Tamsin says the Darnest things (Part 2)

1. “Good girl, mummy”. As I reach for her cereal, her nth snack in the morning.
2. “My boobies!” As I kiss, tickle and cuddle her.
3. “I’m a woman, mummy!” As I explain to her that only women have boobies, and that she’s a little girl, to which she follows up with …
4. “Dada is a woman!”


  1. This is even funnier than the first. Oh, “I love boobies!” is a breast cancer slogan here inscribed on those rubber bracelets – so popular with the teens.

    • Yes … Difficult thing to do though, explaining to a two-year-old that only grow-up women have boobies… that’s only half the “boobies” story – I’ll blog about it next time… =)

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