How to cut your own hair

Here in England, a haircut costs about £30 and that’s only a simple cut with shampoo and blow-dry. I shudder to think what a hot-oil treatment would cost.  Having said that, since moving to the UK, I have learned to cut my own hair, much to the annoyance of my husband who would rather that I go and have a “proper” haircut.  But I really see no point in paying that much for something that I can do on my own and ever since I became a mother, I’d rather spend my money on my daughter.  Thankfully I have long and wavy hair, when I give it a trim, it doesn’t really matter if it’s straight or not, it won’t show!

So if you’re as stingy as I am, here’s a video that will help you do it, especially if you have long hair and go for the layered-look.  It’s really easy to do.

After the new year, I got antsy again and chopped off inches of hair.  This time I did it right after a shower, you will need a small mirror just to make sure that there aren’t any long-trailing strands on your back.  You could always say of course that it’s your new hair style. Hahaha.

Do you have any tips to share too?

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  1. Norina Terry

    It is pricey here as well. To have mine done, I am lucky if I get out of the salon paying 60 bucks only. But, I have to have mine done! Lol

    • If I were to have my hair styled – I’d gladly pay for that too. But not for a trim though. Hahaha. I’d rather do it myself than pay that much! =p

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