The Perfect Keepsake: A Martha Jackson Locket (A Review)

There’s something really sweet and romantic about lockets.  I think it’s because they have been romanticized in stories, books and in the movies.  Whether it’s a period or a romantic movie, chances are, the heroine will have a locket around her neck with the photo of her beloved in it.  Or perhaps, of a mother, who has lost a child and forever wears her locket with a photo of her little one, close to her heart.  Or this:

She saw that it was the work of a skilled artisan and that the diamonds were of great brilliancy and superbly set, but the cutting of them denoted that they were of a former day. She noticed too that the locket opened, and, pressing the hidden clasp, she saw the two halves spring apart to reveal in either section an ivory miniature.” 

  • Edgard Rice Burroughs, Tarzan of the Apes

When Martha Jackson got in touch and asked if I wanted to do a review of one of their lockets, I quickly said yes.  At the back of my head, I thought of T of course.  I knew that when she’s old enough, she will love to have a locket to forever cherish.

They have a number of beautiful lockets to choose from, but I chose the Silver Double Oval locket.  I thought it would be handy to have two compartments.  Although admittedly, I haven’t found a photo of little T, small enough to fit in there.  But I’m sure I’ll eventually find something or perhaps, I’ll have to print a specific photo for this beautiful keepsake.

Above is a photo of the first compartment.

The second compartment is bigger than the first.

Martha Jackson’s lockets can also be personalised.  I asked that the words “Carpe Diem” to be engraved behind the locket.  This is something we like to remind T about to.  To always seize the day, no matter what her fears are or the circumstances she’s in – grab life by the throat and experience everything life has to offer.  After all, as parents, isn’t this what we wish for our children?

As you’ve probably noticed, there’s also a small letter “T” and a little pearl charm along with the locket.  You can order these add-ons.  It can be an initial like the “letter T”, a lovely pearl, or even a little key.  I just love these little add-on details, it just makes the locket even more special and unique to the wearer.

What I love about the Silver Double Oval Locket:

  • As mentioned, it has two compartments.  One small one in front and another bigger one at the back.
  • I love that you can personalise all the Martha Jackson’s lockets.  For me, it’s the perfect gift for daughters when they are old enough to cherish it..  You can also choose your own font, whether you want a simple font or an elaborate one.
  • Again, I love that you can choose some add-ons, whether it’s an initial or a charm like a pearl or a key.  You can also choose whether you want the add-ons in silver or gold.
  • I love that you can choose the length of the necklace.  When ordering, you can choose a short one (35-40 cm), or a long one like mine (76 cm, extra long belcher chain.)
  • And most of all, I love that the price is affordable.  It won’t cost you an arm and a leg to have something as beautiful and unique as this one.  This particular locket starts at £45.   Of course, the add-on charms and the length of the locket will also determine the cost in the end.  For someone special in your life, it’s definitely worth the spend.

What I don’t like about it:

  • This isn’t major.  But I wasn’t too impressed with the packaging.  It came in an ordinary small white box.  I think something as pretty and as dainty as this deserves better packaging.

I’ve shown little T the locket and she absolutely loves it.  I’ve told her that when she’s older, she can have it.  She keeps asking me “But when will that be mum”?  I told her that she’ll have it when she’s responsible enough not to lose it.

Christmas is just around the corner.  If you’re looking for a special and unique present for the woman in your life, whether it’s your wife, partner, girlfriend or daughter, I think this forever keepsake is the one for them.

What about you?

Do you like lockets too?

*I received this lovely locket from Martha Jakson for the purpose of this review but all photos and opinions are by yours truly.  


  1. What a lovely item. Sure it’s going to be really popular as a Christmas present this year!

    • Definitely! Especially for someone looking for a special Christmas present for their wives/girlfriends/partners/daughters 🙂

  2. I love lockets because I think they make a great sentimental gift!! Gifts that are sentimental or required a little thought are perfect. They beat gift cards any day!! ☺️

  3. Laura - Dear Bear and Beany

    I love a locket, they are really traditional and personable. Whenever someone is wearing one, you want to know the picture they have inside and there is normally a story too. Gorgeous locket!

  4. Wow how beautiful! I had one from my ex and I used to wear it all the time. This is a very good gift especially for girls I think. I can imagine my daughter wearing it with a secret boy she likes in school! Luckly she is only to now!

  5. five little doves

    Oh I love this! I am looking for a locket, I want to put a lock of josephs hair in and have waited 11 years to find something perfect!
    five little doves recently posted…Big Pink Link #85My Profile

    • This will be the perfect locket for you Laura. It has two compartments. You can put a small photo in the first and his hair in the second! 🙂 x

  6. I love this! My mother-in-law has a locket that her mother gave to her…She doesn’t wear it that often because the pictures are old and it is more of a keepsake now. This would be a great present for her. Something a little more modern.

  7. Evelyn |

    This is so sweet, and a wonderful sentimental keepsake that can easily be an heirloom. Love it!

  8. My anniversary is round the corner. Your post gave me an idea what I need as a gift this time. Loved the pendent. Thanks for sharing

  9. Newcastle Family Life

    That is a beautiful locket, it would make a wonderful Christmas gift for a loved one xx

    • I’m hoping to give this to my daughter when she’s old enough not to lose it! 😉

    • And that’s why I only plan to give this to T when she’s old enough not to lose it 😉

  10. Jacqui Woods

    This is gorgeous! Great gift ideas too as it is thoughtful and something that won’t get tossed or forgotten about in a week!

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