How to get a beach-themed Bathroom

We first moved in our little terraced cottage in 2008 and we’ve been meaning to redecorate our 80s looking bathroom ever since.  But because of time and the budget, we only got to do it early this year.  It was worth the wait, now our dreary-dark-looking bathroom is now a happy, bright and fun beach-themed bathroom!

Early on, we decided we wanted to do a beach theme – obviously we love the beach and we do live by the ocean after all.  But more than that, it’s also because we wanted something fun and to paint our bathroom with a bright shade of blue because it used to be really dark and it has no window.

So for those of you who want to achieve the same seaside-look, read on!

  • Choose what colours to use. “Beachy themes” don’t always have to be shades in blue and white.  You can also do it with shades of cream and grey.  We chose a turquoise shade because we took the colour out from the wallpaper we used.  Initially, I wanted to go all-white because of the “busy” wallpaper we chose and I was worried that turquoise might make our dark bathroom even darker.  I’m glad I allowed my husband to talk me out of painting our bathroom walls a dull white.  The turquoise not only gave our bathroom a more fun look, but also a brighter room as well.
  • For windowless bathrooms, choose wallpaper with an interesting or fun design for that bit of your bathroom wall you want to put your “statement-wallpaper” on.  Doing this will liven up your bathroom and make it more attention-grabbing.  Also, it will give you something to look at while in your bath. It works for me!  … For our bathroom wall, we chose this “Brighton” wall paper from John Lewis.  For those of you who don’t know, Brighton is a popular beachside town in England.  My husband and I chose this pattern because we really liked the colours and the row of houses design.  There are lots of different designs out there.  Just keep looking online, you’ll be amazed at how much lovely patterns there are out in the market today.  It really depends on your budget and style.  If you’re interested in the same pattern we used, click here.
  • Lastly, the most important bit of course is, accessorize!  When we were on the planning stage, I came across this website called The Beach Hut and fell in love with all of their stuff.  In the end though, instead of ordering online, we got all our stuff from one shop – just down our village.  There are many advantages to living in a popular tourist destination, and one of them is the shops!  Although the downside is, most of these shops cater to tourists and are therefore expensive.  So imagine our surprise when we browsed through one of them and found out that they were actually affordable!  So my husband and I had a field day choosing towel hooks shaped like beach huts, a seaside designed toilet paper holder, a lighthouse tea-candle holder, not to mention lighthouse pulls, and of course, a beachy themed mirror and to finish it off, a stained-glass beach hut picture (see collage below).  Admittedly though, at the back of my head I was worried that it might all look too much and tacky in the end.  Thankfully, I was wrong.  It all worked really well together and most importantly, my husband, daughter and I absolutely love our bathroom!

The end result:

The beach theme does not stop there, I just bought beachy designed cushion covers for our living room!  It may be raining and gloomy outside (the British summer I’m afraid is known to be wet and damp), but inside our home the beach thrives!

What does your bathroom look like?


  1. Norina S. Terry

    Our bathroom is blue as well with white trims, white cabinets, blue rags, blue curtain, white sink, white towel holder, white door, white magazine holder on the wall (from Ikea),white mirror, etc. But, it is not as cheerful as yours.:) Ours are solid colors of white and blue (almost the same shade as yours).

  2. Pecora Nera

    Ok we have your room ready, just let me know which flight you are arriving on. The paint and brushes are waiting in the bathroom.

    • Sure! Please make sure accommodations will fit my two assistants: a whingy-two-year old and a historian =) Will let you know as soon as flights are booked! =p

      • Pecora Nera

        Mrs Sensible would love to entertain the whingy two year old. bring the historian as well. If he causes trouble we have two garages. 🙂

          • Pecora Nera

            I will uncork the wine, Mrs sensible will start cleaning (It is an Italian thing) then she will start cooking.

            Prepare to put on weight.

          • Pecora Nera

            Flipping heck, you are in the UK… get a Ryanair flight.

  3. Oh dear, just when we’ve ‘sort-of’ decided to go on a diet! We love Italian food btw. There goes the diet…

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