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This is a follow-up of the Olympic Worries post I wrote a few days ago (see two posts below).  What really happened was, the day we were supposed to leave for our campsite on the outskirts of Manchester, my daughter caught a really, really, bad cold.  I’m learning now that when you have a toddler, no plans are set in stone, not even if you’re booked, all is packed in the car, and have made plans to meet people.  When something happens to your little-one, everything will change in an instant.

So yes, instead of sitting in a car to Manchester on Saturday, I spent the whole day with a little toddler in my arms, refusing to be put down.  We didn’t want to exacerbate her cold by camping, especially since it was scheduled to rain the whole weekend.  My husband cancelled our paid reservations on the campsite (lucky for us, they gave us tokens! So yes, camping is still definitely still in the offing for this little family of three) and was also resigned to miss the Olympic Football game on Sunday.  I told him he could go without us, so he thought he’d wake up real early the next day and drive all the way to Manchester and back.  Later that night, my husband suggested that we all go since our daughter seemed to be better in the afternoon.  I told him that it will all depend whether she has a good night or not.

She did.  So that’s what happened – we all travelled the 600+ miles and back, left at 5am and arrived back home at about 1am the next day.  That was definitely an Olympic adventure!

Yes, she definitely enjoyed the games!

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