monthly fees 😉 And yay, glad to know you iron too 😉 xx

  3. Cheryl | TimeToCraft

    Nice t use a local company Sounds like yu had good service. We have Freeview, but nothing else. I threaten to throw our TV away every now and again. (We can still be friends, right?) I put it down to having no TV for part of my childhood. I’m pretty sure I could soon get used to having no box in the room again. Unfortunately the rest of the family don’t agree.

    TV or not, I still need more exercise. I walk a couple of miles with the dogs each day, but its not enough. Soon be gardening season, which should help. And I don’t iron anything, unless I’m sewing it. #wotw
    Cheryl | TimeToCraft recently posted…Word of the week – MostlyMy Profile

    • We have Freeview too. The thing is before we got the new tv, I hardly watched at all. Let’s see what will happen once the novelty ends 😉 And of course we can still be friends! Haha. As for the subtitles, it’s for Doc 😉 xx

  4. Kim Carberry

    hehehe! Kodi is legal for the time being….I have heard they are trying to chance the rules because of the films you can watch…We have it 😀
    My girls watched the new film Sing a couple of weeks ago and it’s just out at the cinema this weekend. lol It is a fab thing but there is just too much to watch. #WotW
    Kim Carberry recently posted…A little holiday. #WotWMy Profile

    • My husband refuses to watch anything that hasn’t been shown in the cinema yet. Wouldn’t touch it if it were illegal 😉 I agree, there is too much to watch and sometimes there isn’t streaming always available 🙂

  5. mummy here and there

    The only thing is freeview etc, hubby wants amazon prime as he loves films, I hardly watch tv more of youtube fan here X #wotw

    • We have Freeview too. Before the new tv, I hardly watched… Let’s see how long this novelty will last 😉

  6. We have a smart TV (upstairs, only a small one, recent purchase) and an Amazon Prime subscription that Hubby got by accident.. haven’t watched anything on it for ages though.. really must start catching up, I’m part way through a season of Vikings..
    Karen recently posted…Word of the Week 20/01/2017 Diet #WotWMy Profile

    • That happened to me last year, I “accidentally” subscribed to Amazon prime, thank goodness though I managed to unsubscribe before they charged me 🙂

  7. Jane - Our Little Escapades

    I need to look into this app as we are ‘borrowing’ my brothers netflix but it never has the films on it that I want to watch. Do people not iron anymore? I have a massive ironing pile that needs to be done but I couldn’t go out in un ironed clothes #WotW

    • Yes, do check Kodi out. They have a lot… sometimes it feels like it’s too much! The only problem is though, sometimes streaming isn’t available. As for ironing, yes, apparently it’s a dying chore. Like you, I wouldn’t think of going out in creased clothes 😉

  8. Kate Holmes

    I keep worrying I watch too much TV but it stimulates and educates and is enjoyable. I guess it is all about finding the right balance between telly and other stuff.
    I ironed today at my husband’s request so now need to sit down and watch telly for a rest lol

    • You are so right about finding the right balance. I never used to watch tv apart from the news. It’s the novelty of having a new smart tv and kodi. Let’s see how long this will last 😉

  9. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    I quite enjoy ironing while watching TV – you are definitely not the only one! I used to iron everything but these days I just do what I have time for – which tends to be school uniforms and anything that really needs it (mostly little skirts and dresses which look awful when they’re all creased). Have to admit I’ve yet to get into Netflix or streaming though – I still have plenty of DVDs that I’m trying to work my way through! #WotW
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) recently posted…From the mouths of babes #104My Profile

    • Same here. I don’t iron everything either. I do however love ironed sheets 🙂 And definitely T’s school uniforms 🙂

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