Three Types of House Viewers

Are you interested in buying?

God no!  I just want to have a look. I go to all the open-houses …

Dialogue from the movie “Ruth and Alex” starring Diane Keaton and Morgan Freeman”

As mentioned in my previous post, we’ve finally sold our house and in the two years that we’ve put our house up on sale, we had more viewings than I could even remember.  My husband and I have come across three types of people who have viewed our house.

1.  The Curious Ones

As most of you know, we live in a beautiful part of England.  Just like any other tourist spot here in Cornwall, a lot of the houses are bought as second homes for those who can afford it (Yes, I know.  It’s a big issue here, those second-home owners).  The house we’ve sold was also in fact my parents-in-law’s second home.  They then passed it on to my husband and his sister, until my husband bought his sister out many years ago.

You’ll see the curious ones walk up the hill in our little village, with their necks craning in to look at any window or door left open.  You can almost hear their thoughts in their heads as they walk up the hill “I wonder who lives there?  I wonder what it’s like to live in this pretty Cornish village?”

Some of them will do more than just wonder, they’ll phone up the local estate agent, choose a house and request for a viewing.  But you’ll know as soon as they walk in, that they are really just looking and not seriously buying.  They’ll say “We live in ____ (fill in the blanks, it could be London, somewhere in the Home Counties or say the Midlands “And we’ve always wanted to move down here.  Maybe when we retire … “

I must admit when on holiday, I also turn into the curious one.  Those were exactly my thoughts as we meandered around a quaint village in the French countryside.  “I wonder what its like to live here?”  But I’ve never phoned up the local estate agent to ask for an appointment.  Instead I go online and have a little look of what’s out there and if we could afford it.  Perhaps if my French was better…

2. The Dreamers

To be fair, most of the dreamers we’ve come across with were really serious about wanting to buy our house.  In fact they’ve made all the right noises and asked all the right questions and you just know that they really want to move down here.

But when the reality sets in, and they realise that they can’t have a second mortgage, or can’t even apply for a mortgage big enough to buy our home, or the water bill is way more expensive down here in Cornwall compared to wherever they are from.  Reality slaps them on the face.  Goodness know we’ve all experienced this ourselves, haven’t we, our bubbles bursting?  Life isn’t fair, a lesson, I keep repeating my daughter at her young age, again and again.

I feel for the dreamers, at one point in our lives, we were also dreamers too and probably are still dreamers, dreaming of owning that dream property, second home somewhere isolated, or moving to another country.

3. The Serious Buyers

And lastly, we all want the serious buyers, don’t we?  Within this category though, we’ve found that there are also three types of people:

  • The “Big Person”:  “Your house has been up for sale so long and you must be desperate to sell, so be thankful I’m making an offer more than 50 grand off your asking price.  Take it or leave it!”  And of course, they are surprised when you say “No thank you”.
  • The Impossible Ones:  Like the “Big Person”, they think that since they are making a “serious offer” you should be thankful!  And then they have a list of demands as long as your arm, oh and top top it off, you have to move out ASAP.  Finding a house to live isn’t obviously their problem.
  • The Just About Right Kind of Buyer:  Who are realistic, accommodating and polite, and will wait till you’ve got everything sorted out, they are the dream buyers.  In the end we got one.

Have you met or know any of the people mentioned above?

Do share.


  1. Leah Miller

    House buying/selling seems to be a bit of a free for all! I can understand the people that want to be nosey, and also feel sorry for the people who desperately want it but can’t for some reason. But the ‘Big Person’ that you describe, he/she sounds awful, just out for what they can get.

    I am glad you sold your house – but I secretly hope that it wasn’t to one of those people!! xx

    • Thanks Leah. The woman who bought our house is lovely 🙂 I also feel for the dreamers because I consider myself a dreamer too. x

  2. I must admit I am curious and a dreamer when it comes to house hunting hut for renting I am the serious one lol. So happy for you guys for finally selling the house

  3. Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too

    These sound familiar, especially the ones who just want to come and have a look inside

  4. Gaby {}

    It must have been really hard having to keep your house looking good for two years just in case of anyone showing up for a viewing. You must be thrilled now that your “dream buyer” has finally appeared and made the right offer 🙂 xx

    • Good lord, yes! The having to do a quick tidy-up was a strain. So glad that it’s over now. Thank you. x

  5. Jennifer

    Glad that you’ve sold your house, two years is a long time to be showhome ready! We’ve been lucky with our selling experiences, we’ve only ever had serious viewers and not too many before getting an offer. I’d never be brave (or cheeky!) enough to make an appointment to look around a house that we weren’t interested in, especially if it was out of our price range or we had no intention of buying it! There are some new homes being built near our estate and I really want to go and have a nose around to see what they are like and how they compare to ours, but I’m too shy!

    • Look online! That’s what I do when I’m really curious 😉 The two years was a difficult time in our lives, so I’m glad that’s over now 🙂 x

  6. Ana De- Jesus

    Yes all the time especially the ones that think just because your phone has been on the market for so long that means you should accept an unrealistic offer. Not going to happen mate lol!

  7. Ickle Pickle

    I only sold one house over twenty years ago, and I can’t remember a thing about who viewed or bought it! Good luck with everything! Kaz x

  8. Hannah Budding Smiles

    I’m just in the process of buying the 5th house I’ll have owned but thankfully, this is the first time I’ve had to sell on the open market. We were insanely lucky in the absolutely perfect buyers coming in on the first full day if being on the market, although things got stressful when their mortgage company undervalued the house! I hope your sale goes through smoothly xx

  9. Wishing you luck, ive never sold a house only bought one, so am wondering which category I fitted into back then ha x

  10. I love looking at houses even though we have no intention of moving, but I’d never actually make an appointment to look around one! That’s what Rightmove is for!

  11. Idaintyit

    I know this feeling all too well! We are trying to sell our house at the moment and some people just love a noisy! Drives me mad

    • Oh no! Have faith and be patient. Your time will come and yes, it will be stressful, but it will happen 🙂 x

  12. Little Pickle's Mom

    Oh how I wish I was anywhere near becoming a prospective house buyer! We’re caught in the renting trap at the moment, and I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to get ourselves out of it as trying to save for a house deposit whilst renting and now with a baby on the way will always be difficult. But hey, one day. I like to think we’d be realistic buyers though – polite and courteous. I can’t imagine anything worse than going to look round a house you had no intention of buying?!

    • Will keep my fingers cross for you, that the day will come when you’ll be able to purchase your house too 🙂 x

  13. We don’t own our own house and in some ways I don’t think I could cope with people trailing in looking around if we did and wanted to sell it.

  14. I do have a nosie online at big houses for sale but I’d never dream of wasting anybody’s time by going around to their house. Do people really do that? Shocking!

    • Yep, I’m afraid there are. My husband called them “time wasters”. There was even one couple who admitted that they were just having a look around, just in case you know (fill in the blank). I was shocked but oh well… That’s over now 🙂

  15. Emma White

    I must admit I have looked at larger houses for sale and can only dream of owning one I must not complain we have 5 bedrooms and I am looking at even larger ones as have 6 kids and some have to share only in my dreams

    • Five bedrooms?! I wouldn’t know what to do with that much rooms. But I guess you do need them with 6 kids. But kids can always share. I shared with my sister and to this day, we are still so close 🙂 x

  16. I’ve never bought a house so this was an enlightening read! Buying a house sounds so stressful, but I’m sure it’s worth – and some of those “buyers” sounds pretty entertaining!

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